Why you Should Begin your Resolutions in December

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on December 6, 2017

If you’re like me, you love making goals for the week, month or year altogether. I like seeing results, so when I set goals each year—I make sure I can track them throughout the year to see my progress. P.S. Leave a comment below letting me know what goals YOU have achieved in 2017! I’d love to read what you have accomplished this year.

Right now, we’re in the season where it’s perfectly acceptable to begin the day with a Christmas cookie (or three) followed by a day of eating, drinking, and spending time with family and friends. Besides working during the day, all other time is dedicated to parties, holiday festivities, time with family and friends, and enjoying the entire month. Needless to say, all productivity, good habits, and health and wellness go out the window for 31 days before it’s time to begin working on those New Year goals.

But here’s the thing. It would be more beneficial for you to begin your goals and good habits for 2018 NOW in 2017. Keep in mind, I’m not saying you have to start 10 new habits TOMORROW. But, if there is a goal you have for 2018, there’s no reason why you can’t begin with small steps this month. So, if you’re looking for a little blissful inspiration and motivation on beginning your goals NOW, keep on reading.

1| Because Your Goals Matter

Clearly, if you’re thinking about this goal you want to achieve—it matters to you. And that’s good that it’s constantly on your mind because if you feel inspired and motivated to work toward that goal, there’s a very good chance you’ll also achieve it. Remind yourself that your goals and dreams matter, so why not make the time NOW to begin working on them? Don’t let a date be your only motivation. Let the goals itself motivate you because it’s important to you. That should give you more than enough of a reason to begin working on your goal today.

2| Because You’ll Get In A Routine

Honestly, the most difficult part of working toward your new goals is figuring out a routine. When will you schedule in four hours of workout time throughout the week? The good news is, you can use this time for a little trail and error period to see what will work best for you and your routine. If you find that you do better with working out after work, then you’ll get yourself in a full routine by January, and now you’re a month into your new routine! It makes sense, and you can get a head start, so the new year will be smooth sailing.

3| Because NO EXCUSES

If it’s important to you, you’ll find a way. If it’s not important to you, you’ll find an excuse.

There’s nothing stopping you from beginning your goals right now. Maybe you think you’ll have more time in January to dedicate time to writing that book, or you’ll have more time to begin a workout routine. The truth is, you DO have time right now. The only thing stopping you are the excuses you make for yourself. We are ALL guilty of this. Instead of making an excuse as to why you can’t work out in the morning—set an alarm, wake up, and crush a quick workout before work. If you want to cook more during the week, meal prep as much as you can on Sundays. Remove the excuses from your mind, and get to work on all your girlboss goals.

When it comes down to it, goals are so wonderful to have, but there’s no reason for you to wait until the new year to begin working on these goals. If they truly matter to you, you’ll have no issues with wanting to begin working on them today.

So, what are some of your goals for 2018? What can you do in the last month of the year to begin working on them?

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  • I’ve always been a fan of making more short term goals instead of New Year ones, so I love this post! And I totally second the point on “If it’s important to you, you’ll find a way”. Great post!

    • Thanks so much, Cara! I’m glad we’re on the same page with creating short-term goals to help us achieve those bIG goals we have for ourselves. And that quote is one of my absolute favorites 🙂

  • These are all great points girl!!! There is nothing wrong with starting to want to accomplish your 2018 goals now. I need to start thinking about my goals for next year. A huge yes to “if it’s important to you, you will find a way”!!! I find if it’s something I really want to accomplish, I will get it done.

    • Thanks so much! I’m glad there are so many people who love that quote because it’s a big motivation for me whenever I’m feeling down and out on my goals. it definitely helps me cut the excuses.

  • Such a good point! I find it hard to start goals in December with the craziness of the month. But I like to set my goals per month rather than per year, too. 🙂

    • I honestly thought the SAME thing, girl! Until I actually tried it! The crazy thing is, when it’s a goal you’re excited about…it never matters what time of year it is. 🙂

  • Courtney Heathcock

    I love this! And most of the goals for 2018 are goals we wish we could accomplish now! My husband and I have been working on our goals for 2018 for the past couple of weeks!

    • That’s great to hear about you and your husband have been working on your goals for the year! And you’re absolutely right, if we truly want them, why not start when we’re feeling motivated!?

  • Jordan Jenkins

    Great post – it’s so easy to put things off, off, off… especially for me. I needed this little kick in the rear!

  • This totally makes sense, because routine is so important to form healthy habits!

    • I couldn’t agree with you more! Routine is KEY for me, which is why I always think it helps to begin early!

  • I love this! I have been thinking about beginning my goals this month just to get a start on creating good habits.

    • You can never go wrong with beginning your goals early! That just means you can check them off your list once you accomplish them! 🙂

  • Really great idea! I feel like we’re always pushing off our new goals to January but what better time than the present?!

    • YES! Use that motivation to get working on things you’re passionate about!

  • I agree! I’m working on starting some new health goals this month for myself. 🙂

  • Parul G

    That is an interesting viewpoint! And I agree. Why wait until the start of next year, when you can actually start now. I have some health and fitness related goals for myself which I’m going to start working on and if I can start now, I feel it’ll be easy to sustain those habits for the whole year.


    • I’m hoping you got a head start on your goals so far! And now I hope you’re feeling more confident than EVER to keep your goals and healthy habits strong for the year.

  • This is especially true if you are working on an exercise resolution…start your routine now to keep those extra calories from adding up.

    • Exactly! Then, it’s okay to indulge a little here and there because you know you’re going to be working it off later!

  • Yes!! Love how you said thet you get in a routine. That’s so true! Very helpful article.

    • Thanks so much, girl! Glad it helped inspire and motivate you!

  • Love the idea of setting goals now so that you start the new year with good habits. Thanks for the article.

    • You’re welcome! What better way to keep your goals going strong through the year, right?!

  • It’s definitely a good idea–I actually find myself doing this a lot–I know there’s something I want to accomplish in a certain year, so I’ll try to give myself a “leg up” by starting on researching and learning and practicing ahead of time. Then I don’t worry about falling behind on my goals!

    • YES! I love that you said that because researching can be a huge part of someone’s goal (maybe it’s for a book, or they’re working on their Master’s.) But it’s all about getting that head start to help you feel confident for the year.

  • GIRL I SO SO SO AM WITH YOU! I’ve always been in the mindset of “oh, I’ll just start working on that in the new year” but it’s just an excuse to be lazy and to not actually make changes. After Thanksgiving, I felt so, so ill and I decided to just start making changes in my diet and exercise right away instead of waiting and I’ve been feeling SO good since! I am so happy I started working on that goal right away instead of waiting until January!

    • I’m happy to hear you decided to take action now ESPECIALLY if it had to do with your health. There’s nothing worse that feeling horrible, slow and just NOT GOOD. Now that we’re into 2018, I hope your goals are still going well!

  • I definitely see why this is beneficial. I am letting myself cheat this December bc I am lazy but will be getting back on trap ASAP.

    • Cheat days are definitely needed! As long as you remember to get back on track!

  • Ya know, this is so true! I never thought about resolutions this way. I didn’t make any specific goals for 2017 just because I knew we would be going through a ton of changes. So, I guess my goal was to stay flexible and survive… and we did!

    • Congrats on being flexible for the year because to be honest, that can be very hard to do in the midst of big and frequent changes!

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