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Friend Interviewer: Boatright, Mody C. Records include oral reminiscences of pioneers in all phases of oil field work and oil booms, including roughnecks, drillers, promoters, financiers, contractors, lease men, law officers. Reel b: W.

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Reel 79a: W. Interviewer: Hudson, W.

Reel 30b: O. Simonds, concerning a book explaining deep oil development, April 21, Reel d: Burt E.

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Hogg, concerning the need for a state geologist to examine oil traces near Lockhart, Texas, May 18, Reel 54k: J. Reel 51f: J.

Alfred Crosby | Environmental History | Oxford Academic

Reel 65b: B. The Oral History of the Texas Oil Industry,documents the development of the Texas oil industry, and includes taped interviews of reminiscences, and written materials.

Reel 40a: G. Wellesley, T Galt, Dr.

Hamill on making and use of mud at A. Sharp and Producers Oil Company certificate, Fisher, Beaumont Enterprise. Reel f: Burt E.

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Reel 30a: O. Sam W. Reel 56b: W. Interviewers: Boatright, M.

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Reel 86b: J. Therefore, it is recommended that the researcher investigate variant spellings of personal names and various names of corporations. Baytown A, Texas Tape No. SEE Fisher, Col. McCarthy, T.

Reel 79b: W. Reel Charles W.

Interviewer: Boatright, Mody C. Some comments by Dugan, Glen E. Portrait of Walter B.

Top ten prostitute in crosby

Ruch, April 28, Reel Early C. Robert A. Reel I.

Work Records f. At that time, Mrs.

Nebraska Professional Practices Commission gorgeous moms Keira

Reel 18e: C. Wilmot to Mrs. Reel 50c: J.

Top ten prostitute in crosby

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