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A collection of character actors adds zest to the zaniness, including Disney favorite Wally Boag as a TV reporter Wally also did the stunt dancing for Fred MacMurraywhile frequent Disney voice artist Candy Candido is seen as the hot-dog vendor. Flag This Video Thank you! Walt had obtained the screen rights to the short stories published in Liberty magazine by Samuel Taylor about an eccentric professor and his inventions. One of the most unusual bits of casting came in the tiny form of year-old Belle Montrose as Prof.

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We put aluminum fenders on it and of course took out the engine. or Register Restore. Flubber not only had to emit a new sound but one with charm, and a soaring, spiritual quality. You had every shot planned. Walt made Don a full-fledged screenwriter and he and Bill Walsh co-wrote many other Disney films, including Mary Poppins.

The film was enthusiastically reviewed, but Horny girls Ashford Washington importantly, audiences absolutely flocked to this wacky funfest.

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In our quest for this unique sound, we tried oscillators, theremins, and all kinds of strange electronic equipment. Fir past the Washington Monument, looking through the little windows at the top, was great fun. Special permission had to be obtained to fly a helicopter down the Mall between the Capitol Building and the Washington Monument.

The film even reunited the screen comedy team of Wally Brown and Gordon Jones, who play the basketball coaches.

Shaggy professor looking for a student

Not surprisingly, special permission had to be obtained to fly a helicopter down the Mall between the Capitol Building and the Washington Monument. Carroll Adams was a coach at a Southern California high school at the time of filming. For the wirework, the Model T was refurbished to make it as light as possible. The Absent-Minded Professor enabled Walt to indulge one of his great joys: creating cartoon-like antics in a live-action film.

Stufent, the flying car and the anti-gravity goo, too.

Shaggy professor looking for a student

Today, Prof. The Absent-Minded Professor appealed to audiences of all ages, just as Walt knew it would.

We will process your request as soon as possible. With the help of famed stunt pilot Paul Mantz, authorization was granted to Walt Disney, even though the sky-borne camera team was ordered to maintain a strict and very specific altitude. This was the first Disney live-action film for Ed Wynn but not the last. The main cast comically reconvened for a sequel, Son of Flubberwhich brought more fun with Prof.

Shaggy professor looking for a student

It either gets played or banned. Nobody ever asked me! Forgot password? We tried two- or three-thousand sonic effects. So how did this weird goo known as flubber first bounce into the hearts of moviegoers everywhere? In his first Disney role, Keenan Wynn is villainously perfect as greedy Alonzo Hawk, but there is more than one Wynn on hand.

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Allen — and added her to the cast. He thought up the harness that fits under the costume and allowed the performer a great deal of natural movement. So iconic is proofessor comedic classic that it inspired a TV movie follow-up and a new version Flubberstarring Robin Williams, which actually credits Bill Walsh as a screenwriter and looing a cameo by Nancy Olson. These experienced players portrayed the Rutland team; professional dancers played the flubber-fueled Medfield team.

The iconic image from this classic comedy is of course Prof. Brainard to take wing in his Model T Ford, allow the scrawny Medfield basketball team to slam-dunk their way to victory, and turn Washington, D. Search : Student Shaggy Teacher Showing shgagy - 48 of 0 videos seconds.

Richard and Robert Sherman, new members of the Disney team, wrote songs for The Parent Lookinvbut had come on board too late to contribute their talents to The Absent-Minded Professor. Popular assistant USC coach Bob Kopf was the technical advisor for the fastest moving basketball game ever seen.

Shaggy professor looking for a student

Restore password. Already have an ? Vitarelli, who helmed the special effects sequence for many Disney special-effects extravaganzas starting with The Shaggy Dog.

But Bill Walsh turned to Art Vitarelli, who then, working with special-effects artist Bob Mattey, virtually invented the art of flying with actors on piano wires. Besides the music, another iconic Absent-Minded Professor sound that fans most vividly recall is the distinctive noise made by flubber as it gives flight to the Model-T. Professof rubbed everything together that we could rub together, or play backward, forward or sideways at all possible speeds.

You saw it on Instagram, now learn the story behind the "shaggy dog" building

For the zany basketball game, eight star college players were recruited. The airborne-automobile lookijg were accomplished utilizing a of techniques, including the sodium screen matte process, miniatures and wire-supported mock-ups. To make the scenes where Ned and Betsy wing their way above Prfessor in the Model-T believable, special effects artist extraordinaire Peter Ellenshaw was dispatched to Washington, D.

The show-stopping, eye-popping basketball game, which has the Medfield b-ball team bouncing high over the he of their Rutland College rivals, was born out of the need to crate something that could visually dramatize flubber. Something real collegiate?

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