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When advisers to William I, king of the Union of the Netherlands, were asked to choose an opera to be performed in his honour in the city of Brussels inthey chose badly. Is it just down to counting? The immediate focus for his party's anger now is the fallout from the parliamentary elections, in which his party came first and the fir Vlaams Belang movement second, but do not feature in the new government. Belgian king meets far-right leader.

Off today and looking for belgium

In the case of Charleroi, experts are studying whether the spread was linked to issues of poverty and deprivation. Masks will be mandatory on public transport. Published 24 April Lokking Belgium's policy, the Netherlands has what Prime Minister Mark Rutte described as an "intelligent lockdown", with florists, ironmongers, bakeries, clothes and toy stores remaining open.

Who is to offf that the country whose revolution it once inspired will not itself one day follow suit? We are actually reporting in a more correct way.

Belgian police have been enforcing the lockdown, using drones in parks and fines for anyone breaking social distancing rules. But consider the fate of the opera La Muette de Portici, which fell victim to changing tastes and times and has more or less ended up in the dustbin of history. European Parliament shelters homeless women Belgium unveils plans to lift lockdown. That means 66 people in everyhave died from Covid At a pre-arranged al during an aria called Sacred Love of Country, the revolutionaries stopped the show, poured into the streets and began a revolution - and with it a long saga of confused identities that persists to this day.

Revolution that started during Brussels opera.

As Belgium gradually lifts its restrictions, 2, so-called "corona detectives" are being hired, to trace people who have been in contact with confirmed or suspected Covid patients. There's certainly a degree of pride in Belgium's national football team, the Red Devils, although several Dutch-speakers we met said they were drawn to supporting the Netherlands team instead.

More on this story. Belgian scientists have started to look at lessons that can be learned, including an analysis of why three cities have had the biggest concentration of cases: Charleroi in the south, and Hasselt and Sint-Truiden in the east.


Joyce Azar points to unifying factors like the national football team and the king, but you do get the feeling she's operating a kind of one-woman air bridge across a widening gap. It might seem extraordinary that in stable, prosperous Western Europe, a real question mark hangs over the future existence of a democratic state.

Off today and looking for belgium

That's when I'm more afraid, with winter coming too. What's different about Belgium? Antibody tests to detect if people have lioking the virus will start in mid-May. Neighbours with different lockdowns.

There could be a federal army, he suggested, but not a federal police force. Another factor is that many more people here put loved ones in care homes than elsewhere in Europe.

For him it is an anti-democratic outrage. Since 18 March all non-essential business has been closed and, apart from emergency workers, people have been asked to stay at home. To the protesters I met at a Vlaams Belang rally on the outskirts of Brussels the months of negotiations provided evidence that the Belgian state has simply run its course.

That issue of identity threatens belguim raise questions over the continued existence of the Kingdom of Belgium, now 10 years short of its th birthday. Their exclusion could increase pressure for the break-up of Belgium's Dutch-speaking north and French-speaking south. From Monday, fabric stores are being opened so people gelgium buy material to make their own face masks.

Only the Netherlands and Luxembourg have a higher rate of care home occupancy, relative to their populations. Belgian officials say they are counting in a way Free sex old women Pickering no todxy country in the world is currently doing: counting deaths in hospitals and care homes, but including deaths in care homes that are suspected, not confirmed, as Covid llooking.

More and more the question is real. President Donald Trump pointed to a graph recently, displaying Belgium at the top belgiu the US in seventh place, as a result of the of deaths relative to population size. They are not tested in the lab, but it's reasonable to assume that these are also Covid related. There are more than care homes, and roughly half have had an outbreak. What happens next?

A small comfort, but of important scientific value.

Off today and looking for belgium

That means more than 3, deaths have been counted as caused by Covid, but not confirmed. Belgium will lift its lockdown gradually, in four phases. Trips abroad may also be allowed in early June. Shopping is limited to one person per family. When I asked Peter de Roover, belyium leader of the moderate Flemish nationalists lookinng the N-VA, about the story of revolution he wasn't impressed.

However, he was generally "impressed by how Belgians has dealt with the crisis". But those figures are "faulty comparisons" that have been "abused", argues Prof Steven Van Gucht, a Belgian virologist and government spokesman. How long has Belgium been in lockdown? More stories from Belgium.

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