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Housing officers find several problems with the property. Open up please. We need to come in.

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Nigerisn we can see here - this excessive regulations clearly don't add any more value. A lot of people with no connections to the town and a high level of social need come here," he says. Sexual violence Lancashire Constabulary Preston.

We were badly bitten last week," she explains. A lick of paint. Coglan says many unemployed people from all over the North West move to Blackpool.

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Like many councils, Blackpool's is also facing steep budget cuts. However, as this article points out, repairs and maintenance from landlords is hard to get. Published 27 July Bartram stands his ground. blckpool

Nigerian prostitutes in blackpool

The is rising and more and more people are living in them. Those who allow this kind of disgrace will never even consider them. He added: "We are very happy with the sentence as it reflects the magnitude and seriousness of the offence.

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It is empty. Bracken, Blackpool's Council's housing enforcement manager, le the way up the badly carpeted stairs, followed by two colleagues and a police community support officer. Very very disturbing, especially at nigegian time when Prostitufes industry gets all nuts and bolts tighten up to all possible and impossible limits. They just don't care about themselves - why would they expect someone else to take care about them?

The tenant is not there, his girlfriend says.


inn But there's concern that many tenants are living in poor conditions. However, there are some who think not enough is being done to stop the growing of HMOs.

This is one of the best streets in Blackpool. In prostktutes dirty entrance hall of a large run down seafront building, Alex Bracken vigorously shakes a can of flea spray.

Nigerian prostitutes in blackpool

They check a fire extinguisher in the landing. Badly run HMOs are a problem nierian the UK, but in Blackpool they have become one of the town's most urgent priorities. The Staffordshire terrier barks and a scrawny cat paws the dirty furniture. My clothes are fresh, but when I put them in the room there's a musty smell.

Half the properties were found to prostitutee below standard and her team ordered landlords to make improvements. The houses in this article are disgraceful and the tenants should be evicted if they cannot keep them clean enough for habitation and behave like decent members of society. Many of them are at the bottom rung of Britain's housing ladder. Nine years later he sold it and began his lettings business.

Housing Britain

A tattered mattress lies across a bed of weeds. An empty vodka bottle stands on a dusty table.

Nigerian prostitutes in blackpool

The main boackpool with the rooms shown appears to be dirt and neglect. John Bartram and Charlie Docherty part with a handshake, agreeing to differ. Mark Easton: The political power of bricks and mortar.

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Nigeriam Insp Martin Clague, of Lancashire Police, said officers found the woman "naked and in a distressed state with a serious wound to her throat" outside Brown's old house in Victoria Road West, last July. The workload of its housing enforcement team is unlikely to slacken off any time soon.

A roll of sticky paper hanging from the ceiling is covered in dead flies.

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