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We have an active discord as well.

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Work mornings are when you drag yourself out of bed to the gym or to the nearest espresso machine before taking a shower and ing the throngs of commuters who are also still trying to wake up and probably in a sour mood because of it. Very active guild that has members always looking for keys of all lookiny, bgs, arenas, and we are in the process of building a RBG team.

Welcome back! We currently have a fairly full roster but if you are looking to possibly a team later on in BFA or into Shadowlands feel free to reach out. Hi Gavinen!

Looking for weekday morning fun

Ah, Monday morning. And trust us, when loooking time for your beautiful and slightly more believable weekend shots, they'll be that much sweeter because of it.

Looking for weekday morning fun

If you would mornijg to chat feel free to reach out! Our main team is beginning mythic raiding while our 2nd team is progressing on aotc. Doesn't your ificant other present you with breakfast in bed every Wednesday so you can eat while reading the news?

Looking for weekday morning fun

Everyone knows that most 9 to 5ers take their coffee to-go in an unattractive paper cup or steel thermos. LF weekday morning guild Recruitment Guild Recruitment. Let's correct that picture.

The Coffee Shot. Hey Gavinen! Once you have that you can put a time or a day, etc in order to make sure that you find guilds that meet your mornimg needs.

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Science s for these foul attitudes: While people between the ages of 60 and 80 weekdday to naturally wake up earlier, most young adults are night owls. We are a mature guild that values respect of each other and do not tolerate toxicity. Scratch that.

Looking for weekday morning fun

A post showing your spilled to-go cup of coffee paired with the uncoordinated outfit lloking threw on after sleeping through your alarm? It seems a discord version of ppl looking for groups. By Madeline Buxton. If you raid in the mornings and have any questions please feel free to ask.

Looking for weekday morning fun

Weekday mornings are not fun. Of course, lies on Instagram are nothing new. Don't even try to pretend you're not pissed that it still isn't the weekend.

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We have plenty of people on, along with raiders on everyday doing something! Hey folks. Here are a few of the top offenders. We're ready to start seeing weekday mornings as they really are: harried, messy and often not pretty.

Good luck and happy hunting! Check out the recruitment discord!

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Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings are less than fun because they're not Friday morning, which at least brings with it the promise of sleeping until noon the next day. That note should actually read: Screw you, Monday. Unless you are one of the lucky minority of morning people out there, no one — including us — believes you woke up looking as well composed and cheerful as your picture suggests.

Looking for weekday morning fun

Mornings are tough. Not at all. Weekday mornings filled with those kinds of impeccably groomed items? If you need any help, just post in the help channel, and our mods will assist you as they are available to do so.

Looking for weekday morning fun

We wipe the channels every tier so they stay current. Even if you are a morning person, Monday weekdsy are not fun by virtue of being Mondays.

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