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I ate a Welsh oggie today whilst waiting for my car's MOT. The Thai stall on the lane fog to the Red Lion was the best of all. Post by: MarkV on August 31,PM Liked both the musical instrument shops, but thought it a strange place to buy an expensive guitar instrument when tipping down with rain, and being under the influence of 6X.

Looking for my cropredy gf

The Buffalo Burger stall on the field was awful, might have been buffalo some time ago, but so processed that it made me queasy. Post by: Speleologist Robin on November 14,AM I mu understand why any trader wants to play music, there's enough good music from the stage! Yes No. She also wasn't very keen on the chips Sex personals Cairo brought her.

The stall pictured with all the lanterns - cor a big berber tent right? The pastie is a new fangled manifestation of this concept.

HEMINGS Family - Mollington, Cropredy & Vicinity, (Oxfordshire) 1 blissfullybrunette.com

Didn't see much of the hippy chick clothing stalls this year as I didn't have my hippy chick with me. They're marvellous. Tried to find a decent diablo but had to be content with a glow in the dark plastic job.

I'm learning about food. Post by: issy on August 30,PM I've gone all of a blank. The Oggie stall is great.

Told me to come back the next day, sober, and if I still wanted mg he'd sell it to me then. Good having two music stalls. Who made me drink all that beer anyway?

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Cake is essential food when on the ale. I wasn't too keen on the proximity of the Field 7 Coffee stall to the large, unsealed chemical toilet disposal tank - a couple of small tents used by coffee stall staff?

Quote from: pastieboy on August 31,PM. Just remember blithering at CL a bit and then running away in embarrassment I just went and sat in there to soak in the atmosphere.

The noodles were a let down this year. The girls running the stall were friendly and cheerful, even when getting a bit of, shall we say, negative comments.

Good food, odd service process - Pinto Lounge Giavanna sexy wives

Son and hair liked the Oggies. Other query? Oh, and a mention for the Greenpeace people from the Oxford Network. Prices and Markets Prices and Markets. I also recon it will become one of the sought after ones in years to come cos it's different Can we have a 'proper' CD stall back please? The "Munchies" trailer by the village shop is always a welcome sight. I know some reports have been posted already in other places and that coffee stall chappie has been noted but if you wouldn't mind your thoughts would be appreciated Praise as well as complaints please Jude :D Title: Re: Cropredy Traders,- the Fabulous, the Okay and the Downright Yuk!

A couple of years ago there was a stall selling African stuff. Either they or someone like them used to come to Cropredy in the mid-late 80's, and they are at Glastonbury each year. Bar really quite excellent apart from running out of 6X at Saturday. Other stuff. Pricey, but two meals feeds three.

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I always like the wedges' stall although the chicken tikka, or whatever it was, was not so good this year. Their stuff was fab. It's quite fun - my son loking it.

Looking for my cropredy gf

The old memory you know News and insights News and insights. here.

I hope they did well enough to want to come back, they were nice chatty people too. It would have been great to have had it on the field. We could handle that but were disturbed by the cigar smoke which we can't stand.

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