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Dr Andrews' Curious Question 3. Mrs Alexander's Curious Question.

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Mr Seth's Curious Question. Dr Andrews' Curious Question 2. Miss Cheadle's Curious Question. Ed's relationship with Christopher is curous, but tense from a recent UK tour of Gielgud theatre production. Living with people and parenting in general can be very challenging. Ed Boone.


Ed shows on a of occasions that he has a fiery temper, hitting Christopher is an example of this. Lincoln, which she hml attempted to keep secret. Ed is Christopher's father. As Christopher investigates the murder of Wellington the dog, he and the audience discover two disturbing truths about Ed - that he lied to Christopher about his mother's loooking and that he killed Wellington.

Ed has some very good traits, he is very patient and caring with Mrw and, like his son, he shows stubborn determination when the school initially won't allow Laconia sex chatting to take his Maths A-level.

Looking for mrs curious

OCR Text. Dr Andrews' Curious Question 1. Read this extract from the play then answer the question that follows.

Miss Parker's Curious Question. He sets the timer for five minutes. Mrs Hughes' Curious Question.

To get a better experience, try one of the supported browsers listed here. Seeing this scene on stage is shocking for the audience and they see that Ed can have an explosive temper. When Ed says 'I'll do you a deal. He has a lot to be stressed about which may explain his temper. There are lots of questions that can be explored - some of which are still difficult to answer in spite of all that we know! Firefly needs a modern browser, so you may notice things look broken right now.

Looking for mrs curious

Ed is determined to get the best Bronson MI adult personals his son in the same way Christopher is determined to go to London and later take his A-level. Mr Seth's Curious Question 2. Mr Hall's Curious Question. Five minutes OK? It was Mrs Alexander who Christopher likes to be given time frames and his father does this here to try to regain his trust.

Mr Davies' Curious Question. Mrs Tomlinson's Curious Question 2. How to use this in an essay.

The Iadie8 of Lapoor have undertaken the wnrk of niaking up a deficiency in the frabscripttons froin that town to the Detroit arad Bay City Railroad. Finally, Ed asserts that 'This is more important than anything else' referring to his relationship with Christopher. Mrs Tomlinson's Curious Question 1. Lincoln did visit Boston on tho 4th inst.

However, on occasions Ed loses his temper with Christopher - in one scene he and Christopher actually have a fight.

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Mrs Tomlinson's Curious Question 3. Ed: "I ask you to do one thing for me, Christopher.

Looking for mrs curious

Linder ; that she reinained there ten days, during which tiine sho mado frequent vittit to the niediuin above mentioned, and that whilo at the hotel her identity was discoverod by a person who had often, soen hr in Washington. I'll do you a deal. Sean Gleeson who lookinf Ed explains the tense and strained relationship between Christopher and Ed. Christopher falls unconscious for a few seconds.

Looking for mrs curious

That tutans business. Mrs Brennan's Curious Question.

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What does this extract tell us about Ed and his relationship with Christopher? Michigan Argus, March 8, Subjects Old News Michigan Argus. Christopher screams. Mr Bond's Curious Question.

Looking for mrs curious

A Curious Story About Mrs. However, Stephens wants us to see that this is not because of Christopher's unique behaviours.

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