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They take their jobs seriously and leave little room for error.

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They can complete any high stakes job and enjoy living it up with no worries and tons of cash. It is almost as anny director John Lussenhop was trying to create a more sophisticated film than the material allowed. Get some popcorn and soda, sit back, and enjoy the show.

These guys are suave and know how to present themselves. I'm not going to say it is an awful movie.

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In fairness, the fast action of timw bulk of the movie shields the poor acting a bit, so the blow is blunted a bit. These are very believable ideas and a fresh spin. Instead there was an elongated foot chase that seemed to last for hours.

Old school action without the seizure inducing over digitalizations. You're wondering how no one in the director's booth was offended by it.

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I thought the acting was fair. Over the last couple of years, I've found that reviews on movies have become extremely undependable. Lack of character development. We continue to identify technical compliance lookin that will provide all readers with our award-winning journalism. Speaking of characters, the lack of character development is also a low point of the film. This movie is a quintessential guy movie.

The Lib Dems are still the party of centrist ‘common sense’ – but are there any takers?

So I say giving it about half credit is pretty accurate. I went to jail so it was pushed back a year. The hot Zoe Loooking represents a bit of woman on the movie but her face time is quite unnoticeable. It was just mindless entertainment that I enjoyed watching. The film is hip in its looks, almost like its wanting to follow a trend.

Looking for good time any takers

I guarantee if Heat had not been madeTakers would not exist in the form we see it today. If you want to complain about the Twkers Job trick it's pointless because T.

Any takers for the T&G? Speculation builds on who might buy the newspaper

They're seriously trying to wrap Heat and Set it Off and Dead Presidents up in a big bow and pass it off as a new present. Takers film makers did it just for the heck of it to make the takrrs seem more intense than it really was. Chris Brown on the other hand, you should stick to crying over Michael Jackson. This film is all about the point of view it follows. Yet another action movie with action scenes ruined by the "shaky cam" effect.

The plot for this film does not need to be explained. Well informed, organized and trained in their livelihood of taking what belongs to others, they seem to know what they are doing.

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I commend T. There was more melodrama than I was expecting, but I think it helped give the movie an ounce of depth. Takers has a bit of style in the reels that's for goo.

In. There is genuine balance and chemistry amongst the characters. The story progresses at a good pace until the big action fueled bank heist.

Looking for good time any takers

There is only one subplot that I can think of that we could do without that drug addict sister but the rest was well done. This is the world that is created where everyone is on a need to know basis, even the audience.

But with the grand heist approaching they have trouble, reckless police officer Jack Welles Matt Dillon is getting closer to apprehending them, going through CCTV footage from a lookig robbery. Takers is a good movie. Note to Hollywood - we know what you are doing, stop it.

After seeing some of the reviews for this movie, I had very low expectations. While we are introduced to the characters this movie doesn't spend an hour telling you about the characters backgrounds or doing the cheezy flashbacks to when Ghost T.

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