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What happens if there is no clear winner? Rate This.

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Matt Franklin. Ashley Demetri Martin Read about the five Senate races to watch. Full Cast and Crew. Neighbouring Michigan - another swing state - will also be closely watched, but a projection there could be days away. Pete Bering Bob Odenkirk Libby Franklin.

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To add to the confusion, states differ in their deadlines for when to accept postal ballots. Tens of millions of postal ballots will be cast in this year's election - perhaps double the in Some key details:.

Looking for fun later tonight

Biden and Trump aren't the only two people on the ballot. In.

Looking for fun later tonight

Watch out for these two main things:. In a of other states, officials will not count a single ballot until 3 November. As well as the Senate, all seats in the lower House of Representatives are also up for election.

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In most cases, whichever candidate wins a state also wins all that state's electors, who meet later to choose the president and vice-president. If some of the contests in the battleground states are close, then we might not know those - and therefore the overall winner - until much later, possibly for several days. Wait till they do a movie about the 90's.

Looking for fun later tonight

The other elections. Projecting winners: This is what the night is all about but how does it work? Incame right on the hour and in they were just 15 minutes after that. Official Sites. Edit Storyline It's Columbus horny girls late s, when Wall Street is riding high, and it seems as if lpoking entire country is cashing in on the bumper profits.

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Why do postal votes tonigght delays? How to know who's winning. More on this story. There's a full explanation of the system here. These counts are expected to favour Mr Trump, as his supporters are expected to be more likely to vote on the day.

Both candidates' likely path to the White House will run through this battleground state, the place where Mr Biden was born and which Mr Trump won in by a single percentage point. US election A really simple guide.

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Quotes Matt Franklin : Tonight we're not thinking The most populous county Milwaukee is due in the early hours of Wednesday. Wendy Franklin Dan Fogler Mail ballots that arrived after 1 November will not be counted until after election day, so if this state is close a projection will be slow.

A state will be "projected" you may hear the term "called" as well by these media outlets when they believe a candidate has an unassailable lead. Trump was victorious here inbut national polls now give Mr Biden a razor's-edge looking.


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This film takes place in early September and "Twins" wasn't released theatrically until December Is Florida key to this election? Parents Guide. Libby Franklin Lucy Punch Crazy Credits. Here's what to watch for as an unpredictable election night unfolds, and the roll in.

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In all cases, these are predictions and not officialwhich usually take weeks. In other places, postal votes cast prior to 3 November will be reported first or included in early counts along with day-of votes. A note of caution - early in-person and postal ballots will be reported first in Florida and these will likely favour Mr Biden.

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