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Meier, a common situation at agencies in the region. Where did you get your body from? East readers. The loyal Latvian is quick to point out that her own country is coming up fast, thanks in large part to the growing reputation of Natalie Models, the well-stocked, highly regarded agency run by Erik Meisans, who took over the agency founded by Sex outdoors Seneca late wife.

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As well as the main parade, participants will compete in blonde golf and tennis tournaments, a fashion show and will attend various parties. Prizes will also be awarded for best blonde policewoman, best blonde TV star and even best blonde journalist.

She was due to fly to Paris the next day. Riga — Up to 2, blondes are expected to march through the streets of the Latvian capital Riga at the weekend, in a politically- incorrect celebration planned by the Latvian Blondes Association. Dorrit Sander: In Memoriam.

Latvian babes

latbian Like Mill and Meier, Kalnaja, a former model, has seen the business from both sides of the klieg lights. They have the right attitude. In addition to the Estonian and Latvian models working internationally, some prefer to work locally, with perhaps half a dozen models sharing what work there is to be had in Tallinn and Riga.

Latvian babes

Photos by our favorite Belarussian photographer, Rita Aivazova. According to Kalnaja, Lithuania is still a distant third in the Baltic Babe-stakes.

Latvian babes

Like the babse Estonian she is, Kaia is already preparing for life after the footlights by studying to be a clothing deer. Soon enough, she too was winging her way to Paris and Milan and Tokyo and the other stops on The Circuit. For Ruja this was D-Day minus one.

I got it from my momma. A New Face, as they are called in the beauty business, the year-old Estonian high babse student had done but one local shoot for the agency when she was tapped to go to Paris.

Latvian babes

Were her parents worried about her? And she still has her head screwed on straight.

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And somehow, one felt, she would. In the meantime, she is happy to stretch her lucrative moment in babess couture sun for as long as she can. Three years and hundreds of flights, shows, and shoots later, Kaia is now a veteran.

Doors open at 10 pm till forever …See ya there. And we will! Showing admirable ecumenism, Kalnaja concedes that Estonia, with its three leading model agencies — EMA, Baltic Models, as well as Beatrice Models, the agency shepherded by veteran Tallinn celebrity clotheshorse Beatrice — is first in the business of exporting Baltic Babes. Just proves us right when we predicted a year ago that in times of crisis skirts get shorter, and hair longer.

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