Knapps model of relational development



Knapps model of relational development

This stage often involves marriage or another type of public contractthough marriage is not necessary to successfully bond. They may use standard greetings or observe each other's appearance or mannerisms. While a lot of important impressions are being processed, the actual initiation stage likely lasts less than 15 seconds.

This is usually in the form of engagement or marriage.

Communication Theory. This immediate information can influence how quickly a relationship is formed. Legal Notice Privacy Policy Permissions.

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Communication is limited to safe topics. In this stage, certain behaviors, such as increasing one-on-one contact through more frequent communication through face to face encounters, text, or phone callsdoing favors for a partner or offering gifts as tokens of affection, requesting commitment from a partner through direct definitional bid, personalized verbal expressions of affection such as "I love you" or asing pet names such as " babe ," and suggestive actions such as flirtationgazingor Descrete bbw wanted, may all emerge as relationao of intensifying the connection between the two people.

Human Communication Research11, — When actual avoidance cannot take place, however, partners will simply avoid each other while they're together, treating the other as if they didn't exist. Allyn and Bacon.

Knapps model of relational development

The following stages are identified by the type of communication behavior that occurs in a given stage as well as the proportion of that type of communication behavior to another. Interpersonal Communication. Differentiating is a process of disengaging or uncoupling.

Knapps model of relational development

Journal developmment Social and Personal Relationships19, — As we begin to interact with others, we make judgments about whether to include or exclude them from possible relationships. In this model, this step is unavoidable and relationships can terminate at any time. Different forms of distancing are also common at this stage: [10].

Knapps model of relational development

During the stagnating stage, the individuals avoid discussing the relationship because they think they know what the other will say. While all five of these methods are common methods of testing intensification efforts, it's important to note that endurance, separation, and triangle tests are generally the least constructive, and can even be destructive when it comes to building the relationship.

One of the most popular models for understanding relationship development is Mark Knapp's Relational Stages Model.

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Along with the coming together stages, all relationships will go through the coming apart stages of the relational development model, though some may skip steps e. : Personal life Stage theories. Other models have also been discussed. Social Media Networks allows us to broadcast and share information about out relationships much more quickly and to a much broader audience. All rights reserved. Relational Development. Neither one of them is happy and the relationship must come to an end.

In the virtual world you can be whoever you want to be and withhold information such as real name and where you are from. The breadth of topics discussed broadens and the depth in which each individual feels comfortable discussing those topics with the other becomes intimate and personal.

Knapp's relational development model -

Initiation is the first stage where individuals make their first impressions on each Meet a man in Delano California. The individuals become a pair in the integrating stage. Retrieved 23 October Read about these models and then complete a learning activity and short quiz to test your knowledge. Development of relationship stage measures. Cyberpsychology, Behavior and Social Networking, 15 285— Circumscribing sees a qualitative and quantitative decrease in information exchange.

Social Intercourse: From Greeting to Goodbye. A common solution to differentiating is for each partner to give the other some space, though extreme differentiating can lead to a damaged relationship. This stage is very short, sometimes as short as seconds. According to Knapp, movement through the stages has the following characteristics: [4] : 32— According to Knapp, rate of movement is: [4] : 35— The pair begins to physically separate themselves during the avoiding stage.

Outwardly, the couple appears normal. This is the final stage of the relationship. Views Read Edit View history.

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