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The maximum allowable floor area of all structures measured from exterior wall surfaces permitted on a site excluding single car garages and carports, and below grade parking structures is determined by multiplying the FAR established by the general plan deation by the total net area of the concorv FAR times net site area equals maximum allowable floor area. Airport Terms. Any tree in the city, whether located on public or private property, which is at least 72 inches in circumference approximately 24 inches in diameter measured four and one-half feet above natural or established grade.

A ; Ord. The sale, lease, or sublease of the business; or B.

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The relocation of any such adult entertainment business. A day care facility in a single-family dwelling where an occupant of the residence provides childcare for six or fewer children under the age of six or up to eight children when two of the children are at least six years of age, including children under the age of 10 years who reside at the residence.

Examples include play fields, tennis courts, skate areas, sport courts, swimming pools, and accessory uses.

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escoets Recreational Facilities. Lighted or Discreet sex Murcia outdoor athletic fields or sport courts. There are four types of terminal instrument procedures: precision approach, nonprecision approach, circling, and departure. Distribution Type The addition of any of the adult entertainment businesses defined in this section to any other existing adult entertainment business; or.

At least half of these units, or 20 percent of the total units in the project, must be affordable to low or very low income households.

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Property shall be considered as contiguous units, even if it is separated by ro, streets, utility easement or railroad rights-of-way. A dwelling unit which has one or more party wall in common with another dwelling unit.

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In the case of a duly approved uniform program, a anywhere within the area controlled by the program may be considered on site when placed at any location within the area controlled by the program. The intention is for persons residing within a geographic subarea of the daytimr or who share some other common, unifying identity to participate in garden activities and Any tall girls own the resulting ornamental plants, flowers and produce.

A permanent structure which is used for the display of off-site commercial messages.

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A dwelling unit that does not share any walls in common with another dwelling unit. Real estate offices.

This classification does not include facilities that provide overnight accommodations. Examples include surface mining operations as dautime by the Public Resources Code of the state of California. Presentations by single or multiple performers, such as a musical song, dance acts, and concerts. Establishes the requirement for a tentative map and then a final or parcel map. The planning division shall make the determination as to whether a Webcam sex Palmdale use is included or not included within a classification based on the characteristics of the use.

Indoor communication uses would include radio and television broadcasting, receiving stations and studios with facilities entirely within buildings. Health management organization HMO offices where no medical services are provided. This elaborate mantelpiece was deed and made by Anna Sneed Cairns in the early s to be installed in Kirkwood Seminary and Forest Park University.

For the purposes of this code, a recycling facility does not include areas for the storage and collection of recyclables at apartments and other multifamily residential, offices, businesses, and manufacturers when recycling collection areas are used solely for the recycling of material generated by that use. Zoning Clearance. Wireless Communications Facility.

With Alcoholic Beverage Sales. Cconcord device may also suspend or initiate an irrigation event. Mechanical and Electronic Games Terms. All activities in this classification occur within a building.

Office equipment rental and leasing. This classification does not include emergency shelters set up for disaster relief which are allowed in any zoning district or group homes that provide accommodations for a longer term. Photograph, ca. The establishment may include live entertainment approved under a separate entertainment permit from the police department. A continuous sidewalk, with a minimum of intrusions into pedestrian right-of-way.

For corner lots, the shortest side fronting a public street is considered the front lot line regardless of the orientation of the garage or primary entrance, or, conord both frontages are the same length, the front shall be determined by the street address.

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Accessory Use. These establishments have an Black male for black women medical staff, inpatient beds for overnight stays, emergency services, and equipment and facilities to provide complete health care. Structure, Accessory. The landscape area does not include footprints of buildings or structures, sidewalks, driveways, parking lots, decks, patios, gravel or stone walks, other pervious or nonpervious hardscapes, and other non-irrigated areas deated xoncord nondevelopment e.

Towing Services. Portrait photography. The following terms relate to Divisions II and V of cocnord title. Stone human effigy from the Mississippian mound people, ca. Storage, Accessory.

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Rehabilitate Rehabilitated Unit. These facilities typically include a variety of services in addition to lodging, such as restaurants, meeting facilities, spas or other personal services, and accessory guest facilities including swimming pools, sport courts, exercise facilities, and accessory retail sales. For example, the customer feeds coins into a machine in order to operate the hoses and drying vacuums for a set period of time.

The establishment of a trust, gift or other similar legal device which transfers ownership or control of the business, except for transfer by bequest or other operation of law upon the death of a person possessing the ownership or control. Units may be entered from the daytimd, or sscorts a courtyard or interior hallway.

Vegetation and Tree Preservation Terms. ETAF for existing nonrehabilitated landscapes is 0. These facilities may include medical services.

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