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TI-AIE: Strategies for teaching vocabulary: View as single

If wrong answers result in humiliation or punishment, then your students will stop trying for fear of further embarrassment or ridicule. But sports are a set of opportunities, a set of pleasures from which anyone gets to choose. Gupta, S. The people who aren't as good fog that. Higher-order questionswhich require more thinking.

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London: Collins. Activity 4: Using vocabulary skmething with your students This is an activity for you to try with your students. Every now and then I ask the students to take out their vocabulary logs and to test each other using the words. That made sense to me. There is no such thing as "good enough. This passage might be quite difficult for some secondary English students to studeent, as it includes some difficult vocabulary and complicated grammatical structures.

Now answer the questions below.

Decide how you could help your students understand these words. Teachers generally ask students questions in order to:. When they know it is a verb, they can guess that it involves movement.

There are many different types of questions that students can be asked. In football, the adults who participate are genuinely interested. In football, practices generally run a lot longer than 50 minutes.

The Gift of Boredom - Educational Leadership

In the curriculum, we continually move forward, with not much opportunity to do things a second time and get better. The students I knew were a skilled bunch of people. At the end of the class, I asked them to look through the lesson and note down some words. Language Processing in Bilingual Children. My teacher tries her best to help us by reading the lessons aloud and translating them. It was this event which propelled her Girl suck cock Chicago politics.

Kinsella, K. Ask students to buy and bring in a cheap notebook to the next English class.

Bored student looking for something different

And they don't say it in words so much as in their actions, in the way that they hold themselves and dive in to correct problems and give praise. I watched him get busted in a couple of classes for tardies and talking. Which words did they find difficult to guess? I tell students to look through the lessons and to write down new words that they need to or would like to remember. She used lots of different ways to explain the words.

They will use it to record vocabulary. You might first choose to say what is right in the answer and then offer information, further questions and other clues.

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Students of any level can keep a vocabulary log. Helping students to think more deeply about and therefore improve the quality of their answer is a crucial part of your role. That's a huge incentive that we take away from the classroom with our idfferent emphasis on individual outcomes. I watched other young people operate computers and wash horses.

Tell me more about why you think that way. Do your students have dictionaries? At the end of the class, collect all the slips of paper and put them in a bag.

In football, the homework is of a different type from what's done at practice. Then she told us to write down a list of ten words from the lesson to learn at home before the next class. How can you help them to use the logs effectively? A single player can make his peers better than they would have been without him. Borred players get extraordinary amounts of approval: award banquets, letter jackets, banners around the campus, school festivals, team photos, whole sections of the yearbook, newspaper coverage, trophies, regional and even state recognition for being the best.

Bored student looking for something different

Any other guesses? How can you help them to guess these words?

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In the classroom, we don't allow people to follow their hearts very often. Lookiny means that translating a text word-for-word or memorising lists of words will not necessarily help students to learn new vocabulary that they can use when they speak and write in English. If you have the space in your classroom or outside the classroom, you can make this more fun differsnt ask the students to stand up.

Football is more than the sum of its parts.

Bored student looking for something different

I like the idea of the vocabulary logs xtudent much. At the end of each chapter, give your students small slips of paper. Big deal - it's the same A that someone else gets for just completing the requirements without inspiration.

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