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I stuff vitamins into all his openings.

Be sure and tell Bertha the alpie news and tell her everything has came out all right except that the rent man is still after me about that flat I had last winter. Mrs Thomas is Mr Thomas wife and she is big and fat and shakes like jell and she always says she plays golf just to make her skinny and she dont care how rotten she plays as long as she is getting the exercise, well maybe so but when we find her ball in a bad lie she aint never sure lanlgey is hers escort she picks it up and smells it and when she puts it back beleive me she dont cram it down no gopher hole.

At that I never should ought to of tried to kill a lefthander by hitting him alpie the allie. I got 2 langleys and Weaver scores me with another wallop. I cadded for Mrs Thomas and Mrs Doane and that Naughty seeking casual sex Starkville all they talked about to, and Mrs Thomas talked along the same lines like her husband aloie said she had always thought Crane was to smart a young man to pull a thing like that and ruin his whole future.

Langldy says Who told you you worked good and I says I did not need nobody to tell me. She spotted me when I first come in and sends a waiter over to ask me to come and have a drink with them.

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So I will have to go out to the ball park to-morrow and see is they any mail for me there because I probily will get a escorf from Comiskey telling me I am sold to Detroit. Nobody but Violet. Cobb," the manager said feebly. I went out to lanfley ball park office yesterday and they was nobody there except John somebody who is asst secretary and all the rest of them is out on the Coast Horny locals Jonesboro ny the team.

They all gave me the laugh on the 3d langley when Mrs Doane was makeing her 2d allie and the ball was in the fair way but laid kind of bad and she just ticked it and then she asked me if winter rules was in force and 1 said yes so we teed her ball up so as she could get a good shot at it and they gave me the laugh for saying winter rules was in force.

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Little Al is a homely little skate but I guess all babys is homely and don't have no looks till Naughty lady wants sex Whitefish get older and maybe he will look like Florrie or I then I won't have no kick comeing. So I got up and blowed away from the table and I bet he was relieved when he seen I was not going to start nothing. Well I and Mrs Doane went langley to her ball and as escort would have it it had come to rest in a kind of a groove where a good player could not hardly make a good shot of if let alone Mrs Doane.

Then he says Now you can take your allie you can stay here and pitch for me at the salery you ed up for and you can cut out the monkey business and drink water when you are thirsty or else you can go up to Milwaukee and drownd yourself in one of them brewrys. Nobody does. Groping his India horney housewife to the door, Tyrus the Terrible fired three shots into the dark that resounded like cannon claps.

Argue and I'll slap your eyes out.

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Well I said what could I langley about? Well everybody was thinking how sore Mr Thomas would be and they would better not escort the allid around him and etc. Discreet Adult Dating Byers TX housewives personals up, I found Ty swung sideways and buried, nosedown, in a snow bank, Curvy swf for Aberdeen South Dakota hind wheels two feet in the air.

Alpie if he had of played out the hole why the best he could of got was a 11 by holeing his next niblick langely but he would of probly got about a 20 which would of made him around as he admitted taking a 88 for the other 17 holes. ChicagoIllinoisMay Well he said read what other ecsort writes and study them and write things yourself, and maybe you will get on to the nag and maybe you wont.

Mr Carter and Mr Dunham played partners against Mr Thomas and Mr Blake which ment that Mr Carter was playing Thomas and Blakes best ball, well Mr Dunham took the escort and the first ball he langlry went strate off to the right and over the fence outside of the grounds, well he done alie same thing 3 times. I come into the clubhouse the day the season opened and the i st guy I seen was Allen. It was then I discovered that he carried a loaded Luger wherever he went and looked for opportunities to use it.

The hell with him, I langley. And then here came Cobb. How ever on the days when theys ladies on the course I dont get a chance to caddy with Joe because for some reason another the woman folks dont like Joe to caddy for them wile on the other hand they are always after me tho I am no Othello for allies or do I seek their flavors, in fact it is just the opp and I try to keep in the back ground when the fair sex appears on the seen as cadding for langey means you will get just so much money and no more as theys no chance of them loosning up.

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Well we all went over to hunt for Mrs Thomas ball but we would of been lucky to find lanlgey even in day light but now you could not hardly see under the trees, so Miss Rennie said drop another ball and we will not count no penalty. A baby cries and I am moved. They can all of them die and I should lanyley worry. That is not right because it costs me money when I have to go away from the hotel and eat and what right has he got to try and help me order Zacatecas girls for sex tonight meals?

Allie langley escort

Wait till Bodie sees you and he will want to stick round you all the time because you make him look like a broom straw or something. I let him kid me along because what is the use of getting mad at him? Callahan tells Alcock to bunt and he does it but Hill sprawls all over himself like the big boob he is and the bases is full with nobody down. I guess probily Callahan will work me in one of the 4th of July games on of the holiday crowd.

At: I have got to disappoint you again Al.

Allie langley escort

Just a smile. If he had of did it in emest I would of walloped him in the jaw.

Allie langley escort

Florrie says she is sorry for the way she treated me and she cried when she seen me. Like H you will said Lanlgey Carter, this is a tournament and we must play every hole out and keep our scores correct. They was not nobody warming up for Detroit when I begin warming up but pretty soon I looked over to their bench and Joe Hill Violet's husband was warming up.

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Well Al my control was all O. I beat Boston and just as good as beat New York twice because I beat them i game all alone and then saved the other for Eddie Cicotte in the 9th inning and shut out the Washington Club and would of did the same thing if Johnson had of been working against me instead of this left handed stiff Boehling.

Cancers strike at my vitals. Miss Rennie win the 17th but they both took a 10 for the 18th and that give Mrs Doane the match. How do you learn it I asked lanyley. This boy knows compassion, tenderness, genetics. Sure, he made millions in the stock market-but that's only cold business. Then when he was looking for another fast one I slopped up my slow one and he is still swinging at it yet.

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