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on December 18, 2015


For those who don’t know, I love candles. And there’s nothing better than the fall and winter collection of candles at Bath & Body Works. So, I participated in $8 candle day. I wanted to give you guys a look into the candles I purchased. Disclaimer: Some of these candles are for gifts—I promise I’m not a candle hoarder.

I’ll list the name of the candle along with the description, so you can see the combination of scents. Fun fact, my dream job would be to write out the descriptions on the bottom of Bath & Body Works’ candles.

Let’s get to the haul:

Dashing Through The Snow:

“Breathe in the crisp cool air of a holiday sleigh ride with a blend of green balsam, wintry musk and the jingle of sparkling citrus.”

Spiced Apple Toddy (x2):

“A sweet mixture of winter fruits, apple brandy & spiced plum to warm your holiday celebrations.”

Be Joyful:

“Let your heart be light with this blend of shimmering sugar, sparkling clementine and frosted jasmine in our most joyful fragrance ever!”

Cinnamon Caramel Swirl (x2):

“Freshly ground cinnamon enhances soft silky vanilla caramel in the sweet fragrance of a holiday treat.”


“Pine needles, icy mandarin & winter woods capture the magic of glittering icicles & sparkling snow.”

Champagne Toast:

“Pop, clink & sparkle with an effervescent blend of champagne, juicy nectarine and blackcurrant.”

Frosted Cranberry (x2):

“The year’s first frost captured in white cranberry, juicy peach & ripe red raspberries.”

Joy “Peppermint Marshmallow:”

“Indulge in the fragrance of fluffy vanilla marshmallows, full of holiday sweetness and peppermint joy.”

‘Tis The Season:

“The rich, fruity scent of red apples, green pine & golden cider captures the joy of the season.”


IMG_1723IMG_1727Have you picked up candles from Bath & Body Works recently? What is your favorite holiday candle from their collection? Make sure to leave a comment below!

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  • I was kind of bummed out this year with the BBW candle selection. They discontinued some of my favorites! I’m a big fan of the evergreen/Christmas tree scent. Winter is my favorite so far this year.

  • I was thinking, “Wow, she must REALLY love candles!” And then I read that some were gifts. Ha! I love BBW, but I don’t really buy candles from there… I love the scents you picked up! I smaller some of them during their Black Friday sale!


      Yes! I do love candles even though some are gifts (even five candles will last me through February.) But I always take advantage of $8 candle day–it’s basically my personal Christmas.

  • Love pretty much all of these candles.
    Their fall scents are definitely my favorite though.

    xoxo, Jenny


      I so love their fall collection as well! I would definitely say it’s a close tie between their fall and winter collection for me. I love the scents associated with winter more, but B&BW never fails with their fall candles.

  • The Winter candle is one of my favorites! I bet your home smells amazing with all of those.


      I definitely think scent it so important in a home to make it feel cozy and inviting, which is why I have so many candles around this time of year!

  • Those are all so wonderful, I love great candles! Thank you for sharing!!


      You can never go wrong with good candles 🙂

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