Why you should exfoliate

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on June 22, 2015


Keeping up with a beauty routine can be exhausting for women. We need to learn about all these different regimens and products that are “vital” to our routine. But how can we incorporate these beauty habits in our routine without breaking the bank? How do we know what is necessary and what isn’t?

Hopefully, this post will shed light on the importance of exfoliating and how you can add in your routine with minimal spending. You’ll add some bliss in your life (especially your bank) when learning about exfoliating.

So why is exfoliating necessary?

Exfoliating, whether it’s your face or body, removes dead skin cells. This allows you to have brighter, clearer and smoother skin with minimal effort. It also acts as a deep clean for your pores, which removes any build up of sweat, acne, etc. You only need to exfoliate once to week for an effective clean.

All right, how much is this going to cost me?

That’s the best part of exfoliating—you can DIY exfoliating scrubs in your home. Chances are, you have the basic products to create different scrubs safe for your face and body. However, if you prefer to buy from the store, you can spend up to $30 or buy inexpensive ones.

I’ll stick with DIY. What’s you favorite recipe?

My go-to exfoliating scrub contains two ingredients. The best part is this helps to fade stretch marks on your body. Yep, that’s right. All you need are used coffee grounds and a little olive oil. I apply this on my skin and scrub consistently for about five minutes then rinse and shower as normal.

Some exfoliating scrubs are made with sugar and others with salt. What’s the difference?

Sugar scrubs are most often used on the face because they dissolve quickly in water and creates a mild scrub that won’t be harsh if you have sensitive skin. Most people recommend brown sugar in scrubs. Salt scrubs (sea salt not table salt) has anti-inflammatory properties, which is great if you have sore muscles in addition to clearing your pores. Normally, use sugar scrubs more often than salt scrubs because it’s not as rough on the skin.

I hope you have a better understanding of exfoliating and why it’s important. With easy DIY options, it’s easy to incorporate this in your beauty routine.

Do you exfoliate regularly? Do you have any DIY exfoliating scrub recipes or inexpensive scrubs to buy? Make sure to share your suggestions below!

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  • I’m going to try this DIY, thanks!

  • exfoliating is part of my weekly routine so definitely all about that. thanks for the DIY!

    • Yes! And thank you for your comment. So glad to hear other people have this in their routines.

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