WE BOUGHT A HOUSE + Tips for Buying a Home!

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on October 2, 2017

About three weeks after Josh proposed, we bought our DREAM HOUSE. It seems rather quick, and believe me when I say that people had a ton of questions. So I’m dishing out all the details on how we purchased our first home, and a few tips if you’re considering purchasing a home as well!

From April to July, Josh and I had been looking every single night on websites for houses. Mostly to get an idea, so that when the time did come to look for a home, we would know what we want. After Josh proposed, we thought it wouldn’t hurt to go see a few houses in person. We visited four houses with a real estate agent to get an idea of the neighborhood we may want to live in, and get an idea of a price range that would work for us.

I kept getting drawn back to a house that was newly on the market. It was a seven-minute commute for me to work and a 10-minute commute for Josh. It was in a central neighborhood that was close to everything we could ever need. Plus, the price was absolutely amazing and affordable for us. I instantly had a gut feeling that we needed to see the house as soon as possible. This happened on a Friday. It turns out that two days later, they were having their first open house. My heart told me to jump on it. I called my mom and dad, and told them that I had a really good feeling about a house, and I wanted them to come down and look at it with us that Sunday because my father is in construction, and would definitely be able to tell us what we needed to know about the roof, and other areas should there be any issues. Of course, they drove down, and we all went to the house.

When I first walked into the house, I didn’t even see the couple’s furniture. Instead, I imagined our furniture without even trying. Every room I walked in, I fell even more in love than the room before. I fell so in love with every aspect of the house, that I wouldn’t even have changed a paint color on the wall. It was the perfect size, and had everything we needed and more. The backyard deck and patio were beautiful, and the kitchen was recently updated. I was simply enamored.

If you thought those weren’t enough signs, there’s more. Josh and I are in love with dogs, and a huge reason for falling in love with the house is because it has a beautiful yard, but it didn’t have a fence. Josh asked if there was anything we should know about putting up a fence in that area since we are interested in getting a dog. The owners told us that the invisible fence was already installed in their yard for a dog. 

Although I held my composure, I nearly cried. It was the final piece we needed to hear before knowing this was absolutely meant to be. I was ready to jump immediately, but I knew Josh was going to feel overwhelmed since this was a huge decision to make. I pulled him aside, and we knew we were going to make an offer knowing that this house wouldn’t last long on the market. We didn’t sign anything, but we let them know we were already pre-approved for a home and that we would be good after talking with a lawyer about the contract they had. After going through the bank and getting everything processed, we set a closing date and plan to move in at the end of the month. Although this only took a week or so, we wanted to wait awhile before telling people because of how easily everything went for us. We simply couldn’t believe how everything fell into place without a problem, which only confirmed that this was meant to be.

After going through this experience, I think it’s important to share a few tips I’ve learned along the way:

1| Do your research.

Do your research on everything from what are your non-negotiable items for a home to what is the highest you can truly afford each month. Go to the bank first to get pre-approved for a house even if you think it’s unnecessary. I promise that seeing the full breakdown of taxes to closing costs to your monthly mortgage payment will really help you in the long run. Buying a house is probably the biggest investment you’ll make, and it’s important to know everything.

2| Trust your gut.

I promise that you will know when it’s the right house. You will have an instant gut feeling that won’t go away because you’re so certain about the house you’re looking to buy and make a home. I felt it. Josh felt it. My parents felt it. When all else fails, go with your gut and it will not fail you.

3| Plan accordingly.

I would love to say that you just buy a house and that’s all there is to it, but that’s not how it works. Although Josh and I had a very easy home-buying process, there were still documents to sign with the bank and a lot to review about our closing date, moving, what stays and what goes with the house, figuring out our lease for the townhouse. Everything is affected when you buy a home, so plan accordingly based on the time of year, what may affect your lease or the current home you live in, etc.

I hope you all enjoyed hearing this exciting news for us! It’s unbelievable to see my vision board come to life in a matter of a few months. I’ve crossed off the largest goal on the list, and it hasn’t been three months since putting it together. I can’t wait to begin this new journey with Josh as homeowners, and I can’t wait to see what other goals we achieve in the next few months!

Tell me, what tips do you have for someone buying their first home? Or tips for moving into your first house? Make sure to share in the comments below!

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  • Congratulations! This is so exciting! Already excited to see interior decor posts!

  • Jordyn Upchurch

    Congratulations! I cannot wait to see what it looks like! My husband and I currently own a home, but in just a few years we’re planning on building our forever home on our farm and I couldn’t be more excited!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern and Style

  • Ahhh Congratulations – this is amazing news! I cannot wait to see pictures of it!

  • Kristen Jones

    Congratulations!! This is so exciting and I’m so happy for you! My hubby are in the beginning stages of buying a house… fingers crossed within the next year or so. I love all of your house buying tips and I can’t wait to see a home post when you get settled!

  • Congratulations! What an amazing feeling! I agree on trusting your gut. When we bought our house, we knew instantly that it was the one for us. I so wish we had an invisible fence though that is amazing. We have a privacy fence for our dog but it would be great to be able to look into our woods.

  • Anna Hubbard

    Ahhh congrats!! It’s so cool that you knew right away, that’s how you know it’s definitely the right place!!

  • Yay so exciting! I can’t wait to see your new home 🙂

  • Congratulations! Buying a home is so exciting! So crazy how it worked out so simply for you too, the process CAN potentially be a nightmare. lol

  • wow very exciting! congrats! Such a big life moment!!

  • OMG congrats!!!! I know how exciting that feels…it’s a CRAZY process. Now, decorating!!

    Coming Up Roses

  • Adriana

    Congratulations!!! So exciting!! I love your tips – planning is sooo important!

  • Congratulations! We just bought our first home this summer, and although it comes with its own projects and repairs, we’ve loved being homeowners so far! There’s just something so great about having that sense of ownership that just makes you want to invest a lot more time and energy into a house vs. an apartment (at least that’s how it’s been for me).

    The biggest thing I’m glad I did (besides following the guidelines you mentioned above) is that I’m super glad that we firmly decided not to dip into our emergency savings to help with the cost of the down payment and closing costs, even though we were tempted to. Sure, it meant we could have put down more, but having that emergency fund that we know we can fall back on has been such a blessing!


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