The Pressure to Wear Makeup

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on October 5, 2015


When I have a day off, it’s normally to clean, work on future blog posts, get ahead on school work, etc. Rarely do I go out on a day off unless I have plans to meet up with friends for lunch for go out for coffee. On those days, I don’t wear makeup (shocker, I know). But if I know I need to go out, I feel a need to get made up and look presentable.

This is a normal feeling we have as humans. We want to look presentable when going out in public. But since when dose looking put together equate to wearing a face of makeup?

I feel like I’m not alone.

Have you ever experienced that awkward moment when you’re not wearing makeup and someone asks “Oh, are you not feeling well?” I think in my head, oh do I not look fine? Because I had been feeling perfectly healthy and happy until you commented on my apparent “sickly” appearance.

Another scenario is when you’re explaining to your boyfriend why you need an extra five minutes to get ready. “Give me five minutes to do my makeup. I need just enough to look like a human.”

We shouldn’t feel the overwhelming need to put on makeup every time we leave the house. But, just to be clear, if you do feel that wayโ€”it’s okay. I’m referring to when we feel like our natural appearance isn’t adequate enough; so much that we refuse to leave the house unless we have at least a little makeup on.

Instead of feeling pressured to wear make up and look perfectly put together, why not feel comfortable with the way we look naturally? Why not encourage other women to go out with a makeup-less face instead of a face of makeup?

Whether you wear a full face of makeup everyday or prefer to go au natural, I hope that no one feels pressured to look a certain way when they go out in public. Unfortunately, I believe many women do, which is why we need to change the perception of beauty.

We have come a long way with acceptance, and I’m sure we can do the same with this example, too.

Do you feel pressured to wear makeup in public or to look put together in public? Make sure to share your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • YES YES YES to this post. I don’t necessarily feel like I need it, but I feel like I owe it to society to put on some damn makeup. I don’t know which is worse, haha! I shouldn’t feel like I absolutely need it on days I just want to relax with a fresh face, but at the same time, I guess I’m a little self-conscious. Next time I go au naturale, I will be remembering this post. Props to you! Love your blog ๐Ÿ™‚


      Thank you so much for sharing, Kate! I completely agree with you and I know EXACTLY where you’re coming from. I hate that we think we OWE it to society to wear makeup because we don’t and we shouldn’t feel that way. However, we normally (always) do because that’s the mentality we grow up with. Here’s hoping we can overcome this mentality and focus on natural beauty. Thank you again for your honest comment.

  • Great questions posed here! I don’t know for myself… guess I should do a little inner questioning on this topic! haha. I am usually a fresh-face kind of girl (no foundation/bronzer/blush) but I HAVE to have some mascara or eyeliner or I feel totally self-conscious. I think something I often do to feel more comfortable about a total no makeup day is to dress in running tights and a sweatshirt so it looks like my lack of makeup was for a good purpose– working out. ๐Ÿ˜‰


      Linda, thank you so much for your comment! I truly appreciate it. Personally, I don’t wear foundation or face makeup really (sometimes just a little bronzer for color on my cheeks) and I feel fine wearing that with a little mascara. But it’s funny how we’re exceedingly more confident even with the smallest bit of makeup. It’s something I think maybe women deal with.

  • Although there are many days that I go out without make-up because I really didn’t feel like putting it on, I can’t help but feel self-conscious about it. It is such a norm in our culture that feeling “less than presentable” without make-up is so hard to escape! For me I think part of the reason is that I feel like society has gotten used to women having nice skin and big, outlined eyes… so when I go out with my imperfections showing and my eyes looking like their normal size without any liner or mascara, I feel like I am actually lacking something that people have become used to expecting women to have.


      YES! Heather, you definitely hit the nail on the head with this topic because society has a different (unrealistic) standard for women and women’s beauty. We need to push the idea that natural beauty is just as wonderful as the perfect skin, big-eyed look. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on this post!

  • The pressure to wear makeup is very harsh. I recently stopped wearing makeup daily, and started just wearing it to church and on special occasions. It made me realize that I’m beautiful without makeup, and I shouldn’t need it to be confident in who I am! Thank you for addressing this issue!


      Thank you so much for your sweet comment! And it’s great to hear that you don’t feel that pressure anymore because we are all incredibly beautiful with or without makeup!

  • Joy

    Yes! Since moving to Georgia last year, I REALLY noticed that the women here tend to wear a lot of makeup out and about, and are always dressed especially cute. It has always made me feel a little frumpy every time I go out with a little makeup and yoga pants on. I have always worn less makeup than most. In college I tried foundation for the first time and felt so ‘painted’ but the girl who put it on me said it looked good and that I should keep doing it. From that pressure that maybe I didn’t look as good without it, I gave in. And frankly, my skin got worse after that! As I work from home, I can go majority of the day makeup free… but I wish I had the courage to bare it in public. You bring up some great thoughts, here.


      Thanks so much for all your awesome input! I completely agree with you, as well. I don’t work from home (but when I do have days off, I always try to stay makeup free) but the minute I know I have to go out for something, the mascara and bronzer come out. I want to try and feel more confident and bare my natural face in public, but it can be difficult if more women dress well and always look put-together. Thanks again for your comment!

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