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How I Really Feel About Being Engaged & How He Proposed

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on August 9, 2017

If you aren’t following me on social media, you might not know that I got engaged in July. Of course, I’m going to share all the details on how he proposed, but I also plan to share my REAL THOUGHTS on being engaged. I would also LOVE to hear your engagement stories in the comments below, so make sure to tell me all those love stories because I am a sucker for love and romance.

How he proposed:

It was Saturday, July 15th—four years to the day that Josh and I had first “met.” I use that term loosely because we met while working for our university as Orientation Leaders in July, 2013. We got to know each other well because the team was a small group of 15 people, so there were many long nights of talking with everyone and hanging out as college students.

Fast forward four years later, and we found ourselves back at university for a day trip. Orientation sessions were going on since it was July, so everything felt extremely sentimental to us and our relationship. As avid planners, Josh and I had talked about this as early as fall of last year because I had not been back to school since I graduated in 2015, so it was long overdue for a visit. Nothing seemed strange about the plan, but Josh knew all along that’s where he would propose.

We got in the car and drove off for the short hour and a half car ride. We jammed out to Bruno Mars (P.S. Can’t WAIT to see him in concert on the 15th!) and drove to our favorite restaurant for a late breakfast. Our meal couldn’t have been more perfect and delicious.

We stopped over to visit one of Josh’s roommates from college who works for the university. We caught up on life and talked for an hour before he had to go to work. Then Josh and I headed to campus to walk the trail along the river, and visit some of the buildings that had been remolded since I graduated.

After walking for awhile, we visited our favorite spot on campus. When we had first met and throughout our first year of dating, we spent a lot of time on this hill that overlooked the mountains on campus. It’s without a doubt, the most beautiful view at school. Josh told me he had to grab something from the car, and from the trunk he pulls out a cooler, which I thought was perfect since I really needed water.

I find a plastic bag in the cooler and in it is a picnic with two PB&J sandwiches and Reese’s peanut butter cups. And I’m pumped thinking, “Awe, he knows me so well. He brought more food.”

But, boy, can that man plan a surprise. 

He says, “So, I thought this was special because on our first date you packed my favorite food and took me on picnic to one of your favorite places in Buffalo to begin our relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend. So, I thought we could have the same picnic with the same foods at our favorite place on campus to end our relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend.” He goes on to telling me some wonderful, amazing things about us and our relationship before officially asking to marry me. We cried and hugged each other before I even thought about putting the ring on. It was the most beautifully romantic moment of my life.

I had NO IDEA it was coming, and you can clearly see that from the photos as I was sobbing my eyes out from his proposal. It was so personal and significant to our relationship. Then I see Josh wave to someone, and out comes his friend we met with earlier holding a camera. He got photos of the proposal, which also meant the entire world to me, and it still makes me cry to think about Josh planning this with his friends.

After calling our family and close friends, we got changed and we were able to get some photos that day of our engagement.

The next day, My parents came down to Pennsylvania to visit with Josh’s parents, and we celebrated with champagne, dinner and dessert. The weekend was simply magical, and I couldn’t ask for a better way to begin my engagement with the love of my life.

So, now we can get on to the details on how I REALLY feel about being engaged.

1| I’m excited to begin this new chapter

I love my fiancé, and I can’t wait to begin this journey of planning our wedding together because HELLO, we are both disturbingly organized. Planning and organizing makes us happy, so of course wedding planning will be so much fun for both of us.

2| I’m nervous because TBH a lot of people judge YOUR wedding

It has only been a month, so I don’t even have a full wedding planned yet. I don’t even have much of the wedding planned altogether. But, people have made so many comments about why I should never choose *that* venue or why my colors should definitely be *mint green and coral.* Everyone is so quick to throw shade at the plans for your big day and that’s wrong. Don’t ever judge what someone wants to do for their day because it’s personal to the bride and groom…not you.

3| I can’t get over the love we received on our engagement 

That weekend alone, I had calls, texts, Instagram messages telling me how thrilled and excited people were for our engagement—you name it, I had it. The amount of love Josh and I received that weekend was insurmountable to anything I’ve felt from family and friends. It was beautiful, and it reminded me how truly blessed I am to have the family and friends I have in my life.

4| Everyone randomly tells you about THEIR wedding…

And your girl is NOT here for it because to be honest, it’s a little awkward. Several people had asked me something related to my wedding, and not even 10 seconds into me answering their question is when they would tell me something about their wedding more than 10 years ago. “Well, back in the day, we didn’t have wedding websites, so why would you have one now?” Or, they will make snide comments about your decisions for your wedding (see number 2) and then proceed to tell you why you should do what THEY did for THEIR wedding. It’s weird and rude, especially when it comes off condescending. Please don’t look down on someone for whatever their wedding decisions are, and don’t try to convince them to change their mind by telling them what you did for your wedding.

So tell me, how did your husband/fiancé propose? Do you have any tips or blog posts related to wedding planning that you can share? Please send me links in the comments below!

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