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6 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Your Bestie

Posted in Lifestyle
on February 8, 2017

I may be in a relationship, but Josh and I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. I definitely prefer to have a girl’s night in with wine, Netflix and sushi. In honor of celebrating Valentine’s Day with your best friends, here are so awesome (and inexpensive) gift ideas for your BFF on the 14th.

1| Marble Notebook from Francesca’s, $14

Because who doesn’t want a notebook when you can track all your plans, ideas and #GirlBoss goals?! You can never go wrong with a simple gift like this for your best friend because it’s something she will always be able to use. P.S. I’m loving that the marble trend is still in for 2017!

2| Macron Rose Fragrance from Urban Outfitters, $18

I know so many people who love this perfume collection from Urban Outfitters. What’s better is that you can buy her this Macron Rose scent, and also pick up some macaroons to snack on as well. It’s the perfect gift combination! If you’re worried about her be picky about a fragrance, save the receipt if an exchange is needed.

3| Love iPhone Case from Forever 21, $8 

Phone cases are still in and who wouldn’t love a themed case for Valentine’s Day? Personally, I love when people have different phone cases to change out based on the time of year, so this would be the perfect addition to any phone case collection your bestie has.

4| The World Book of Love from Anthropologie, $25

If your best friend loves to read, or have cute coffee table books in her living room, pick up this unique gift from Anthropologie. It’s a collection of insights and testimonies from people all over the world about love. With 100 researchers from 50 countries summarize their particular views on the subject in 1000 words.

5| Be My Heart Pens from Barnes & Noble, $10

I don’t know about you, but I love fun, cute pens. Plus, there are something that everyone needs in their office. So, why not grab this cute, inexpensive set from Barnes & Noble? You can even add in a Starbucks gift card, and a journal (see #1) to have a complete, themed gift!

6| Valentine’s Day Wine Glass from Target, $22

Umm, need I say more? There’s nothing better than wine. Grab this wine glass for your bestie (grab one for yourself, too because #treatyoself) and get your wine on all night long as you binge-watch anything and everything on Netflix. Let’s be real, wine is every girl’s valentine!

What one of these six gifts would you like for Valentine’s Day! How are you spending your Valentine’s Day? Do you have plans with your friends or your significant other? Make sure to share in the comment below!


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Why My Boyfriend and I Don’t Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Posted in Lifestyle
on February 8, 2016


I can already see the excessive eye rolling from the title. Just hear me out. First, I don’t hate Valentine’s day. I have no reason to. People assume I’m single when I say I don’t celebrate it—but the truth is I’ve been in a relationship with my boyfriend for over two years. Then people assume that my boyfriend and I aren’t romantic, which couldn’t be further from the truth. Our reasons for not celebrating Valentine’s Day couldn’t be more simple. So simple that I can boil it down to three main reasons:

I don’t need Valentine’s Day to eat chocolate:

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I’m a dessert connoisseur. I have never met a dessert or chocolate candy I didn’t like. I also believe in treating yourself daily, so most of my days incorporate chocolate or dessert. Why should Josh buy me a pound of sponge candy when I already have four pounds of it at home? It’s unnecessary. If you want to buy me chocolate, feel free, but don’t discriminate against the other 364 days out of the year.

I don’t need Valentine’s Day to have a special day with my boyfriend:

Being in a long distance relationship has taught me so much about appreciating every moment when we have our visits. When someone asks why we don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, I tell them that there’s no need when we celebrate “Valentine’s Day” 24 times throughout the year when we visit each other. Every visit feels like Valentine’s Day because it’s special. Why have a romantic day just because it’s February 14th? You should be able to do that any day of the year.

I don’t need Valentine’s Day to express my appreciation for someone:

I love cards. I love gifts. I love giving cards and gifts. For the longest time, I kept every card I received since I was 16 because that’s how much every individual card meant to me. But, if I truly want to send a card, buy a gift, or do a kind gesture for Josh, it’s not going to be because there’s a holiday around the corner. I would rather have it be a spontaneous gesture when they’re least expecting it instead of anticipating the card to come because of Valentine’s Day.

The bottom line:

It’s perfectly fine if you celebrate Valentine’s Day. I’m not hating on couples who celebrate this holiday. I essentially celebrate it with my friends because I think it’s far more fun! However, Josh and I both have always felt this way about Valentine’s Day, and we think it’s an unnecessary holiday if you’re committed to expressing gratitude and love for each other consistently throughout the year.

Regardless of how you spend Valentine’s Day, I hope you enjoy it! Leave a comment below saying how you celebrate/or don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day.

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