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The One Morning Habit I Stopped Doing & Why

Posted in Health, Lifestyle
on July 11, 2016


I’m sure you all have been guilty of it. You’re not quite ready to get out of bed to begin the day, so you decide to let yourself wake up a little easier by scrolling through Instagram or catching up on your friend’s Snapchat stories.

20 minutes go by and now you’re running late, which puts you in a bad mood and you have officially ruined your morning before you get out of bed.

This is one of several reasons why I stopped checking social media in the morning.

I found that I wasn’t in a good mood and less productive throughout the day because I began the day admiring someone’s trip to Costa Rica. I didn’t want to get out of bed once I began scouring social media because my personal motivation quickly dwindled. Not to mention, I was more interested in checking everyone’s lives rather than beginning my day. To put it simply: beginning the day with a social media session meant that I wasn’t going to get anything done in the first hour of my day and it meant that I was going to be behind.

So why don’t we just stop going on our phones? Of course this is easier said than done because who doesn’t want to pin recipes and blogging advice at 7 a.m.? Personally, I realized that when I check Twitter and Pinterest before I begin the morning, I feel like I’m behind and feel negatively about the day ahead because it’s beginning the day on a stressful note.

Instead, I have successfully woken up every morning for the past few months without feeling any urge to check social media on my phone.

So what happened when I quit this horrible morning habit?

1| I’m ready to have a productive day

When I used to check social media in the morning, it would make me feel lazy, unproductive and lose my motivation all together. I was essentially setting myself up for failure before I left my house for work. When I removed social media from my morning, I got up in a good mood and ready to begin my lengthy to-do list.

2| I have more time for myself in the morning

I used to spend an extra 15 or more minutes in bed just scrolling on Instagram and Facebook. That put me behind with my routine every morning. This meant I was stressed out, rushing my morning and skipping out on my favorite time of day. Now, I take my time, and make time for breakfast and coffee at home before I leave for work.

3| I enjoy my mornings more

Now that I have more time for myself in the morning, I find that I love my morning routine. It’s a wonderful to enjoy the quiet mornings. It’s those quiet moments I enjoy to myself before heading to work to begin a long day of projects, emails, phone calls and event planning. It’s nice to give myself that time to prepare before work.

I hope this post will make you consider removing social media from your morning routine! Make sure to leave a comment below saying why you do/don’t go on social media in the morning!

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Why I Take Social Media Breaks (& Why You Should, Too!)

Posted in Lifestyle
on March 25, 2016


Being part of the blogging world is extremely exhausting. There’s always a pressure to build your brand, engage in conversations with others in your niche, etc. The list of what a blogger does on a daily basis in never-ending.

It wasn’t until December that I took a real break from social media. It lasted about a week, and it was the best week of my life.

I didn’t feel pressured to take pictures simply to post them to Instagram. I didn’t feel pressured to construct witty tweets that would get favorites and retweets. There was no pressure at all.

After that week, I vowed to take more social media breaks regularly. At first, I felt self-conscious and nervous about not posting several times a day between all of my social media accounts. “Will people unfollow me?” I thought to myself. An entire weekend passed without a single update on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook—and I felt good.

Now, I find myself less concerned about creating content for social media, and more about posting for my blog, or when I feel inspired to post the content. Of course I want to stay up-to-date on social media to read what other bloggers have posted, read world news, etc.—but I don’t want it to be the first thing I think about when I wake up, or be the activity I do before bed. It has become so normal to be on our phones, that we forgot how to enjoy a meal without taking a picture of it before we eat.

So, after taking several, mini breaks from social media, I have noticed a huge decrease in my level of anxiety, and a decrease in the pressure to have an “Instagram-worthy” life. Let’s be honest, I’m not a person who could (or should) post a photo of my outfit each day because a lot of them would be me in a pair of sweatpants. But, that’s okay!

I think there has become this push for everyone to have adventures, take risks, try weird and cool things simply to post about it online. If you want to take a vacation, try a new cafe—don’t do it because you want to impress your Instagram and Twitter followers. Do it because it’s something you want to do, and enjoy those moments for yourself. Yes, it is possible to take a photo of something and not post about it on social media. It’s all about balance.

If you have never considered taking a break from social media, I would highly recommend it. Instead of reaching for your phone to scroll through your feeds, carry a book or magazine on you and read. Or, take time to enjoy the silence. You’ll be amazed at what a break from social media can do for you.

Have you ever taken a break from social media? If not, why don’t you? Make sure to share your thoughts in the comments below!

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