Mental Cleanse Challenge: Week 4

I have been looking forward to this week in particular. Although I have done an initial declutter and organization of my digital life a few months ago, I know that it’s a good time to sort through everything again.

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If you want to review all the challenges from the 30-Day Mental Cleanse Challenge, check out the list below!

Feb. 13: Clean out your inbox and sort your emails into folders. Delete all spam.

Done! This was so therapeutic for me especially going through my personal email, junk email and work email! Needless to say it was a busy and productive evening!

Feb. 14: No social media before 11 a.m. Take the time to be productive!

Yikes. I didn’t realize how difficult this was going to be, but I was able to plan ahead and get everything scheduled on social media for my blog items and for work as well so that I could focus on other projects!

Feb. 15: Unfollow people on social media who don’t inspire you.

This was the best day ever.  I didn’t realize how many people I was following that truly don’t inspire me or interest me. I cleared out a lot of unwanted posts from Facebook friends, Twitter followers and more!

Feb. 16: Organize your desktop accordingly into folders. Delete unnecessary items.

I didn’t realize how much I was slacking off with my desktop folders for blogging recently. After a half hour, everything was organized properly in their folders. My desktop couldn’t be happier!

Feb. 17: Go through your phone and organize your apps into folders. Delete apps you don’t use, old notes, contacts, etc.

The amount of notes I had on my phone was insane. I take work notes when I’m walking throughout the day so I don’t forget things. But the amount of unnecessary notes I had was insane. It only took 20 minutes to complete!

Feb. 18: Have a phone-free night with family or loved ones!

Josh and I spent the evening together after he got out of work, so it was easy to keep our phones away while we had a date night. We went downtown for dinner, drinks and went to a hockey game!

Feb. 19: Unsubscribe from email marketing you’re not interested in keeping up with.

I didn’t have a lot of emails to unsubscribe from, but I still went through and made sure any old emails from bloggers I don’t read, or stores I don’t shop at were deleted and unsubscribed from this day! My inbox is free of clutter.

The fourth week of challenges: Positivity 

  • Feb. 20: No complaint day
  • Feb. 21: Write down 3 great things that happened today
  • Feb. 22: Spend 15 minutes in silence focusing on one positive attribute about yourself
  • Feb. 23: Compliment a stranger
  • Feb. 24: Write a letter to yourself explaining why you are unique
  • Feb. 25: Ask friends to describe you in 3 words, write them down, and repeat it to yourself throughout the day
  • Feb. 26: Write out your challenge wins and treat yourself!

What challenges were the easiest/most difficult for week three? What challenges for the fourth week are you most concerned about? Make sure to share in the comments below!


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Real Talk: Life is too short


I’ve been thinking and reflecting about how short and precious life is.

With that in mind, I want you to think about something. How many times have you made a bucket list or “things I want to do” list and you never finished (or even began) the list?

I’ve done this before. I’ve done this many times, and I think we all have done this without even realizing it. Why don’t we do what we say we are going to do? We have dreams, goals and plans, but we push them off and forget about them.

Of course, I understand that life can get in the way—maybe you began a new job and work more, or you’re going back to school, or you just had your first child. But why should we sacrifice what we truly want to do? We should be able to do what we love most whether it’s traveling, writing, singing, etc. If you have a bucket list, make time to do it. Clearly, if it’s important to you, you’ll find a way. If it’s not important to you, you’ll find an excuse.

We need to stop making excuses. Don’t let your job take over your life. Don’t let fear get in the way of your dreams. We need to understand that life is short and precious; and we won’t be here forever. So why not go out and cross off everything on your bucket list? Or, take a chance and pursue your dream career instead of settling with the job you have?

Today, make a promise to yourself. Promise yourself that you’ll begin accomplishing all of your goals no matter what it takes. You deserve to do whatever you love regardless of what that is. Make time, makes plans and accomplish them.

What are five things on your bucket list? How will you plan to achieve them? Make sure to leave a comment below!

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Embracing the “valleys” in life


Life has peaks and valleys, or more popularly known as—good days and bad days. There are many valleys that come into our lives, some many of us can relate to: rejection from a college, rejection from jobs, or other unexpected changes that might interfere with previous plans (moving, changing jobs, beginning a relationship, etc.)

Some people see valleys as “bumps in the road.” While this is true, I think it negatively illustrates the value of valleys. I used to think a valley was the universe laughing at me struggling. Now, I view them more positively.

Yes, you may have gotten fired from your job; but you can use it as an opportunity to find a better job. Maybe one that pays more, or with more flexible hours, or where you can work from home. It’s still an opportunity.

You’ve plateaued after working so had for months on end to get to achieve your health and fitness goals. So what? Give yourself a week to relax and rest your body so it can work even harder. It’ll give you more motivation so you can get stronger. It’s an opportunity.

One example from this summer I experienced was potentially working with local hospital. Originally, I was excited to work for them. Over a month past my “start date,” nothing progressed as far as paperwork, medical clearance, etc. Working for them was my only plan for summer, and then I realized it wasn’t going to work out. I reached a valley I had no intention of being in.

Then I went through endless applications. I thought to myself, “I could go back to my old job.” But, I didn’t enjoy my last job anymore after four years. I decided to use this as a opportunity to find a job I loved. And I found it, and it paid far more than I intended. During the interview, they wanted to promote me to a higher paying position. It was a golden opportunity, and I said yes.

Even when we have reached a valley in life, it’s not necessarily a “bad” thing. Sure, you might feel disappointed or confused on what your next step should be, but it’s easy to make a valley into a peak. All it takes is a little patience and time.

Have you experienced a “valley” in your life recently? How can you turn it into a peak? Make sure to share your stories and thoughts below!

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Feeling comfortable in your own skin


Most of my posts about beauty are DIY recipes, product wish lists, etc. Today’s post doesn’t fit into one of those categories. The more I read about women and their insecurities makes me want to write more posts about the topic.

Today, we are talking about confidence, insecurities and more beauty standards. Unfortunately, the world we live in creates these standards of beauty; and women were supposed to fit these standards. You may know some of these example: sleek, shiny hair, clear skin, perfectly groomed bodies at all times—the list can go on and on. But not all women have the genes for every “perfect” feature society deems necessary.

So that’s why I think it’s time we get comfortable.

Not all of us have gorgeous hair. If you see me in humidity, my frizz stands out like no other. My hair isn’t perfectly straight, sleek and shiny. Most days, I don’t blow dry my hair or straighten it. I prefer my natural curls. We should be comfortable with our natural hair.

Not all of us have clear skin. Sometimes we eat, drink and don’t take care of our skin the way we should; or we follow the “clear skin bible” and still have blemishes. That doesn’t mean we should hide our faces with tons of makeup because we don’t want society to judge us. We should feel comfortable with a makeup-less face whenever we feel like it.

There’s also a standard that women should stay well-groomed: hair trim every six weeks, eyebrow wax every three weeks, other body waxes and shaving regularly. It never ends. If you don’t want to keep up with grooming every single day then it’s time to get comfortable with yourself.

I think it’s important to mention that it’s okay if you feel comfortable with a full face of makeup, grooming daily, spending time on your hair, etc. There is nothing wrong with taking the time to maintain yourself. However, I think it’s also important to know it’s okay if you don’t want to do those things. Sometimes, we feel pressured to live a certain way that we become comfortable with doing things we don’t want to do.

I’m here to tell you that it’s okay to be yourself—your natural features are beautiful and you don’t deserve to do things just for the name of beauty. It’s time women create their own standards because we are flawless no matter what our features are.

What beauty feature do you love about yourself the most? Make sure to leave a comment below!

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