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10 Things to be Happy About: November Edition

Posted in Lifestyle
on November 7, 2016


Another month has flown past us, which means that I’m sharing a late post on 10 things I’m looking forward to now that it’s November. If you’re a Christmas lover like I am, you’re most likely soaking up all the Christmas festivities for the two months you have to enjoy it all. If you’re looking for a happy, light-hearted post, keep reading for little bliss in your life.

1| All. The. Layers!

Now that it’s November, it’s undeniable that we will be dressing in excessive layers for the late fall months. I will admit that I don’t mind busting out my sweaters and leggings for this time of year. I feel more comfy in clothes at the end of the year.

2| Expressing Gratitude

I’m working on spreading kindness and expressing gratitude for all the people in my life. If you’ve read my recent post, I’m challenging myself to do something kind or as an expression of gratitude all month long. It’s the season of giving back and sharing love.

3| Holiday Shopping

I make it my mission to get all my holiday shopping done before December. Now, I will admit that I don’t get every little bit of shopping done. But I try to get more than 90 percent of it done this month, and I can’t wait for Christmas shopping this season.

4| Christmas Music

You best believe I’m be blasting Michael Bublé’s Christmas album. (As I pretend I haven’t been listening to it already…) I don’t know what it is, but I am in the minority of people who love Christmas music. I only have two months to enjoy it, so I’ll be doing just that.

5| Starbucks Holiday Drinks

Y’all, Chestnut Praline Lattes are everything I want and need around this time of year. I try not to go overboard with my Starbucks visits, but I do treat myself a little more to these around this time of year since they are seasonal.

6| World Kindness Day

Mark your calendars for November 13th and do something kind because let’s be honest; the world could use a little more kindness. #amiright?! I have been challenging myself to do an act of kindness or show gratitude in some form throughout this month.

7| My Anniversary

Josh and I have been together for over three years! I’m happy to say after more than six months of living together, we couldn’t be happier. After being in an LDR for over two years, living in the same place has been a wonderful change. I’m looking forward to celebrating with him this month.

8| Thanksgiving

It’s the one day a year you can’t be judged for eating excessively. Even though I don’t care if people judged my excessive eating on a regular day. I’ll be eating stuffing and pumpkin pie until I can’t breathe; and I’m looking forward to all the pain and regret afterwards that will come from eating too much.

9| Black Friday

I’ve worked on Black Friday every year since I was 16, and I don’t hate it. At least this year I won’t be involved in the retail side of things, but more the marketing side of it, which I know will be fun and exciting in the midst of a crazy day.

10| Cooking

Late fall and early winter is the time of year where I want to cook more, and learn and practice new recipes. I have saved quite a few recipes from Pinterest, and I can’t wait to try them out all month long. I’ll be sure to let you know which ones have been my favorites!

What are you looking forward to now that it’s November? Make sure to leave a comment below!

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A Month of Gratitude & Kindness

Posted in Lifestyle
on November 4, 2016

November is finally here, and while I can’t quite wrap my mind around that fact—I’m definitely looking forward to this month. This month especially, I’m going to plan something a little different as a challenge for the month. I want to try and practice gratitude, kindness and giving every day throughout the month of November.

You all know how important expressing gratitude and giving back are to me whether it’s through my “10 Things to be Happy About” posts every month, or if I’m sharing the love in the blogging community each month. These little acts of kindness and giving can make a person’s day, so why not try and extend those actions for an entire month? How do I plan to do that? It will involve a ton of journaling, giving back and other little kindness challenges throughout the month.

This isn’t something I plan to promote excessively, but I do challenge you all to try and think a little more about expressing gratitude and giving more as we approach the holiday season. It’s always good to challenge yourself to be a little more kind, giving and thankful. Trust me, you will feel good about doing any of these tasks throughout the month.

Below are my personal challenges to complete throughout the month of November.


If you do try any of these challenges, or create your own kindness and gratitude challenge for the month, make sure to reach out on Twitter (@BlissBrunette). I would love to know what challenges you’re doing throughout the month! I hope everyone can find some time to express gratitude and share a little kindness with the world in their own way this month. Trust me, the world could use that positive, happy energy!

How do you plan to give back this month? Have you ever completed a gratitude or kindness challenge before? Make sure to leave a comment below!

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OOTD: Late Fall Dresses

Posted in Fashion
on November 25, 2015

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Shop The Look:

Dress: Francesca’s, $44

Leggings: Macy’s, $31.99

Boots: DSW, (similar for $89)

Denim Jacket: GAP, sold out (similar from LOFT)

Sunglasses: Francesca’s, (similiar for $14)

Bag: Francesca’s, $48

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m incredibly excited for Thanksgiving. This is the first Thanksgiving I won’t have to worry about going into work late after dinner and work overnight. It’s a huge deal for me. So, although I’ll be working an early shift Friday morning, it’ll be worth having tomorrow off.

I decided to create an outfit that looks put-together, but that’s comfortable and cozy. If it gets warm in the house, I can simply take off the denim jacket. Leggings are a must-have during this time of year. Who wants to wear tight jeans on the day where you’re allowed to eat all the food you want? Not me. So I kept it simple with leggings and mid-calf boots to go with this gorgeous dress.

What are your plans for Thanksgiving? Make sure to leave a comment below!

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10 Things to be Happy About | November Edition

Posted in Lifestyle
on November 6, 2015


Gratitude is an important practice in my life. I believe that giving thanks for our blessings in life is something we should take seriously. I decided to create a new monthly edition to my blog titled “10 Things to be Happy About,” which will talk about what I’m thankful for/looking forward to in that particular month. So, here’s what I’m happy about now that it’s November:

No Shave November:

Clean shaves are out; and bring on the beards. I love that there’s an annual activity for a meaningful cause. It’s an easy way for people to give back whether you appreciate the movement or not.


Spending time with family, watching football, eating amazing food—what more could you want? The best part of November is this holiday because no one can judge how much you eat!

Giving Back:

Now that it’s getting closer to the holidays, I try to give back to my community. Whether it’s a project on, or donate food to the soup kitchen, I try to volunteer.

Cozy Nights Indoors:

The days of going to the beach are behind us in WNY. It’s all about Netflix marathons, cooking and baking dates and a ton of other dates you can creatively create for indoors.

Black Friday:

I work retail, so I’ve worked Black Friday every year for the last five years. And secretly, I love it. It’s a busy but it’s a fun day to see people shop for their loved ones.

Food & Cooking:

I love food (who doesn’t?) and I love trying new recipes and trying all the different recipes around this time of year, especially for Thanksgiving or if they’re desserts!

Fall and Winter Season:

This season puts me in a good mood. It’s a warm and fuzzy time of year, and I love that. I love fashion, food and activities around this time of year.

The Beginning of the Holiday Season:

It’s finally acceptable to talk about Christmas, watch Christmas movies and talk about upcoming plans for the holidays. It’s a beautiful time of year, and it’s something I’m so thankful for.

Early Christmas Shopping:

Yes, I am that person who shops for Christmas in November. I love taking the time to shop for others and create a meaningful gift for them. Christmas shopping is my favorite activity.

Loving Friends and Family:

I love spending time with my loved ones. November means more coffee dates with my sister, more sushi dates with my best friends and more time with my parents and boyfriend.

What are you happy about now that it’s November? Make sure to share your thoughts below!

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