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3 Minimalist YouTubers That Inspire Me

Posted in Lifestyle
on November 2, 2016


I’m been on this journey to live more minimally, and I have to be honest—it has been refreshing and incredible. I never knew how much stuff I had that I didn’t truly love, how my closet was a key trigger for my OCD and anxiety. Little by little, month by month, I grew to love the process of weeding out things I didn’t love or need anymore. But, I couldn’t have done it without a little inspiration from some YouTubers who have helped me along this journey.

Today I’m sharing three YouTubers who have inspired me along this journey of becoming more minimal. Now, I’m no where near the level of these women, but that’s because my goals for minimalism are different than their goals, which is perfectly okay.

Rachel Aust


When I stumbled across Rachel a few months ago, I binged watched her videos for a few days straight then I re-watched her videos again because I loved them so much. Her content is simple and she is inspiring for the fashion and beauty bloggers who think they can’t downsize. Rachel shares her life before minimalism and how she had a huge makeup collection, more than 70 pairs of shoes, and clothes she kept for years without wearing. You’ll be inspired by her transformation in life, and she will remind you that you can become a minimalist.  Her channel not only discusses minimalism, but also focuses on lifestyle, health and fitness videos, too!

Allison Anderson


One of the things I love about Allison is that she doesn’t fit the standard mold of a minimalist. She doesn’t live in a world with only white, black and grey; and she does have things that might make you think, “Well how is this living minimally?” Remember, there are not set rules for living a minimalist lifestyle, so as long as you have defined your goals and what minimalism means to you—it’s perfectly okay. Allison is another YouTuber who doesn’t solely focus on minimalism, but also beauty and fashion. She’s another example that you can enjoy makeup and clothes and pursue this lifestyle.

Sarah Nourse


Although I’ve only been watching Sarah for about a month now, her story of working toward minimalism inspired me the most because of her dramatic change in living altogether. She packed her bags and moved to Europe, and has continued her path of minimalism while moving out of the U.S. Sarah has amazing videos on going through your wardrobe, kitchen, and everything in between to downsize and truly focus on the things you need. She also talks about how she changed her buying habits to stay minimal. Her content is only focused on minimalism, but also living in Europe, and other lifestyle content, too! She’s genuine and modern with her life, which is inspiring for millennials looking to become minimalists.

Are there any minimalist YouTubers or bloggers you love that I should check out? What are your thoughts on pursuing a minimalist lifestyle? Make sure to share your thoughts in the comment below!

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5 Minimalism Tips [For Beginners]

Posted in Lifestyle
on October 26, 2016


I wouldn’t call myself a minimalist expert in the slightest. But I can tell you that I have been focusing on my journey with minimalism since the beginning of 2016, and it has been an amazing, eye-opening process for me. Throughout the year, I definitely wish I could have given myself a few tips and a little insight on how to make the process seem less overwhelming. Today I’m sharing five tips if you’re considering incorporating minimalism into your life.

1| Define what minimalism means to you

Find out what this process means to you; and why this is important for you to pursue. To me, minimalism reminds me I don’t need much to live a blissful life. I don’t need an outfit for every day of the year. I can be happy with the things I have; and that I should fill my life with special moments instead of collecting special “things.” Do a little soul searching in this period to determine your definition and vision of this new lifestyle.

2| It’s okay to have a different goal

Ask yourself the thought-provoking questions. Why do you want to  pursue minimalism? What goal do you want to accomplish with this journey? For me, I knew that clutter and “stuff” irritated my anxiety and OCD. I constantly felt overwhelmed. Simplifying my life, downsizing my possessions, and focusing on a simple, minimal routine makes me feel calm and in control.

3| Don’t rush the process

When I set my mind to do something, I go all out with it. Naturally, when I began this process, I thought I had to get rid of 80 percent of my belongings in one day; and completely change my life. This is a process that is better if you take your time and enjoy. You will be thankful you did. It’s okay not to reach your minimalism goals right away. It’s okay if you have a hard time letting go of your possessions. Do it on your time and on your terms.

4| There are no rules

There is this misconception that all minimalists live in tiny houses, own 20 pieces of clothing, and they only own things that are black, white or grey. Although there are many minimalists that fit this criteria, this isn’t the case for everyone. Remember, you don’t have to change what you love to incorporate minimalism into your life. You can still wear colors and be a minimalist. You can still put up Christmas decorations and be a minimalist.

5| Find your inspiration

This is something I wish I would have done from the beginning. At first, I didn’t have a ton of inspiration other that I knew it would help improve my life. I wish I turned to social media for help, inspiration, and motivation about this process. A few months ago, I found some incredible minimalist YouTubers that I love and watch regularly. This has kept me motivation and constantly reminds me this is a journey I am working on.

Are you considering becoming a minimalist? Have you ever consider this lifestyle before? Make sure to leave a comment below!

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5 Things to Remove From Your Office Space

Posted in Lifestyle
on October 19, 2016


Prior to beginning my journey with minimalism, my office space was unnecessarily cluttered with unused organization, papers I didn’t need, and trinkets that wouldn’t fit in the space. Now, I’ve transformed my office at home and at work into an organized, minimal space. I’m sharing five things you can remove from your office space to achieve a more minimal, clean space for you to work and have a productive day!

1| Unnecessary organization

If you have five file organizers, but you’re only use one—why keep the rest? Do you have a drawer organizer for supplies you don’t use? Donate it, or find a way to use it in your home. When you keep unnecessary organization items, you’re giving yourself a reason to have more clutter in your home. Don’t give yourself a reason to get more things you don’t need. Remember, eliminate instead of organize.

2| Papers and receipts you don’t need

I am so guilty of this because I keep my receipts until I know everything has been processed in my bank account or until I pay my credit card statement. But sometimes this leads to me not throwing out receipts from several months ago. Don’t hoard paper clutter of any kind. It’s distracting and leaves you unproductive because you’re focused on a mess at your desk.

3| Things that don’t belong

Do you have random storage in your office space like old photos you haven’t looked at in 10 years, makeup, jewelry, and everything in between? Get. rid. of. it. Make sure your designated office space only has the things you need for your office. The rest of the items can go where they belong. Don’t make your desk a place to store other things in your house.

4| Extra, unnecessary supplies

There is no reason any human being should keep pens that don’t work, or any other extra supplies when they don’t use them. I simply don’t need or use tacks and paper clips. Guess how many paperclips and tacks I had? Way. Too. Many. It didn’t make sense. Instead, I kept the essentials, and made sure to remove anything I didn’t use regularly or even sparingly. Trust me, you’ll love only keeping items you need.

5| Clutter

You know the type of people who have their desk filled with so much stuff, you wonder how they even have space to work at their desk? Don’t be that person! You don’t need a stack of magazines, three plants, a jewelry stand, your makeup supplies, a mirror, and other random items on your desk for decoration or to fill space. Only keep what is necessary for you to work, and remove the rest and put it in a designated space.

What do you need to remove from your office? What other things would you remove from your office space that weren’t on this list? Make sure to leave a comment below!

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