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The Hygge Hype & Tips to Incorporate it in Your Life

Posted in Lifestyle
on January 11, 2017

Now, before we get into all the questions and the weird looks—let me begin by saying that you will want and need more Hygge in your life by the end of this post. And the great thing is that you probably do a lot of these things already, so you’re probably a Hygge expert and you might not even know it.

Do you love a cozy night in with fuzzy socks, a huge blanket, and candles all in your home while reading a book and sipping tea at night? Well, you’re practicing hygge. See? I told you that you would already know more about it than you realize! And I’m sure there are more ways you’re secretly indulging in this term other than a cozy, relaxing night at home.

What is Hygge?

Well, there’s no direct translation into English, but it’s basically the combination of coziness, charm, comfort, security and simplicity in your life. It’s all about taking these components and creating a calm sanctuary in your home. This word and lifestyle is essential in the Danish way of living, and it’s something we can all use a little more of in our lives due to the winter ahead of us.

In essence, hygge is all about creating an inviting and welcoming atmosphere that you find enjoyable when you can practice relaxing and activities you enjoy. Although this seems straightforward, you still need to put in effort to create a positive, warm, friendly environment, especially in winter. Hygge is at its height in winter when seasonal depression can take a toll on your health. So as winter continues, it’s important to stay positive, happy and healthy. Hygge can definitely help with your overall health and happiness during this time. So, if you’re all about being happy and health, be sure to keep reading to learn how you can add a little more hygge in your life.

How to incorporate Hygge in your life:

It’s simple! Find ways to bring in that sense of coziness and comfort into your daily life. Here are several ways to practice Hygge regularly:

1| Light some candles, grab a blanket and read a book.

2| Have hot chocolate, warm socks and enjoy a phone-free night at home.

3| Enjoy a family/friend night in with board games, good food and good conversations.

4| Be present in the activity whether it’s baking a new recipe, or enjoying company without distractions

5| Create a “Hygge Corner” complete with soft blankets and lighting, candles, and your comfiest clothes.

6| Try to spend time on creative, crafty activities and hobbies.

7|  Rethink your home space by bringing nature indoors, and add touches of coziness with soft lighting and candles throughout your entire space.

With a long winter ahead, it’s important to put your happiness and health first. With the addition of a little hygge in your life, it won’t be hard to see the benefits by practicing it regularly. Remember the keywords: comfort, coziness, and charm! This can mean anything from a warm cup of tea, to snuggling under a blanket with a good book.

So what do you think about Hygge? Have you heard of this trend? Do you think you’ll incorporate it in your routine for winter? Make sure to share your thoughts in the comments below!

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A Mindful Mentality: Intention

Posted in Health, Lifestyle
on October 23, 2015


For the last post in this blog series, I decided to write about a topic and concept very close to my heart. If you haven’t kept up with “A Mindful Mentality,” I recommend reading my posts from previous weeks on:




Today’s last post is on intention and how to live life intentionally.

First, allow me to clear the air on living life intentionally. It doesn’t mean you have to do anything out of your comfort zone or drastic. Many people believe that living intentionally means you have to donate 70% of your belongings and live minimally, or it means you need to meditate in the woods every day.

However, you can do these things if you truly believe they will benefit you. I’m not saying you should or should not do certain things in order to live life intentionally; but I will say that it’s important to first understand what living intentionally means to you.

Because, let’s be honest; intentional living means something different for everyone, and that’s okay! This shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all concept. It’s okay if we decide to do things differently than what others are doing. But, I do want to share some ways that you can practice living intentionally.

Touch Base:

Spend time each day connecting with your mind, body, heart and soul. Whether that’s through meditation, walking, writing, or any other activity. Challenge your mind, body and soul every single day in new ways. It’s so important to touch base in these areas of your life in order to live a life that’s intentional. However you decide to connect your mind, body, heart and soul is up to you.

Be Aware:

Remember to appreciate the present. We get caught up in the past or fear what’s going to come next in the future that we forget to focus on the present day and moment. This is something I constantly struggle with because of my anxiety. I always fear of what’s going to come next; and I dread my mistakes of the past. I’m learning to let go and be present.

Rediscover Yourself:

Similar to touching base with yourself, you should always take time to rediscover yourself. In the different seasons of our lives, we are constantly growing and learning. I like to take time in a new season of my life to rediscover myself and my passions. I also use it as time to reflect on where I was three years ago verses where I am today. It helps you be more mindful with your present life.

How do you practice living a life that’s intentional? Make sure to share your thoughts in the comments below!

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A Mindful Mentality: Grace

Posted in Health, Lifestyle
on October 9, 2015


How can we be more graceful? And what does grace have to do with being more mindful?

For me, grace is one of the most important components of practicing mindfulness in our everyday lives. Personally, it’s the one component I have had the most trouble with. It’s also the one component I’ve found the most rewarding since I have been practicing mindfulness.

So how do we bring a sense of grace into our lives? I have three everyday scenarios when we can practice grace. This will lead to a more mindful life.

Accepting the imperfect:

Life can be incredibly complicated; and things don’t always go the way we expect. But it’s okay. We need take our minds off of the idea of a perfect life because there is no such thing as perfection. We have ideas of what we think is perfect, but that’s in our minds. Once you accept imperfections, you will be more mindful of your life altogether.

Practicing forgiveness:

I truly don’t like to admit this, but I struggle with forgiving people. Over the years, I’ve worked on forgiveness by coming to the realization that every human makes mistakes. We can’t expect perfection (same idea as my previous point). This has lead me to be more mindful about my actions and how I respond to other people’s actions.

Spreading unnecessary kindness:

Again, no one is perfect, so we all have bad days. Instead of putting out negative energy when we have a bad day, why not spread a little kindness to someone else? Or, if you notice someone is having a bad day, go out of your way to cheer them up. It’s all about becoming more mindful of your surroundings and the people around you.

How do you practice grace in your everyday life? Make sure to leave a comment with your thoughts below!

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