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Winter Candle Haul

Posted in Lifestyle
on December 18, 2015


For those who don’t know, I love candles. And there’s nothing better than the fall and winter collection of candles at Bath & Body Works. So, I participated in $8 candle day. I wanted to give you guys a look into the candles I purchased. Disclaimer: Some of these candles are for gifts—I promise I’m not a candle hoarder.

I’ll list the name of the candle along with the description, so you can see the combination of scents. Fun fact, my dream job would be to write out the descriptions on the bottom of Bath & Body Works’ candles.

Let’s get to the haul:

Dashing Through The Snow:

“Breathe in the crisp cool air of a holiday sleigh ride with a blend of green balsam, wintry musk and the jingle of sparkling citrus.”

Spiced Apple Toddy (x2):

“A sweet mixture of winter fruits, apple brandy & spiced plum to warm your holiday celebrations.”

Be Joyful:

“Let your heart be light with this blend of shimmering sugar, sparkling clementine and frosted jasmine in our most joyful fragrance ever!”

Cinnamon Caramel Swirl (x2):

“Freshly ground cinnamon enhances soft silky vanilla caramel in the sweet fragrance of a holiday treat.”


“Pine needles, icy mandarin & winter woods capture the magic of glittering icicles & sparkling snow.”

Champagne Toast:

“Pop, clink & sparkle with an effervescent blend of champagne, juicy nectarine and blackcurrant.”

Frosted Cranberry (x2):

“The year’s first frost captured in white cranberry, juicy peach & ripe red raspberries.”

Joy “Peppermint Marshmallow:”

“Indulge in the fragrance of fluffy vanilla marshmallows, full of holiday sweetness and peppermint joy.”

‘Tis The Season:

“The rich, fruity scent of red apples, green pine & golden cider captures the joy of the season.”


IMG_1723IMG_1727Have you picked up candles from Bath & Body Works recently? What is your favorite holiday candle from their collection? Make sure to leave a comment below!

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7 Days of Gift Guides: The Woman in your Life | Day 6

Posted in Lifestyle
on December 10, 2015


Happiness Project Journal: Barnes & Noble, $16.99

If there’s a woman in your life who loves to reflect on life and loves self-improvement, this is an awesome gift idea for a close friend or sister. She will appreciate your sincerity.

Jingle All the Way Candle: Bath & Body Works, $22.50

Candles are my go-to pick for gifts. Everyone loves candles, and if you participated in $8 candle day, you can score some huge savings on these gifts women will love.

Beaded Clutch: Francesca’s, $36

If there’s a fashionista in your life, this clutch would work perfectly for her. With beaded detailing and a cross-body chain, she’ll love this show-stopping piece for the holidays.

Holiday Varsity Crew: Victoria’s Secret, $49.95

Women love comfy clothes; and varsity T-shirts are always a good idea. It’s big and cozy for the cold days of winter, and will truly be loved by any woman at any age.

Around the World Palettes (set of four): Sephora, $28

If you’re contemplating what gift to give for a beauty lover, look no further. These small palettes will give her the opportunity to create endless looks for the holidays for under $30.

Do you have gift ideas for a mother, sister or aunt? Make sure to leave a comment below or tweet me @BlissBrunette with the hashtag: #7DaysOfGiftGuides.


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7 Days of Gift Guides: Tech Lover | Day 3

Posted in Lifestyle
on December 7, 2015


Selfie Stick: Francesca’s, $20

Seflie sticks are perfect if you have don’t know what to buy for your 13-year-old cousin or a Secret Santa gift with your sorority sisters. Anyone in Gen-Y will love this gift.

Boombox Speaker: ASOS $13.44

This is perfect for your college friend who hosts weekend parties. Buy a speaker they can use to amp up music in their apartment without the hassle of cables and wires.

Phone Mount: Urban Outfitters, $16

This iPhone mount can attach to your bed, desk, etc. to watch videos hands-free. Perfect for the friends who is multi-tasking between typing a paper while watching YouTube videos.

Mobile battery Charger: Target, $20

I received this as a gift last year, and I love it. It’s perfect for the friend or relative on-the-go and hates to be without their phone if they’re constantly using it.

Smartphone Projector: Urban Outfitters, $28

Why crowd around a small screen on your phone when you can use a projector to show it on any wall? Simply place your phone in the box, point it toward a blank wall, and enjoy hands free.

Do you have gift ideas for a tech lover? Make sure to leave a comment below or tweet me @BlissBrunette with the hashtag: #7DaysOfGiftGuides.

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Reverse Bucket List: what I’ve already accomplished

Posted in Lifestyle
on September 11, 2015

I love making lists. To-do lists, travel bucket lists, weekly and monthly goals lists…the list goes on and on (pun somewhat intended). I’ve noticed a new type of bucket list going around the blogging world: a reverse bucket list. Of course there are many things I want to do in life, but there is also a list of amazing things I’ve already done. These are things we should celebrate and be thankful for, which is why I decided to write my reverse bucket list.

  • (2011) Traveled to Italy, France, Spain and Monaco in high school. I got to travel to eight cities, try new food and explore beautiful sights.


  • (2011) Learned a third language—Italian.
  • (2012-2015) Met incredible friends in college that I hope will be my bridesmaids one day.
  • (2013) I created this blog, Blissfully Brunette.
  • (2013) Met my boyfriend, aka the man of my dreams.


  • (2014) Studied abroad in Italy during college. Traveled to several cities, lived the (almost) Italian lifestyle and discovered my faith.


  • (2014) Began grad school my third year of college. (I will complete my Master’s before my 22nd birthday.)
  • (2014-2015) Had two amazing internship opportunities with fashion websites: CollegeFashionista and Her Campus.
  • (2015) Graduated in three years with a B.A. in Journalism and Mass Communication and a minor in Spanish. (Thank you mom and dad!)


What are your favorite achievements and memories on your reverse bucket list? Make sure to share your top moments in the comments below!
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Make health and fitness a priority in your life!

Posted in Health, Lifestyle
on September 4, 2015


I’m going to be honest; staying committed to healthy living can be difficult. If you’re like me, you might not have a ton of time to workout each day, or you get cravings for dessert and other treats. It can be hard to live this healthy, happy, positive lifestyle we all know we (should) be living.

That’s why I decided to make health and fitness a priority in my life; and you should, too. Before, I used to eat strictly fruits, vegetables, protein and minimal grains and treats; and I would workout everyday without a break. After a week, I’d cave and eat pasta, chocolate and more pasta because I wouldn’t treat myself. Then, I’d get off track and feel bad about myself. The cycle was endless. Now, I’m making the commitment to allow myself indulgences. So, instead of skipping out on a cookie, I’ll treat myself. If I need a break from working out, I’ll give myself time off to recuperate and relax.

It’s all about balance. I don’t think we are truly balanced unless we allow ourselves treats, time off and relaxation. This is something I struggled with because I see myself as an “all or nothing” person. I want to wither give 120 percent or nothing. I realized this was the wrong mentality to have. Instead, we should be okay with not always having the time or energy to give 120 percent. Sometimes we need to give 80 percent or 50.

This week, I decided to get back on track in a balanced way. Instead of workout out seven days a week for an hour or more, I’m cutting back to three times a week for an hour. Instead of eating perfectly healthy every single day, I’m going to allow myself treats and cheat meals.

With this balance in health and fitness, it will naturally become a priority. You won’t have to think about it because you won’t fear overeating or not exercising enough—because you realize it’s okay not to live a perfectly healthy lifestyle 24/7.

So have a glass of wine, have a pizza (notice I didn’t say a piece of pizza, I said pizza) and relax. Make health and fitness a priority, but don’t forget to be kind to yourself above everything else. The rest will fall into place.

How do you keep your health and fitness schedule balanced? What’s your favorite treat or cheat meal? Make sure to leave a comment below!

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