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4 Tips to Prep Your Home for Holiday Guests

Posted in Lifestyle
on November 27, 2017

It’s the season of parties, entertaining and guests staying overnight. Whether it’s for a night, a weekend, or a week-long stay—I’m sharing tips to bring a little bliss on how to prep your home for guests this holiday season. These few tips will help you create a warm, welcoming space for your guests all season long!

1| Create a Cozy Environment

The holiday season is the warm and fuzzy time of year, so it’s important to keep your guests in mind for creating a cozy environment in your home. Make sure to place an extra blanket in the guest bedroom, and keep a basket of throw blankets and pillows in the living room for easy access. Place a candle or essential oil diffuser in the guest bedroom for them to enjoy during their stay. Scent is powerful for creating a welcoming space for guests.

2| Think Essentials

I love creating a welcome basket for friends when they come to stay. Make sure to include anything they may have forgotten, or items you know they will use over the course of their stay. Toiletries such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, lotion, soap, facial cleanser are all items someone may forget to pack last-minute. Don’t forget to include bottles of water and snacks as well. The more convenient, the better. Have empty drawers in the dresser, spare hangers in the closet, and a place for them to set their luggage. It’s the best way to have make your guest bedroom like a comforting hotel.

3| All in the Deatils

Don’t forget a few details that will make your guest’s experience more enjoyable. Leave out two or three mugs on the counter they know they can use in the morning. Have magazines in their bedroom or on a coffee table for them to look through. Have fresh flowers in their room or in the kitchen. All the small details that may seem unimportant are actually what make your guests truly feel at home.

4| The Important Stuff

Walk through using your television if you have older family members staying with you. Leave our your WiFi password in the guest bedroom if you have friends staying from out of town for the weekend. If you have guests coming in from across the country visiting your town for the first time—leave a list of some of your favorite restaurants or things to do while they are visiting. Again, it may seem like non-essential details, but your guests will appreciate the thought you put into their stay with you.

What other tips do you have for guests staying in from out of town? Are there any other essentials you would add to this list? Make sure to share in the comment below!

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5 Things to Remove From Your Office Space

Posted in Lifestyle
on October 19, 2016


Prior to beginning my journey with minimalism, my office space was unnecessarily cluttered with unused organization, papers I didn’t need, and trinkets that wouldn’t fit in the space. Now, I’ve transformed my office at home and at work into an organized, minimal space. I’m sharing five things you can remove from your office space to achieve a more minimal, clean space for you to work and have a productive day!

1| Unnecessary organization

If you have five file organizers, but you’re only use one—why keep the rest? Do you have a drawer organizer for supplies you don’t use? Donate it, or find a way to use it in your home. When you keep unnecessary organization items, you’re giving yourself a reason to have more clutter in your home. Don’t give yourself a reason to get more things you don’t need. Remember, eliminate instead of organize.

2| Papers and receipts you don’t need

I am so guilty of this because I keep my receipts until I know everything has been processed in my bank account or until I pay my credit card statement. But sometimes this leads to me not throwing out receipts from several months ago. Don’t hoard paper clutter of any kind. It’s distracting and leaves you unproductive because you’re focused on a mess at your desk.

3| Things that don’t belong

Do you have random storage in your office space like old photos you haven’t looked at in 10 years, makeup, jewelry, and everything in between? Get. rid. of. it. Make sure your designated office space only has the things you need for your office. The rest of the items can go where they belong. Don’t make your desk a place to store other things in your house.

4| Extra, unnecessary supplies

There is no reason any human being should keep pens that don’t work, or any other extra supplies when they don’t use them. I simply don’t need or use tacks and paper clips. Guess how many paperclips and tacks I had? Way. Too. Many. It didn’t make sense. Instead, I kept the essentials, and made sure to remove anything I didn’t use regularly or even sparingly. Trust me, you’ll love only keeping items you need.

5| Clutter

You know the type of people who have their desk filled with so much stuff, you wonder how they even have space to work at their desk? Don’t be that person! You don’t need a stack of magazines, three plants, a jewelry stand, your makeup supplies, a mirror, and other random items on your desk for decoration or to fill space. Only keep what is necessary for you to work, and remove the rest and put it in a designated space.

What do you need to remove from your office? What other things would you remove from your office space that weren’t on this list? Make sure to leave a comment below!

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Life Lately: Job, Moving to PA + My First Place!

Posted in Lifestyle
on April 1, 2016


The last three weeks have been a little crazy for me. I’m less than a month away from finishing my Master’s degree and celebrating my 22nd birthday, which is insane to think about. However, as you can tell from the title, there is more exciting news of what’s happening in my life.

First (Real) Job:

If you would have told me that I would have a secured job before graduation, I would have laughed because I know many graduates who interview for months before they land their first job.

What’s crazy about this job is that it all fell into place in the matter of two weeks. In two weeks, I sent in my resume, went through two interviews, received an offer and accepted to complete the process. I am a big believer that everything happens for a reason, so it’s no doubt that this was meant to be.

I’m incredibly blessed to have found an amazing job in my field. I will be a Marketing Director for a mall in Pennsylvania, which brings me to my next piece of exciting news.

New State:

Yes, I will be moving out of my home state of New York and move down to Pennsylvania. For those who don’t know, Josh is originally from Pa., and he has had a great job there that he loves. We thought it would be best for me to try and find a job there instead of us both searching for a job in New York. Thankfully, he has family there, and my family won’t be too far away either in case we need anything.

First Place:

Josh and I found a beautiful place, within 10 minutes of both of our offices, and has perfect location to everything we need. Of course, the price was also right for us. What’s crazy about the townhouse is that the process went smooth as well. It just felt like all of this was meant to work out this way, and I couldn’t feel more blessed about the entire situation.

So, what now?

I’m nervous to begin this new chapter of my life because it’s my first real job out of college, and I’ll be in a new place that I’ll call home. But I’m equally excited because I truly feel like the job is a great fit for me and my skills, and I couldn’t be happier about where we will be living.

However, there will be some weeks in April where I post less content here on my blog. Between finishing my degree and moving, there will be a lot going on for the upcoming month. I will be sure to at least post once a week to keep you guys updated on anything beauty, fashion, or life related.

I want to thank you all in advanced for being patient while I’m ending one chapter of my life and beginning a new one. I’m couldn’t ask for a better blogging community to be part of, and I can’t wait to begin this new journey of my life.

What has been going on in your life lately? Do you have any tips for me about my first job, first place or moving out of state? Please send links to your blog posts or leave your tips in the comments below!


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