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5 Days of #BlissGifts [Day2]

Posted in Fashion, Lifestyle
on November 30, 2016


Another day means another gift guide to make sure you have a little bliss this #blissmas while you’re shopping for everyone on your list. Today, we’re covering five gifts for the fashionista in your life who loves everything from jewelry to clothes.

1| Watch Set from Francesca’s, $34

I think it’s great to buy a watch gift set like this one because not only can you wear the watch on its own, but you can also pair it with several different bracelets to spice up her look for that particular day. It’s several pieces of jewelry in one gift, so you get your bang for your buck with this pick.

2| Crossbody Bag from DSW, $20

Crossbody bags are something that everyone can use whether they have one already or not. I always try to stick with neutral colors when giving gifts to a fellow Fashionista so that they can easily pair it with several things in their closet.

3| Blanket Scarf from Express, $40

Maybe it’s just me, but there’s no way you can ever go wrong with a big, heavy blanket scarf. Especially during the winter months, everyone can add a scarf or two into their collection to get through the rest of winter even after the holidays.

4| Poncho Sweater from LOFT, $75 (take an extra 40%)

This is a gift that’s perfect for the woman in your life whether they love quirky, festive Christmas sweaters, or they’re interested in a classic, trendy piece like this hybrid between a poncho and a traditional sweater. When in doubt, a sweater is always a good option for a Fashionista.

5| Statement Necklace from Francesca’s, $28

I feel like statement necklaces have been losing their hype over 2016 as we have seen chokers take over the fashion scene. But, I think it’s always good to keep your recipient in mind. If they’re trendy, buy a choker necklace. If they’re classic, buy a neutral, statement necklace.

Which gift was your favorite? What other items would you add to this list? Is there anyone on your list you need a fashion gift for? Make sure to share in the comments below!

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5 Days of #BlissGifts [Day 1]

Posted in Lifestyle
on November 28, 2016


Happy #Blissmas, friends! The gift guides are back a little early this year.

This year, I plan to do the same with some different guides for anyone on your list with gifts that are in a range of prices. Make sure to stay up-to-date on #blissmas and the 5 days of #blissgifts by keeping up with me on Twitter and Instagram!

Let’s get into today’s gift guide, which is for the Techies and gadget-loving friends and family members in your life. Personally, I always think of my brother when I create this guide because he’s always into new gadgets and little quirky items.

1| Video Drone from Best Buy, $80

Although you can buy drones in all different sizes and prices, I think the $60 to $80 range is the best bang for your buck if you’re actually going to use it for video footage, but you don’t need an over-the-top, expensive model. You can pick these up at many electronic shops this season.

2| 3Doolder Pen Gift Set from Urban Outfitters, $99

I’m not going to lie, I think this gift would be amazing to give and receive even if you’re not into tech gifts and items on this list. (Or, maybe that’s just me.) But how cool and unique would this gift be if it’s within your price range? I’d say to go for it!

3| Prynt Photo Printer from Urban Outfitters, $150

Print instant photos from your iPhone! Attach the Prynt case to your phone, take a photo and print it out. If you have any Millennial friends and family members in your life, they would love this gift. It’s the most expensive gift on the list, but I wanted to include different price ranges for everyone.

4| Phone Mount from Urban Outfitters, $16

I would use this all the time if I were to receive this gift (hint hint to any family/friends reading, haha!) I think it would be great to have if you’re watching a tutorial while working on a project, or if you’re watching a video while you’re working.

5| Smartphone Projector from Uncommon Goods, $28

This projector accommodates any phone, and displays videos on a wall with 8x magnification. Slide the back compartment in and out to focus the image, then let the glass lens magnify without using a power source. It’s the perfect gift for anyone who loves their extreme YouTube binges.

Which gift was your favorite? What other items would you add to this list? Is there anyone on your list you need a tech gift for? Make sure to share in the comments below!

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12 Festive Date Ideas

Posted in Lifestyle
on November 16, 2016


It’s no secret that I love to plan fun, festive dates throughout the year. But especially around fall and winter is when I can go a little overboard with planning date ideas (just ask Josh!) Today I’m sharing 12 holiday/festive date ideas to plan into the next two months while you can enjoy winter and the holiday season. Add a little bliss to your dating life whether you’re in a new relationship, or you’ve been together for many years.

Be sure to stay up-to-date on all the holiday happenings here during #blissmas by following me on Twitter or Instagram!

1| Holiday Bake Off

Find your favorite holiday festive recipes and put your baking and decorating skills to the test. Whether you’re simply doing a cookie decorating contest or seeing who can make the best peanut butter cookies; you’ll love a little competition for this date idea!

2| Christmas Move Night In

I saw this shared on Pinterest where families wrap their Christmas movies, and whichever one they’d unwrap is the movie they would watch. They would do this several times throughout the weeks leading to Christmas. It’s a great way to get all your movie time in without choosing each night.

3| Holiday Shopping Date

I love spending extra time shopping for gifts for my friends and family members. Pick a Saturday where you have a few hours to spare, and get all your shopping done in one trip. (Let’s be real, you probably won’t get it all done in one trip.) But if you do, congrats—you have one less thing to worry about!

4| Gingerbread House Contest

Whether you are super crafty and bakes the gingerbread pieces yourself, or you simply purchase a Gingerbread house kit from a store, get creative and see who can make the best Gingerbread House. Plus, you’ll have something to enjoy looking at or eating once you’ve finished!

5| Volunteer

Volunteering together as a couple is so important, not only for the holidays, but also for any time of year. What’s great about this is that you both can decide what you’d like to donate time to: animal shelter, food bank, etc. There are so many ways to give back during the holiday season, so it’s important to gain a little perspective by giving back.

6| Decorate Your Home

A new tradition Josh and I plan to have is to decorate our home and tree on Black Friday weekend. It gives enough a weekend to go through and get our home ready for the holidays. Make a day out of it by listening to Christmas music, or playing Christmas movies in the background.

7| Hot Chocolate Hop

Salted Caramel, Peppermint, Sea Salt, and so many other lovely and unique versions of hot chocolate around the holidays in cafes. It would be fun to pick a day where you split a hot chocolate from several places in town.

8| Go Sledding/Snowmobiling/Skiing/Snowboarding

There was far too many outdoor activities you can do during the winter months rather than staying indoors. I’ve never been ice skating or snowboarding before (I know, how am I even from New York?!) But my plan is to try something new thins winter!

9| Look at Lights

One of my favorite things to do growing up was to drive around nearby neighborhoods and look at all the different Christmas lights and decorations that people would put out. It’s a yearly tradition I plan to keep on going strong for years to come!

10| Pancakes & Pajamas

So, this isn’t necessarily a “festive” date idea because really, you can have pancakes anytime of year. But you can make it a Sunday morning date where you stay in your pajamas, and get creative by using fruit, sprinkles, and other treats to add to your pancake date!

What other festive date ideas would you add to this list? Make sure to leave a comment below!

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Top 5 Holiday Candles

Posted in Lifestyle
on November 14, 2016



For those who don’t know, I love everything related to the holiday season, which also includes all the amazing seasonal candles from Bath and Body Works. So naturally around this time of year, I take advantage of the November deals for candles, and make sure to make a decent online purchase for the holidays. While I’m waiting for my package, I wanted to share my favorite candles for the holiday season.

1| Winter

When you read that there are clementines in this candle, you’re probably going to think it won’t be a good mix. But I promise that the this candle smells of everything Christmas that you will love. I personally love the notes of white woods and pine needles.

2| Fresh Balsam

The smell of this candle reminds me so much of being at the spa, which is perfect for a time of year that can be a little stressful with all the to-do lists for the holidays. Notes of balsam, cedarwood and eucalyptus blend together to create a winter, spa-like aroma in your home.

3| Marshmallow Fireside

This is personally my favorite candle from Bath and Body Works from their holiday collection, and it has been for quite some time. I’m a person who loved marshmallow, and the combination of it with vanilla and amber notes brings together a perfect scent for winter.

4| Frosted Cranberry

If you’re more into the sweeter scents are the holidays, I would definitely recommend Frosted Cranberry. This candle is straight-forward with notes of cranberry and apple notes. However, it isn’t too sweet of a scent with two fruits in the blend.

5| Spiced Gingerbread

I was first worried about this candle (which I don’t remember from last year) because I thought it would be too strong with nutmeg and cinnamon scents. But I am so happy to say that the vanilla notes makes the candle much more appealing and a little less overwhelming to smell. Trust me, you’ll want to pick this scent up for the holiday season!

What Bath and Body Works candles have you been loving for the holiday season? Make sure to share your favorite ones in the comments below!

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Let Me Love Christmas

Posted in Lifestyle
on November 11, 2016


I know what you’re thinking, but before you leave a rude comment or stop reading this post—hear me out.

It’s okay to enjoy celebrating Christmas. And I don’t know why or when people decided to hate on people who truly love Christmas because it’s nothing to hate or get angry about.

There are people like me who play Christmas music in November, bake some seasonal goodies to give out to friends and family, and spend a little extra time choosing a special gift for someone.

What’s wrong with that? Why is that so horrible?

Pretty soon, I’ll be hearing comments about my outlandish actions of listening to music, baking, and planning and shopping for gifts.

“I refuse to do anything with Christmas until after Thanksgiving because all Christmas is nowadays is a greed fest.”

“How can you even like the holidays?! It’s not even worth celebrating anymore!”

It’s interesting to see and hear how people respond when I talk about my love for the holidays because there’s nothing to get angry about. So why are people angry?

I think there’s this huge misconception that if you’re baking holiday treats, planning out gifts for loved ones, and listening to music, you’re taking away Thanksgiving. Personally, I consider Thanksgiving to be part of “the holiday season.”

I know you don’t give gifts for Thanksgiving, but it’s about expressing thankfulness and spending time with people you love. This is exactly what you do during the Christmas season. The only difference is that there isn’t 30 days of Thanksgiving movies or special Thanksgiving music. So, I default to Christmas songs and movies instead near this time anyway.

My point is: don’t try to take away someone’s love for the holidays with lame excuses that simply aren’t true. Sure, maybe the holidays aren’t a happy time for them. This I completely understand. However, there’s no need to take away someone’s happiness about Christmas. If they’re playing Christmas music and watching Christmas movies and baking Christmas treats at their own home, how can that possible bother you?

Just let me love Christmas and be in my own little world on Christmas music and Hallmark Holiday movies.

Oh, and this post was my low-key way of telling you that I’m kicking off my holiday blog posts beginning next week. So, if you’re excited about gift ideas for people on your Christmas list, and everything holiday-related, be sure to keep up with me on Twitter and Instagram!

This post is a little food for thought, but I hope you consider it if you’re someone who goes on about their dislike for someone simply because they enjoy the holidays.

Do you love Christmas? Are you looking for to holiday, festive blog posts? Make sure to leave a comment below!


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