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FebYOUary: 10 Ways to Practice Self-Love on Valentine’s Day

Posted in Lifestyle
on February 14, 2018

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends!

I’m hoping that this post will help you rethink this holiday. Instead of being focused on being in love or not being in love, I think we can restructure this holiday to be about the love we have for ourselves.

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Self-love is all about nourishing the relationship you have with yourself. To be honest, that’s a pretty important relationship you should always be focusing on. Today, I’m sharing 10 ways to practice self-love not only on Valentine’s Day, but any day where you want to show a little gratitude toward yourself!

1| Self-love affirmations.

Choose some words of wisdom that truly stick out to you, and use it as a daily mantra or affirmation that you say to yourself at the beginning of each day. Not only will this bring your spirits up, but this will also serve as a reminder that you deserve love, and you deserve to treat yourself with kindness and respect. Therefore, you shouldn’t accept anything other than kindness and respect from others, you feel? Here are some affirmations that you can use:

“I am enough.”

“What you believe about yourself on the inside is what you will manifest on the outside.”

Are there any mantras you love? Make sure to share them below!

2| Journal to focus on your relationship with yourself.

What compliment do you refuse to accept about yourself? What do you need to forgive yourself for? Oftentimes, we overlook the things we aren’t happy about with ourselves, and shadow them with negative self talk. Instead, forgive yourself for what you did wrong when you were 17. Forgive yourself because you are human, and you are going to make mistakes. That’s okay. Instead of turning to negative self talk, try journaling to learn more about yourself in the process, so you can get to the root of the problem. Write everything down as a way of learning more about yourself in the process.

3| What is something you need to say yes to?

Saying yes and doing things that you love are both important. So make sure that you’re making time to do the things you love. With the help of minimalism, you’re able to create more time, money and energy for things you’re passionate about. You also have time to focus on the goals that mean the most to you so you can live your most blissful life.

4| What is something you need to say no to?

It’s equally important to say no as it is to say yes, so make sure you’re paying attention to what you say yes to and when you need to say no. Don’t commit to projects or events that you truly don’t want to be part of. If you have a ton on your plate, be honest about it at work, so that you’re not feeling overwhelmed. The key is communication and being honest with yourself on what you can handle.

5| Treat yourself to something special.

You don’t need a significant other or anyone else to have an enjoyable night! We know that self-care isn’t all about bath bombs, put pour yourself a glass of wine and watch a cheesy, romantic Hallmark movie. Or, you can take yourself out on a date. Bring your laptop to your favorite coffee place and relax while catching up on YouTube videos. Whatever you decide to do, make sure it’s something that you enjoy!

6| Give yourself a break.

You’re probably taking on a lot more than you realize. From working 40 hours a week, to cleaning and cooking, to spending time with loved ones, and making time for other commitments in your life —it can be difficult to focus on work-life balance. However, it’s not impossible. When you shut down for the day, make sure you aren’t bringing your work home. On the weekends, don’t consistently check emails. Remember that if there’s an emergency, someone will call you.

7| Do a lifestyle audit.

If you’ve been working on your vision board to achieve your goals, you probably have determined the big things you want to accomplish. Now, you need to focus on how you’re spending your time daily to make those dreams happen. How much time are you spending on social media? Is this helping achieve any one of your dreams? How can you better spend your time, so that you’re accomplishing everything on your list? Here are some questions you can ask yourself:

  • Is this helping me achieve my dreams?
  • Do I actually enjoy it?
  • What am I gaining by doing this?
  • Is this helping me to fulfill other needs in my life?

8| Fill your calendar with designated “me time.”

Schedule it in regularly just like you would schedule a doctor’s appointment or working out. The goal is to make sure you’re practicing self care regularly, and spending time with yourself whether you set aside 20 minutes or 2 hours. Enjoying time alone is a good thing even though it can be intimidating at first! If you want a separate post on learning to enjoy spending time alone, let me know in the comments!

9| Get rid of items that don’t make you feel good about your body.

Yes, decluttering your closet CAN be extremely therapeutic when you think about getting rid of anything and everything that doesn’t make you feel fierce and fabulous. You should only wear clothes that make you feel amazing and confident. Don’t own any clothes that don’t fit, or that you truly don’t enjoy. Trust me when I say that you won’t miss those old clothes.

10| Take a risk on something that excites you.

Accountability is a real thing, ya’ll. If there’s something that excites you, make sure you keep yourself accountable by enlisting the help of your support system. If you’re looking to write a book, have a few friends read the first draft to keep you on track. If you’re looking to sell a new product, have some bloggers test it out to see what they think of it! If it’s important to you, you will work on it regularly, and your friends and family will be there to support you. Remember that the goal here is to BELIEVE in yourself and believe in your dreams. Use those positive affirmations to help you along the way! Don’t let fear hold you back.

SO sweet friend, how are you going to practice self-love for the rest of the week? Make sure to share your plans for the weekend in the comments below, and share how you’re going to work on your relationship with yourself! 


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FebYOUary: 5 Things to Treat Yourself to This Week

Posted in Health, Lifestyle
on February 12, 2018

Friends, it’s important to treat yourself, but treating yourself doesn’t always have to be about indulging in your favorite dessert. (If that is your way of treating yourself, that’s great because I would love a cupcake right now.)

There are a lot of things you can treat yourself to that has nothing to do with dessert or a glass of wine. To be honest, I think it’s important we rethink the way we treat ourselves. Oftentimes, we get caught up in guilt after we treat ourselves, and that’s no bueno. Instead, think of the other ways you can treat yourself throughout the week that are nourishing for your soul, and don’t leave you feeling guilty in any way. If you’re looking for a few ways to treat yourself this week, keep on reading!

Treat yourself to…

1| A worthwhile morning. 

Set your alarm 20 minutes earlier than normal, so that you can have time to make AND enjoy breakfast at home with your morning cup of coffee. The beauty of simplifying your morning routine is that it can be a calm, positive experience to begin the day. However, the exact opposite can be said when you rush and running around to get out the door on time. So, take back your mornings and make mornings time for YOU! Take five minutes to do meditations, or focus on your mantra for the day while eating your meal. You’ll begin the day blissfully when you actually enjoy the mornings before work!

2| Time with people you love.

Spending time with friends and family is a wonderful thing. It’s amazing to see the affects of spending time with people who lift you up and bring nothing but happiness to your life. Make it a goal this week to grab lunch with your friend, or FaceTime your parents after work. The truth is that building and nourishing positive relationships in your life is important, and we should work on this regularly. Text your long distance bestie to let her know you’re thinking of her and catch up. The beauty of technology is we have the ability to do this without driving a few hours when the week is hectic. So, utilize that time to focus on important relationships in your life.

3| A meal that takes time/fresh ingredients.

I joke all the time that I don’t feel like I’m cooking when I use my crockpot or when I make a casserole because all you’re doing is dumping everything in one place and cooking it for a bit. It’s all easy peasy. Instead, encourage yourself to make a recipe out of your comfort zone and that doesn’t include frozen items. Get fresh bread from the bakery, fresh produce for your salad, and truly enjoy the process of making a home-cooked meal that you truly enjoy. Even if you don’t LOVE cooking, everyone can appreciate a fresh, wholesome meal that takes time and effort.

4| Re-organizing your life.

Don’t think of this as just organizing your cabinets and closets. Although, you could easily do this if it’s something that you feel is important to you! Turns out that your space could be the source of your stress and problems. Tackle that accordingly by taking time to purge your closet, master your morning and evening routine, and working on other small improvements to live a more blissful life altogether. You can also remove unnecessary, time-wasting activities like watching YouTube for three hours a day and replace it with working toward your goals. Treat yourself to time, and use that time wisely to create plans to achieve your dreams whether it’s with a hefty to-do list or a vision board.

5| Adequate rest.

REST, Y’ALL. It’s so flipping important, and I can’t express its importance enough. You deserve rest, and you need to treat yourself to rest. Set an alarm, and make it priority to get in bed at 11 p.m. every night. When you’re constantly working all hours of the night, your body and mind can’t properly recharge. This eventually will lead to stress, and you’ll realize you aren’t being as productive as you could be during the day. So, take the time to rest and treat yourself to adequate rest every single night. You will thank me for this one, I promise!

So tell me, what one of these things will YOU treat yourself to this week? What is something that you find important to treat yourself to regardless of the day or week? Make sure to share everything in the comments below!

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FebYOUary: Self-care isn’t all about bath bombs

Posted in Health, Lifestyle
on February 5, 2018

I’m sure you’re thinking, “Well, duh. We know it’s not all about bath bombs.”

Hear me out for a minute. As much as I LOVE that self-care is being talked about more often, that’s when it becomes associated with trends or specific ideas that people become attached to. For example, I wrote a post on how minimalism isn’t a one-size-fits-all concept, and the EXACT same things can be said about self-care. Minimalism doesn’t look like black and white closet with only 2o items in it for everyone who identifies as a minimalist. Self-care doesn’t look like bath bombs and bottles of wine to everyone who is in need of self-care.

Although I’m passionate about practicing self-care, I’ve noticed that people are assuming it’s only about pampering yourself and getting cozy with a good book. Yes, those activities definitely count as self-care, and it’s GREAT to have calming, relaxing activities for when you need to indulge in a little time for yourself. However, self-care isn’t only about taking a bath with the newest bath bomb.

Self-care can look like:

1| Reading your favorite book.

2| Adult-coloring.

3| Positive affirmations.

4| Turning off your phone.

5| Going for a walk.

On the end of the spectrum, self-care can be more serious for some. Some people are focused on MUCH bigger things than taking a relaxing bath. They’re worried about money, they’re worried about not having their life together in any sense of the word. They are people who may not have had a nutritious meal in weeks, and are eating fast food three times a day because it’s cheaper than buying groceries, and making food for themselves.

Self-care looks different for everyone. It’s important to remember than someone’s version of self-care may honestly be helping their well-being in a much more significant way. Self-care might be the reason someone keeps their apartment because they stopped going out for meals and drinks. Self-care might be that someone finally stopped working hours of overtime because they saw how much it impacted their health. Self-care might be someone who finally took every one of their vacation days because they’re so used to working instead of creating balance in their life.

Self-care can ALSO look like:

1| Saving money to help pay off student loans.

2| Spending less money on material things.

3| Nourishing your body with fresh, whole foods.

4| Ending toxic friendships who only bring stress to your life.

5| Spending time with people who lift you up.

I’ve written a few posts on self-care, and I’ve talked about the other side of it, too. I’ve talked about the lighthearted end of treating yourself to a glass of wine, your favorite dessert, or your favorite movie with a friend. I still stand by the fact that there’s nothing wrong with those things. In fact, some of my posts this month will talk about those methods of self-care, too because they are equally important! But, I also feel that it’s time to talk about the other end of self-care. The side that most people feel uncomfortable talking about because not all of us have been in that place before.

It’s hard to relate to something you may have never had to deal with, however you can still show empathy and compassion for those who view self-care in a different way than you do. The goal of self-care is to focus on what will improve your life, and will ultimately create a more blissful, healthier YOU!

Remember that some people are going through some heavy hardships in their life. They might not have it all together, and self-care might be taking a shower for the first time this week because they are struggling with depression. It might be someone going out to eat with their friends for the first time in months because they suffer from debilitating anxiety. You never know what someone may be going through, so always offer encouragement and support when someone is excited about the form of self-care they are indulging in. You never know how much it could impact their life in a positive way.

The purpose of self-care is simple: it’s an understanding that you need to take time to do things that will help you—whatever that means in this season of life. Tell me, what does self-care look like to you? What are some ways that you have indulged in self-care that may look differently to someone else? Share your thoughts and stories in the comments below!

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5 Tips to Focus on Health During the Holidays

Posted in Health, Lifestyle
on December 4, 2017

For the last week, I’ve really trying to get back on track with eating healthy and working out more. Now that the craziness at work has died down a little, and Josh and I are settled in our home, I can get back to focusing on the holidays and my health.

Although this time of year isn’t associated with health, and wellness—I think it’s the best time to being focusing on that if it will ultimately be your goal for the new year. Instead of binge-eating all the desserts and alcoholic beverages, why not start now? Don’t waste the next month planning for a healthier year if you’re going to excuse the next month to bad habits. Here are five tips to focus on health during the holidays.

1| Don’t use the holidays as an excuse

The holidays shouldn’t be an excuse to eat everything in sight for the next month while not committing to any form of exercise in the process. If you’re truly striving to life a healthier lifestyle, you will know not to use the time of year as  an excuse to not work out, eat poorly, and ultimately not take care of yourself.

2| What are your goals?

Are you training for a 10k? Wanting to lose four inches on your body by summer? Whatever your goals are, make sure you are writing them down and sticking to them. Without a goal in mind, it  will be easier for you to fall off track, especially during this time of year. With an end goal in mind, you will consistently have something to work toward.

3| Stay balanced 

No one is telling you that you can’t east any of the delicious, wonderful food during the holidays. You should definitely be treating yourself to a slice of pie, or Christmas potatoes without any guilt. Depriving yourself of the food you love is actually worse for you in the long run. Feed your body what it wants, but simply be mindful of portions when you’re eating. Take your time when eating so your body knows when its full—and you’ll be good!

4| Don’t be hard on yourself

You drank six cocktails at the holiday party and demolished a tray of appetizers with your best friend. It’s okay. Don’t be hard on yourself if you do slip up over a weekend or at a party. You’re allowed to indulge. The problem is when you say, “Well, I already messed up, so why get on track?” Instead, to a simple workout like yoga or Pilates and make a healthy recipe the day after to get your body back on track.

5| Make the time

Instead of spending an hour watching Vlogmas, you can get an hour workout in. Better yet, why not workout anytime you decide to watch YouTube, or a holiday movie? It’s an easy way to make your workout a little less daunting if it’s not your favorite thing to do. Plus, you’ll be doing something productive while you’re doing something you also enjoy. It’s a win-win for you and your health!

How do you focus on health during the holidays? What are some of your tips to stay on track during a time of delicious food and drinks? Make sure to share in the comments below!

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Self-Care Challenge: Week 2

Posted in Health, Lifestyle
on July 14, 2017

One week down and three more weeks of self care to go! If you’re tuning into this challenge for the first time, make sure you catch up on my previous posts so you can learn about why I decided to create this challenge for July and how it will benefit you to begin focusing on self care. Are you ready for this week’s challenges?

Declutter your closet.

I did a huge overall f my closet a year ago, but I still go through it rather frequently because when I realize I’m not wearing an item, I will donate or sell it. On this day, I got rid of three pairs of shoes, two wallets, and a handful of other items as well. It’s amazing how much you don’t wear. As I continue to declutter these areas in my home, I find myself feeling happier every time. Read: 10 Questions to Help you Declutter your Closet

Do a random act of kindness.

My coworkers and I put together a gift for an employee who has been having a hard time. We got her and her children day passes to a water park, so they could enjoy the day together. She cried because it made her so happy, so of course I cried because she was crying. At least they were all happy tears! It warmed my heart to be able to do this. Whether it’s paying for the person’s coffee behind you, or leaving a note in a local bathroom, kindness can do wonders.

Try a new hobby and practice it during the challenge.

Fun Fact: I want to play the ukulele and I’m going to practice consistently throughout the remainder of this challenge to see how much I can learn over the next few weeks. Wish me luck! What hobby will you try for the remainder of this challenge? Make sure to share in the comment below!

Call/ FaceTime a family member to catch up.

I FaceTimed my friend which I do once in awhile. But since I haven’t seen them in so long, it’s always wonderful to talk and catch up on our lives like we’re actually together instead of states apart having coffee over the phone.

Plan a staycation in your town for a weekend.

My friend is visiting me for the first time in PA, so I’m planning a staycation with her that will be filled with things we’ve both never done before like: visit local museums, tour the beaches, go kayaking on the lake, and try restaurants unique to the city, etc. It’s fun to explore your own city sometimes.

Turn off your phone for a night.

This happened to be a day where I was feeling like I needed a break from social media and my phone altogether. I really put some time and energy into self care by having a glass of wine, reading outside on the patio, and indulging in some adult coloring. It’s the little things, right?

Write 5 things you’re thankful for.

1| Josh

2| My Job

3| Friends and Family

4| My Health

5| Self-Care

Week Three Challenges:

Create a calming playlist and relax while you listen.

Do yoga or Pilates for 30 minutes.

Plan a night out with friends.

Take a scenic drive.

Organize your digital life.

Write 5 things you love about yourself.

Treat yourself to your favorite dessert.

What tasks did you enjoy the most from week two? Which tasks were the most difficult? Make sure to share your experiences in the comments below!



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