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Holiday Round Up: 8 Seasonal Cocktails

Posted in Lifestyle
on November 22, 2017

‘Tis the season for all the delicious food, desserts and alcoholic beverages. To be honest, I’ve been feeling festive and getting in the holiday spirit, so I’m excited to start sharing some tasty treats you can whip up for all your holiday parties now through New Year’s Eve! Wether you’re looking for a drink to make on a cozy night in with friends watching holiday movies, or you’re celebrating the festivities with your entire family, I’m sure there is a drink recipe you’ll fall in love with on this list!

1| Cranberry Mule

I’m all about the cranberry-flavored drinks during the holiday season, so when I’m searching Pinterest and I’m looking to make an fun, festive drink—mules are the first drink that pop into my head. You can enjoy this refreshing, seasonal drink after Thanksgiving, or during a work holiday party.

2| Blackberry Ombre Sparkler 

Sometimes, I find myself interested in a drink recipe simply because of how gorgeous and Instagram-worthy that drink looks. I know, call me basic, but there’s nothing wrong with wanting to create a fun drink that’s also stunning. All you’ll need are some blackberries, champagne, sugar, rosemary, and water to make this cocktail!

3| Vanilla Cranberry Mimosa 

Is it REALLY the holiday season if you’re not making mimosas regularly? To me, these are a staple for Sunday brunch during the holidays. I love the additional of the vanilla vodka; and if you’re not into cranberry juice, you can swap it out for orange juice or another juice you enjoy.

4| Christmas Day Punch

If you need a large serving of punch that will taste good to a variety of people, you definitely want to try this recipe. The different fruits, and the mix of vodka and prosecco all create a perfect combination of deliciousness and festiveness on Christmas Day. Trust me, you’re going to want to save this recipe!

5| Boozy Mint Mocha Coffee 


Where are my coffee lovers at? Who says that ALL drinks have to be cold cocktails. TBH, I’ll be making this a ton over the next two months because I have a lot of friends that would enjoy this recipe. It’s perfect for a night in watching Hallmark holiday movies. Part hot chocolate, part coffee and a little bit of peppermint schnapps? Yes, please!

6| North Pole Cocktail

For the people who love their Kahlua during the holidays, here is an amazing holiday drink recipe for you. This drink is the ultimate “Drink Goals” for a night with friends. I will say that it’s definitely a heavy drink, so if that isn’t your style—I wouldn’t recommend this. TBH I’m looking to make it simply for the photos.

7| Christmas Sangria

The tried and true drink recipe that has always remained a favorite. Wether you’re enjoying this with the entire family, or treating yourself to a fun, festive mix—sangria has never failed us during the holidays. If you’re looking for a crowd pleasure to bring to your next gathering, consider this being your first pick! It won’t disappoint.

8| Spiced Winter Mojito 

Mojitos in November and December? Yes, please! If you’re looking for a new recipe that you probably haven’t tried yet, make this the one cocktail you try this holiday season. A little bit of rum have never hurt anyone, and you can rest easily knowing this will be loved by the guys and gals at your holiday festivities!

What cocktails are you excited to make this holiday season? What is your go-to drink recipe to make during the holidays for parties, or a girl’s night in? Make sure to share in the comments below!


10 Pumpkin Recipes to Try for Fall

Posted in Lifestyle
on October 12, 2016


We’re in full-on fall mode here in Pennsylvania, and I couldn’t be more happy about it! Today, I’m hoping to send a little bliss to your life by sharing some easy, amazing pumpkin [desserts] recipes you can make for fall. Whether you’re going to a party, or dinner with friends—you’ll have a delicious dessert to contribute to the cause. Here are my top 10 pumpkin recipes for Autumn:

1| Pumpkin Sugar Cookies from CakesCottage


If you want an easy, go-to pumpkin cookie recipe, try this one from! The icings pairs perfectly with the pumpkin cookies.

2| Pumpkin Cheesecake from SpendWithPennies

You guys know that cheesecake and pumpkin pie are two of my favorite desserts. So this is basically the best of both worlds with one recipe.

3| Pumpkin Muffins from TheNoviceChefBlog


I’m all about pumpkin muffins regardless of the time of year. When I stumbled across this recipes with the cream cheese swirl—I went to the kitchen immediately.

4| Pumpkin Bread form TheDomesticRebel

This bread sounds and looks absolutely incredible. What drew me to the recipe is the brown butter maple icing. Now that sounds amazing for a fall day!

5| Pumpkin Donuts from BakerByNature


I love that this includes a vegan and non-vegan version. It’s awesome to have a recipe offered for those with diet restrictions. Everyone deserve to enjoy this delicious treat!

6| Pumpkin Waffles from Number2Pencil

I’m all about breakfast food for anytime of the day. So naturally, I was pumped up to find this pumpkin recipe. I’ll be making these over the weekend for Josh and me.

7| Pumpkin Cobbler from CreationsByKara


SO. MUCH. PUMPKIN. The addition to walnuts and pecans to this recipe makes it dynamite. If you love cobblers, this is the recipe you’ll want to save as soon as possible.

8| Pumpkin Roll from GimmieSomeOven

This is one of my favorite fall desserts because it’s a combination of cheesecake, cake, and fall deliciousness all in one roll. This is a must-make recipe for the season.

9| Pumpkin Streusel Bars from ChelseasMessyApron


Does anyone else remember the streusel cakes from their childhood? This reminds me of them, but they also have a caramel, cheesecake flavor added to it.

10| Pumpkin Casserole from LittleSpiceJar

Can we talk about how this is a pumpkin, french toast casserole and YOU can make it with little stress? I love that this is an easy recipe you can make quickly for a dinner, party, etc.

What recipe is your favorite from the list? What pumpkin recipes have you been loving for fall? Make sure to leave a comment and link below showing me your favorites!

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Make health and fitness a priority in your life!

Posted in Health, Lifestyle
on September 4, 2015


I’m going to be honest; staying committed to healthy living can be difficult. If you’re like me, you might not have a ton of time to workout each day, or you get cravings for dessert and other treats. It can be hard to live this healthy, happy, positive lifestyle we all know we (should) be living.

That’s why I decided to make health and fitness a priority in my life; and you should, too. Before, I used to eat strictly fruits, vegetables, protein and minimal grains and treats; and I would workout everyday without a break. After a week, I’d cave and eat pasta, chocolate and more pasta because I wouldn’t treat myself. Then, I’d get off track and feel bad about myself. The cycle was endless. Now, I’m making the commitment to allow myself indulgences. So, instead of skipping out on a cookie, I’ll treat myself. If I need a break from working out, I’ll give myself time off to recuperate and relax.

It’s all about balance. I don’t think we are truly balanced unless we allow ourselves treats, time off and relaxation. This is something I struggled with because I see myself as an “all or nothing” person. I want to wither give 120 percent or nothing. I realized this was the wrong mentality to have. Instead, we should be okay with not always having the time or energy to give 120 percent. Sometimes we need to give 80 percent or 50.

This week, I decided to get back on track in a balanced way. Instead of workout out seven days a week for an hour or more, I’m cutting back to three times a week for an hour. Instead of eating perfectly healthy every single day, I’m going to allow myself treats and cheat meals.

With this balance in health and fitness, it will naturally become a priority. You won’t have to think about it because you won’t fear overeating or not exercising enough—because you realize it’s okay not to live a perfectly healthy lifestyle 24/7.

So have a glass of wine, have a pizza (notice I didn’t say a piece of pizza, I said pizza) and relax. Make health and fitness a priority, but don’t forget to be kind to yourself above everything else. The rest will fall into place.

How do you keep your health and fitness schedule balanced? What’s your favorite treat or cheat meal? Make sure to leave a comment below!

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Healthy summer treats!

Posted in Health
on July 17, 2015

Summer is a time where I’m looking to make easy treats that aren’t unhealthy. It can be difficult if you want to keep things fresh and satisfying, which is why I’m sharing three healthy summer treats you can make at home.

The “Doughnut” Bagel:


Yes. I want to eat doughnuts just as much as you do. But for a healthy (and pretty) option, you can make a bagel that looks like a doughnut. Trust me, it’s Instagram worthy.


You’ll need: 1 bagel thin (110 calories); 2 tablespoons of cream cheese (60 calories); food coloring and sprinkles. Mix one drop of food coloring with the cream cheese, spread onto the bagel and add some sprinkles. Yes, it’s that easy to make a pretty, low-calorie treat.

Banana “Ice Cream” Sandwiches:


Ice cream sandwiches can be high in calories. Why not try a mini, frozen treat that’s under 350 calories? You can serve these to friends on a hot day by the pool, or keep them in the freezer on hand when you’re craving a sweet treat.


You’ll need: 1/2 of a banana (55 calories); 2 tablespoons of peanut butter (190 calories) and 2 Hershey chocolate pieces (100 calories). Cut the banana into thin slices and spread the peanut butter on one slice. Top the banana “sandwich” with another slice. Melt Hershey pieces in microwave in three 15-second intervals. Dunk sandwich into chocolate. Freeze for about 15-20 minutes.

Fruit Pops:


If you’re sick of having the same fruit salad every morning, it’s time to switch it up with a cool treat that is also sweet. With minimal calories, fruit pops are a fun way to spice up how you eat fruit (occasionally). You’ll enjoy this on a hot summer day.


You’ll need: strawberries (25 calories), pineapple (40 calories) and two Hershey chocolate pieces (100 calories). Cut a few strawberries and pineapple pieces and put them on a toothpick. After you microwave the chocolate (same directions as above) drizzle it over the fruit. Leave them in the fridge for a cold treat with a sweet taste.

What treat do you want to try? Do you have any simple, healthy summer recipes you want to share? Make sure to leave a comment below!

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How to recover [from a bad day of eating]

Posted in Health
on July 3, 2015


We’ve all been there. You have a few days where you eat perfectly: a variety of fruits, vegetables and lean protein with some necessary carbohydrates. No desserts, sugary drinks, or unhealthy snacks.

After a few days or weeks of eating healthy, you cave to temptation. You have a full-on eating binge. You ate three bowls of pasta, a dessert or two, multiple cups of coffee, some chips, and anything else your doctor wouldn’t recommend to eat.

First, it’s okay. Bad days happen. You’re not perfect and you shouldn’t expect perfection all the time. Mistakes are part of life and you can recover from this. Disclaimer: I want you to know it’s okay to give into cravings. Treating yourself with a chocolate bar is not the same as eating dessert for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Bad days and treats are two different things.

Although it’s okay to allow yourself cheat days or cheat meals, you don’t want it to ruin your healthy eating or healthy lifestyle altogether. You’ll add some bliss in your life knowing you’ve taken the steps you correct your bad day, and make sure you focus on tomorrow.

Don’t dwell on your mistakes:

As I’ve said before, we all make mistakes and that’s okay. Don’t let your one day of bad eating affect your upcoming days. Think of it as a lesson learned. Move on, and make sure you don’t dwell on it. It will only make you feel guilty and make you feel worse.

Find your bad periods & correct them:

Do you tend to crave carbs in the morning, or do you eat ice cream late at night? We have times of the day where we feel the urge to eat poorly or make bad eating decisions. Find when you’re most likely to give in and fix it. Schedule time to workout in the evening to stop late-night snacking, etc.

Plan for the next three days:

I say three days instead of one day because it’ll take 72 hours for your body to adjust from the bad eating and focus itself on eating healthy again. Once you make it over three days, the desire to eat dessert and salty foods will decrease. Eating healthy will come more natural.

Focus on hydration:

Sometimes, we think we are hungry when we are actually thirsty. That’s because we jump to eating when we are bored, tired, etc. If you struggle to hydrate throughout the day, set a timer or reminder on a post-it note on drinking a certain amount of water. It’ll help reach your suggested intake.

Set a goal and stick to it:

Do you want to eat more vegetables throughout the day, or focus on your workout routine more regularly? Whatever your goal is: set it, stick to it and make it happen. You are capable of anything and you will achieve your goals with determination and discipline.

How do you recover from bad eating days? Make sure to leave a comment below!

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