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5 Tips for Focusing on Health [When You’re Unmotivated]

Posted in Health, Lifestyle
on April 24, 2017

We’ve all been there.

We set out goals for ourselves and we have been great with meal planning and sticking to our workout schedule. Then, life gets busy and slowly, but surely, your health seems to take a backseat in your life. Girl, same. I feel you. I’ve been there more times than I can count. So, how do we find the motivation to get back on track and focus on health? Keep reading below as I dish out five tips that will bring bliss (and health) to your life!

1| Remember why you started.

Why did you decide to eat healthier and workout regularly? Are you doing it simply so you feel better? Are you working toward running your first 5k? Whatever your goals may be, write them down and leave them in a place where you’ll be able to see them every single day. You’ll never have to forget why you started with a daily reminder of your goals!

2| Drop the comparison game.

You might be losing motivation with workouts and eating healthy because you are constantly trapped in the comparison game. Girl, let me start off by saying that you are not alone. But you don’t need to compare your journey to someone else. Your chapter in your health and fitness journey will look completely different to the everyone, and that’s okay. Embrace your journey!

3| It’s not about looks.

It’s completely okay if you’re trying to build muscle, lose weight, or any other goal you’re trying to set for yourself. But it’s also important to not ONLY think that working out and eating healthy is about physical results. Working out and eating healthy is also wonderful for your mental and emotional health, too! Working out will help you relieve stress and help you if you’re having a bad day. It’s important to not lose sight of this, especially when you’re in a period of feeling unmotivated.

4| Reevaluate your methods.

TBH if you’re running on a treadmill four days a week and you’re hating your life doing the same workout for months at a time—it’s time to try something new. Maybe you’re losing motivation because you’re tired of your routine, so shake things up and try something new! Or, if you haven’t been feeling your best, make sure you’re getting enough sleep and drinking enough water. It’s important you’re taking care of yourself when you’re eating healthy and working out. Maybe these are contributing to you feeling unmotivated.

5| Get serious.

Set a plan to get back on track. Maybe you’ve had a crazy month at work and your gym sessions have fallen by the wayside. That’s okay. But now, you have to get back on track. Plan out your workouts like you would plan a doctor’s appointment—it’s mandatory. Follow through your health and fitness goals and plan accordingly if you know you’re going to have a busy week. Once you’ve been back in your routine for a few weeks, it’ll be easier to gain the momentum and keep your motivation high.

Have you ever felt unmotivated to keep up with your health and fitness goals? How did you get yourself back on track? How do you keep your motivation strong with your working out and eating healthy? Be sure to share all your tips in the comments below!



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2016 Review & 2017 Goals

Posted in Health, Lifestyle
on January 2, 2017



I am very much in denial that 2016 is over and a new year is here. 2016 was an incredible year for me, and I am happy to say it was one of my best years so far. I want to share some highlights from this year before sharing what my 2017 goals are.

Highlights from 2016:

1| Graduating with my Master’s Degree at 21: I am extremely proud of myself for this because there were a lot of people who doubted this could be done when I first began school. Four years later, I graduated with my M.A. in Integrated Marketing Communications, my B.A. in Journalism and Mass Communication and a minor in Spanish. This was a huge accomplishment for me, and was definitely my best moment of 2016.

2| Being more spontaneous: This was a huge goal of mine throughout 2016 because as you can imagine, I thrive off of planning every little detail. I wanted to remind myself that it’s okay to not always have a plan. Sometimes, the best memories are created when you don’t plan much at all. So, I took some trips: one to Albany in March to visit one of my best friends from college, and another trip in May to visit my other best friend from college in Texas. Both trips were amazing and got my travel bug in full swing, which caused me to book a trip to Boston for April 2017!

3| Getting my first job: Can we just say that 2016 was the year that I became a full-blown adult? I got my first full-time job in the marketing field, and I am in love with my job. There’s nothing more wonderful than knowing I get to wake up every day and go to a job I truly love. I know many people are stuck in a job they hate, and I am blessed to be in a position I love.

4| Moving out of state and buying my first place with Josh: I didn’t move too far away from home; but I did move from NY to PA back in April when I got my job. After over two years of being long distance, Josh and I got our first place together, and we couldn’t be happier! We love our home, and we love that we were able to make our relationship a priority and bring our lives together.

5| Putting my health first: 2016 was the year that I got back on track as far as my overall health. From all the stress of finishing my Master’s brought on poor eating, lack of exercise, and other unhealthy habits. Once I moved to PA, Josh and I got in the habit of running three miles two or three times a week, eating healthy, and taking more time for self care. I feel great, and hope to keep this up for 2017, too!

Goals for 2017:

Personal Goals:

1| Read (8-10 books throughout 2017)

I did not do well in the reading category for 2016, so I’m hoping to turn this around for 2017. I created a huge wish list of books for Christmas, so I’m hoping I’ll be gifted some content to achieve this goal!

2| Plan 2-3 trips for 2017

We do have our trip to Boston scheduled, so I’m definitely looking forward to that. I’m hoping to plan another trip to Pittsburgh and potentially a third trip in 2017 as well. You could say I definitely have the travel bug.

3| Achieve my career goals for 2017

In my mind, I have so many different career-oriented goals for 2017 that I want to accomplish. Although I know work-related goals should be its own category, I’m listed it under personal because there are too many topics to cover for this section!

4| Focus on my vision board

I’ve been working on my vision board A TON recently. If you’d like to see a blog post on my vision board and how I created mine, make sure to leave a comment below!

Blogging Goals:

1| Focus on my blog direction

I’ve been thinking a lot about the direction I want Blissfully Brunette to go in. And while you can expect an entire post on it, I want to at least let you know there might be some changes coming to the blog for 2017.

2| Increase blog social media engagement by 20 percent

I know so many people who focus on specific stats and numbers. For me, it’s not just about numbers. I care a lot about engagement, interaction and genuine connections via social media.

3| Take more risks

Sometimes, anxiety can hold me back, but I don’t want it to hold my blog back from its full potential. 2017 will be the year that I take more risks and try new things here on the blog.

Financial Goals:

1| Put an extra $8-10,000 into savings

This is a huge goal of mine. I’ve created an in-depth plan on how I plan to achieve it. Let’s just say it’s going to take a ton of spending freezes (I’m starting one for the first quarter) I’ll be sure to keep you up-to-date on this goal, too!

2| Track my spending regularly

I mentioned that Josh keeps a very specific excel sheet on what he spends every. single. day. I admire his commitment because I see that he’s able to achieve his savings goals, so I’m hoping to adopt this and do the same!

Health Goals:

1| Increase my weekly running distance

We aren’t currently in running season, but we are still training all winter long for when running season does pick up again. My goal is to increase my weekly running distance to 10 miles.

2| Don’t focus on numbers

I don’t want my weight or size in general to affect my overall happiness and perception of my heath and fitness endeavors. I feel like numbers takes a negative toll on your mental health, so I don’t want this to take priority for me.

3| Focus on workouts I enjoy

I spent a lot of time when I was younger doing workouts that I didn’t enjoy. Let me tell you that you shouldn’t spend time doing A N Y T H I N G  you don’t enjoy. Find something you love and enjoy, and practice it daily!

I hope you enjoyed reading my goals for 2017. How did you do on your goals for 2016? What are some of your goals for 2017? Make sure to leave a comment below!

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5 Days of #BlissGifts [Day 5]

Posted in Lifestyle
on December 7, 2016


We all have that friend who spends more time at the gym than they do shopping. Instead of getting your BFF or family member something they won’t use, why not try one of these five picks that are $30 or less. You’ll love these options that won’t break the bank. You’ll feel a little bliss in your life knowing you got a gift your loved one will love!

1| Find Your Balance T-Shirt from Old Navy, $10

I am all about finding fun, unique and inspirational T-Shirts for working out. What better way to keep your bestie or sister motivated to keep working out than cute workout gear! There are so many awesome options at Old Navy that are very inexpensive.

2| Workout Gloves from Target, $13

Now I know you’re thinking, “Why would I ever buy my friend that, even if they love to work out?!” Trust me, whether they’re lifting weights, or doing a weight-training cardio class, these will always come in handy for your fitness friend.

3| Yoga Mat from Target, $30

I know many people who aren’t into yoga, and still use a yoga mat for warming up/cooling down stretches, ab workouts, Pilates and more. I love that there are so many different colors and patterns, so this can be a personal gift for a friend or family member.

4| Water Bottle from, $20

Who doesn’t want this water bottle? And who doesn’t feel this way about working out? I know that any fitness and health lover would still LOVE this gift because pizza is e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. amiright? Adding a quirky item for someone’s present is the best way to complete a gift.

5| Foam Roller from Target, $28

I can’t tell you how great it is to have your own foam roller whether your run, lift or even if you’re not a person who works out everyday. This can even be for someone you know who needs to give their muscles a little TLC. It’s a gift that will be appreciated by any fitness lover.

What other items would you add to this list? Is there anyone on your shopping list that love fitness? Make sure to leave a comment below!

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5 Little Ways to Add Happiness in Your Life

Posted in Health, Lifestyle
on September 18, 2015


Happiness is something we all want in life. Whether we realize it or not, life can throw some heavy curve balls at us—making happiness more difficult to feel on a day-to-day basis. Some days, we are grumpy and can’t seem to find our pocket full of sunshine. All good things in life take time, energy and effort. If you work at it, you can still find the good within a bad day. Here are five little ways to add happiness in your life.

Be the miracle in someone’s day:

It can be easy to be selfish and only think about ourselves, especially when we’re having a rough day. But instead of ignoring your coworkers at the office, why not treat them to a morning coffee? It’s a small gesture that truly makes an impact on someone’s day. A quote that I live by is “If you can’t get a miracle, be a miracle for someone else.” If your day isn’t going so well, help someone else by brightening their day. I promise, you’ll be happy making someone else happy because happiness is contagious.

Cultivate gratitude in your daily life:

I keep a gratitude journal. I write down what I’m thankful for and give thanks to all of the blessings in my life. Sometimes, we don’t think about all the things we have that MANY other people don’t have: clean, accessible water, a home, a job, an education. These are really big things that we might take for granted every day. It’s time to wake up and count every blessing in your life. You’ll instantly feel happier once you realize all of the good in life.

Positive vibes only:

You are a product of your environment and your thoughts. Or in the wise words of Buddha: what you think, you become. If you’re constantly putting out negative energy, you’re going to receive a negative outcome. Instead, begin the day by telling yourself it’s going to be a good day. Out loud. Yes, tell yourself all the positive statements you need to hear before you begin the day.

Practice productivity:

Did you know that a sense of accomplishment make you happy? The combination of checking something off your to-do list and the relief of completing a task is beneficial for us because we become more relaxed. So set aside time each day to accomplish five important tasks, and make sure their done before you go to bed. You’ll sleep easily at night knowing you were productive during the day.

Move it, move it:

I begin each morning with a walk with my dog. Why? It makes me feel good to begin the day doing something active. Even if you HATE mornings, begin your day with a workout in some way. It’s easy to hit snooze, but get your body moving. It’ll amp up your endorphins and make you happy throughout the day. Still don’t believe me? Take a word of advice from Elle Woods:

Adding happiness in your life doesn’t have to be a big lifestyle change. All it takes is a little time and effort to add these practices in your life.

How do you add happiness in your life? What makes you happy? Make sure to leave a comment below!

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Make health and fitness a priority in your life!

Posted in Health, Lifestyle
on September 4, 2015


I’m going to be honest; staying committed to healthy living can be difficult. If you’re like me, you might not have a ton of time to workout each day, or you get cravings for dessert and other treats. It can be hard to live this healthy, happy, positive lifestyle we all know we (should) be living.

That’s why I decided to make health and fitness a priority in my life; and you should, too. Before, I used to eat strictly fruits, vegetables, protein and minimal grains and treats; and I would workout everyday without a break. After a week, I’d cave and eat pasta, chocolate and more pasta because I wouldn’t treat myself. Then, I’d get off track and feel bad about myself. The cycle was endless. Now, I’m making the commitment to allow myself indulgences. So, instead of skipping out on a cookie, I’ll treat myself. If I need a break from working out, I’ll give myself time off to recuperate and relax.

It’s all about balance. I don’t think we are truly balanced unless we allow ourselves treats, time off and relaxation. This is something I struggled with because I see myself as an “all or nothing” person. I want to wither give 120 percent or nothing. I realized this was the wrong mentality to have. Instead, we should be okay with not always having the time or energy to give 120 percent. Sometimes we need to give 80 percent or 50.

This week, I decided to get back on track in a balanced way. Instead of workout out seven days a week for an hour or more, I’m cutting back to three times a week for an hour. Instead of eating perfectly healthy every single day, I’m going to allow myself treats and cheat meals.

With this balance in health and fitness, it will naturally become a priority. You won’t have to think about it because you won’t fear overeating or not exercising enough—because you realize it’s okay not to live a perfectly healthy lifestyle 24/7.

So have a glass of wine, have a pizza (notice I didn’t say a piece of pizza, I said pizza) and relax. Make health and fitness a priority, but don’t forget to be kind to yourself above everything else. The rest will fall into place.

How do you keep your health and fitness schedule balanced? What’s your favorite treat or cheat meal? Make sure to leave a comment below!

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