Monthly Favorites & Sharing Love: February

Goodbye February and Hello March.

TBH I’m in denial that it’s already the third month of the year. In some ways, I feel like so much has happened in 2017, but at the same time I feel like nothing has changed. Does that even make sense? I feel myself starting off this post way. too. deep. Before I get too philosophical over a cup of coffee, let’s get right into what I’ve been loving throughout the month. Make sure to leave a comment below telling what you have been loving this month whether it’s beauty, fashion, food, TV, books. If you’ve been loving it, I want to know about it. 

1| The Flash

I already know people are going to judge me hardcore for this, but I have been binge-watching The Flash on Netflix and it is not okay. I went through almost three seasons in a month, which is pretty impressive (and embarrassing) if you ask me. But it’s a show Josh and I have picked up and we’ve been crazy about this past month.

2| Boscia Luminizing Black Mask

When I got my hands on the last black mask at my Sephora, I was SO happy. The store associate said they can not keep them on the shelves since beauty videos of the product have been going viral online. Needless to say, I’m used it A TON this month and my pores have been thanking me since. It’s perfect to clear your pores without irritating your skin.

3| Anastasia Brow Wiz

Why has it taken me this long to try this? I’m set in my ways when it comes to beauty products. If I love something, I will stay faithful to it until it fails me. I decided to give this a try once I found out I couldn’t order my other brow pencil. I’m happy that I couldn’t reorder it because this product has given me #eyebrowgoals and I’ve been loving it. I am a dedicated fan and have jumped on the bandwagon for this product.

4| Decluttering Videos

Want an easy way to get motivated to declutter? Watch other people declutter their homes, closets, etc. It will give you the motivation you need. I love watching people get rid of stuff, but it also inspired to go into into my own home and reevaluate what I need and don’t need. Trust me guys, you won’t regret it!

5| Self-Care

This past month, I teamed up with Erin from “A Welder’s Wife” to create a 30-Day Mental Cleanse Challenge that focused on self-care, and other mental-based challenges. The entire experience was eye-opening and helped me realized that self-care and challenging myself consistently is SO IMPORTANT for growth with minimalism, simple living and intentional living, too!

Sharing Love:

1| Mental-Cleanse Challenge Week One from Erin

I loved working with Erin on this project because she has always been a source of inspiration and motivation for me along my journey toward living a more minimalist, simple life. Seeing how she thrived in these challenges (not only in week one) motivated me to focus more on self care in my own life, and that minimalism is more than decluttering the items in your home. Catch up on all her posts from this past month on her blog!

2| 7 Investments Worth Making For Your Blog from Summer

Summer absolutely killed it with this post. Her talk about design, photography, and everything in between showed the main components of what you truly should focus on for your blog! She made me think about what I can invest in for my blog and how I can improve it in those specific areas she writes about.

3| Questions to Ask Yourself to Declutter Your Home from Erin

You all know I love reading motivational posts on minimalism, decluttering and everything related to simplifying your life altogether. Erin’s posts are always an awesome source of inspiration for me. She had me thinking: “I think I could get rid of X, Y and Z.” The one question that helped me get rid of more than 60 % of my closet is: “If I was out shopping today, would I buy this item?” Erin has a ton of amazing questions to help you declutter your home.

4| Life Happens—Why I’m Not Apologizing from Cara

ALL. THE. PREACH. HANDS. Cara absolutely slayed this post. I can’t tell you how much I needed to read this post because I’m sure many bloggers can relate to this. Life happens, and sometimes we can’t keep up with our content, social media, schedule, etc. But that’s okay! We are human and simply can’t do it all. We shouldn’t apologize for needing a break or to take a step back. Cara wrote a post that will truly resonate with you.

5| How to Streamline Your Schedule With Batching from Jenny

Jenny’s post helped me rethink how to schedule my time for blogging. Instead of thinking and working in a consecutive order: write post, take photos, edit photos, edit post, schedule social media; she taught me how batching can help me get more accomplished and feel less stressed. Since her post, I’ve incorporated this a lot more than just scheduling tweets and planning out Instagram content. It has changed how I schedule my time altogether.

What have you been loving this month and what blog posts you have loved this month? (So that I can catch up on your favorites!) Make sure to leave a comment below!


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Monthly Favorites & Sharing Love

Hey January, Where’d You Go?

But really? How are we already at the end of the first month of 2017? It doesn’t help that it’s January, yet the weather has been acting like it’s March—so I’m all sorts of disoriented with the new year so far!

Today, I’m sharing some things that I have been loving this month and sharing some posts from bloggers I have loved throughout each month as well. Make sure to leave a comment below telling me what you have been loving this month. Also, leave your favorite post from January, so I have some reading to catch up on over the weekend.

What I’ve been loving this month:

1| New Girl 

Why has it taken me this long to watch New Girl on Netflix?! I am in love with this show; and I’m not going to lie…it has been the reason for a lot of my lack of productivity some nights. Let’s be real, we all have lied and said we were going to do 10 things in an hour, but then we watch two episodes instead. It happens. Anyway, leave your Netflix recommendations below because we’re almost done catching up with the seasons.

2| Salads

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking, “she can’t be normal if she likes salads.” Hear me out. I’ve been making my salads more fun, exciting and enjoyable to east. TBH, I’ve been looking forward to making unique mixes every week with different ingredients. Now, salads have been what I’ve eating a ton of in January.

3| Essie in Muchi Muchi (104)

There was a period of six months where I would never paint my nails because I’m far too lazy for the upkeep that follows. (Please tell me there are other people who pick off ALL their nail polish once they see one chip because girl, same!) Once I bought this shade, you can’t even notice if there’s a small chip, which means I’m not driving myself crazy after a few days of painting my nails.

4| 52 Lists Project

If you know me, you’ll know that lists are my everything. I feel joy as I cross of the items on that list. (P.S. I am that girl who has written down something I’ve already done JUST so I can cross it off. It’s fine.) This book is 52 different lists you do every week throughout the year, and I love that it is broken down by seasons. This is part of my Sunday morning routine with a fresh cup of coffee and I have been loving it!

5| Taylor Jenkins Reids 

Guys, I read three books this month; and I don’t feel once ounce of shame! “Maybe in Another Life,” “After I do,” and “Forever, Interrupted” are all amazing! I read each book in one sitting, and I love when I’m able to pick up books that are page-turners, and you simply can’t put them down! Leave a comment below telling me what books you’ve been reading recently!

Sharing Love:

1| 28 Productive + Free Things You Can Do Instead of Watching Netflix

Because let’s be honest, I’m sure I’m not the only one out there who has been unproductive and has watched too much Netflix this month, right!? Carolyn has some awesome options if you’re looking to do something other than binge-watch Netflix and that won’t break the bank!

2| How to Use Boardbooster and Tailwind to Increase Your Traffic

Jenny is amazing when it comes to explaining the pros and cons of certain tools for your website, social media, etc. I love heading over to her blog to learn a little more about tools and resources that can help me with my blog! Good thing I did because I’m hoping to learn more about SEO, traffic increase, etc. If you’re interested in learning more, head over to her blog!

3| 5 Conversations to Have Before Getting Engaged

Rachel brought up some amazing conversations that you NEED to talk about with your SO before you consider getting engaged. (Before I get a flood of comments, no I am not engaged—but I thought this post was very important). I know many people think they’re on the same page with these topics, but you might be surprised. I’m happy to say that Josh and I are pretty open when discussing big things like this; and we’re on the same page with all of them.

4| Essential Tips for an Organized Mind

If you know me, you know that I love reading anything and everything that has to do with organization! I love Erin’s post because I know that I have found so much help with keeping a planner and keeping a clean, organized workspace. She also taught me about brain dumps, which I have been loving!

5| How to Gain Genuine Instagram Followers

I love Cara’s post on how to gain genuine Instagram followers! I found her tips very helpful and they definitely helped me understand how I can improve my Instagram altogether. Personally, I want to work on building my cohesive feed and making sure I comment/follow/like people in my niche!

What have you been loving this month and what blog posts you have loved this month, so that I can catch up on your favorites! Make sure to leave a comment below!

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5 Posts I Loved: September Edition


Another month has passed, which means I’m sharing five posts I loved in September. Most of these posts are from new bloggers I’ve stumbled across on social media, groups, and more! So I’m happy to say I’ve found so many new, wonderful bloggers to add to my daily reading list.

Real Talk: Life Post Graduation” from Rachel

If you’re a recent college graduate who feels like they’re not moving forward with their future, please take a few minutes to read Rachel’s post. I was absolutely in love with how she shared her experience of “standing still” after graduation. If you’re not at the job you want to be at, and don’t feel good enough because you’re not moving forward—you need to read this! You will love it, and you will find that it’s okay to stand still and wait for the right opportunity.

250+ More Things I Tossed After I Downsized” from Erin

I remember leaving a comment on one of Erin’s posts saying that her content always inspires me to push myself with my minimalism journey. Even after she has downsized the amount of stuff in her home, she still continues to remove clutter from her life. Although I’m no where near her level of minimalism, her posts (especially this one) are filled with inspiration to have you remove junk you don’t need in your home!

10 Ways to Feel Beautiful Right Now” from Lucie

Sometimes, you simply don’t feel your best; and that’s perfectly okay because we aren’t perfect. If you’re in need of a pick-me-up post to make you smile and feel a little bit better about yourself, read these 10 tips from Lucie. Whether you decide to dance it out, or appreciate your flaws—you’ll love the feel-good advice from Lucie.

Things to do at the Start of Every Month to Stay Organized” from Erin

I love reading content that’s related to organization, minimalism, and everything in between. Erin shared things I never considered in my routine for a new month like budget or finance goals for each month. Since I’m working on saving money, this is a great way to stay on top of it. She gives similar tips for meal planning, fitness goal setting, etc. If you want to have a stress-free and a fully-organized month, read her post!

The Dos & Dont’s For Layering This Fall” from Taylor

Let’s be honest, fall fashion is the best fashion, and you need to know how you should layer your looks properly this season with a few tips from Taylor. Should you go a size up in a bomber jacket? (The answer is yes!) Make sure to read Taylor’s list of dos and don’ts as you start shifting your wardrobe from summer to fall. You’ll love her tips and advice as the weather cools off this season.

What blog posts have YOU loved from other bloggers this month? What blogs posts did you love from YOUR own blog this month? Make sure to share some links in the comments below!

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5 Posts I Loved in August

BB9216_5 Posts I Loved

Another month down means that it’s time to share a little love to some bloggers in the community for their wonderful posts this month. August was a month where I fell in love with A TON of posts from some new bloggers and some old favorites, too! Grab some coffee, sit back and get ready to read some amazing posts you may have missed this past month.

50 Fall Blog Post Ideas | It Starts With Coffee

I love fall. And for some reason, I am incredible excited about fall more than ever this year. Any bit of fall inspiration I can find online, I’ve been pinning it or searching endless on Instagram for it. Neely gave 50 amazing fall blog post ideas you can incorporate in your posts. Personally, I’m hoping to write my fall skincare routine, September/October/November goals, fall fashion essentials and more. Neely’s post will inspire you to think outside the box when it comes to your fall blog content!

My Story is Not Over | Coffee With Summer

IMG_6529-2-2-1024x683Photo from:

You all know how much I love Summer for her honesty, authenticity, and her capability to share her experiences with the world through her blog posts. In one of my favorite posts from her blog to date, she talks about her struggle with mental illness, and opens up about her journey. If you’re struggling with mental illness and feel alone, read her post as a reminder that you’re not alone and that your story is not over.

8 Productivity Hacks to Transform Your Day | Coming up Roses

I have been reading so much of Erica’s content this month because she is a boss blogger to say the least. If you know anything about me, you’ll know that I’m all about learning how to have productive days without completely burning yourself out. Erica’s post does just that. Learn how to batch process, plan ahead, and separate a “must do” and a “to do.” If you’re in need of help with productivity, you’ll be happy you gave this a read.

The Best Daily Deal Boutique Websites | Kindly Unspoken

2016-07-31-2Photo from:

Did you ever wonder how you never knew about something so awesome? That was me when I read this post from Cara. She talks about her favorite daily deal websites. For those who don’t know, they are websites that sell high-discounted, boutique items for a short period of time. For any beauty, fashion or home bloggers out there looking to score a deal, you’ll have to check out the websites she shares in her post. I promise, you won’t regret it!

20 Quotes to Inspire You to Live a Vibrant Life | Hey there, Chelsie

“‘To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist’ -Oscar Wilde.” This is only one of 20 inspiring quotes that Chelsie shares her in post. I’ve been a fan of Chelsie’s for quite some time. Although this is a simple post in essence, it’s effective style of post to spark my creativity and productivity for me. So, if you’re in need of a little inspiration for living your best life, be sure to give Chelsie’s posts a read and follow the hashtag #myvibrantlife on Instagram!

What posts have you been loving from other bloggers this month? Which post from YOUR blog was your favorite this month? Make sure to leave a comment and share some links below!

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Friday Favorites (2.19.16)


If you guys haven’t caught up on my previous Friday Favorites, you can find them here and here. Here are some of the awesome posts from the blogging world posted throughout the week.


“How to Wake Up Early (and enjoy it)” from Emilie:


I personally love these posts because they motivate me to continue my healthy habits. If you struggle with mornings, you’ll definitely want to read Emilie’s post for some awesome tips. Sometimes, it’s difficult to begin the day when you’ve been feeling stressed—so try to relax and remember that a great start to the morning will allow for a better day.

“Why Minimalism *Should Be* More Than Another Trend” from Olivia:

I have been working on living a minimalist life, and it has caused an equal amount of stress and confusion. Reading Olivia’s post has opened my eyes to an answer I’ve been searching for: “It means you’re done with the more-mentality that saturates our every waking moments.” If you have been struggling with the idea of minimalism, read Olivia’s post. You won’t regret it.

“The Power of ‘No‘” from Julie:


You know when you read the right blog post at the right time? That was Julie’s post for me. I can essentially give you the “ah-ha” moment with one sentence: “The biggest lesson learned from being the go-to yes person has taught me how many people don’t truly care for me but rather for what I could do for them.” I relate so well, and her words resonated with me. If you’re a “yes” women, read her post!

“My Favorite Blogging Resources” from Mistle:

There are days where I feel completely uninspired to blog, and I feel like my blog is no where near the other bloggers I read. So, when there are posts to learn more about blogging resources, tips or e-books—I get incredibly excited. Mistle’s post shared several awesome resources for blogging that I will be looking into over the next two weeks, so I can step up my game.

“4 Reasons Why you Should Spend Time in Nature” from Alexis:


I am big believer that spending time in nature can truly solve anything. Why? It gives you some perspective on things in life. The other day, I needed to be reminded of that when I stumbled across Alexis’ post about nature. Despite freezing temperatures, I still went outside to appreciate the stillness and serenity of the snow in winter. I definitely recommend her post on why we all should spend more time in nature!

What posts have you been loving this week? What posts should I read from your blog? Make sure to share your links below!

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