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OOTD: Winter Whites

Posted in Fashion
on December 16, 2015

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Shop The Look:

Sweater: Old Navy, $30

Jeans: Old Navy, $19.97

Blanket Scarf: Francesca’s, $29.99

Boots: DSW, similar for 79.95

Sunglasses: Francesca’s, similar for $14

I cannot believe it’s that last month of 2015. Thanksgiving has come and gone, and now it’s time to focus on my favorite time of year. I truly love Christmas. I’m excited that it’s acceptable to play Michael Bublé’s Christmas album, drink all the Starbucks Holiday drinks, and partake in every Christmas- and winter-related activity.

I’m celebrating December by wrapping gifts, finishing my Christmas shopping, decorating the house, and making plans to spend as much time with my loved ones as possible. It’s the time of year where we should spend with the people we care about most.

What’s your favorite part about December or the holidays? Make sure to leave a comment below!

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7 Days of Gift Guides: $15 or Less | Day 7

Posted in Lifestyle
on December 11, 2015

BB1211157DaysofGiftGuides_ $15orless

Sometimes, you need a last-minute gift for a holiday party, or a Secret Santa exchange at work. Regardless of the occasion, you need a simple gift that will be well loved during the season. I picked out some easy gifts that are all less than $15.

Cookie Mix Mason Jar: Target, $10.99

Who doesn’t want food in a jar? You can find some jar recipes or other food gifts for under $15 at your grocery store. You gift will be the highlight of someone’s day.

The Night Before Christmas: Lush, $14.95

When all else fails, pampering gifts are a great go-to gift for coworkers. People love to treat themselves, so this gift will always be a fan favorite.

Wall Decor: Hobby Lobby, $9.99

Buying something that anyone can use in an office will be appreciated. If you’re unsure of their personal style, buy a photo collage for them to fill with pictures of loved ones.

Grey Mittens: Target, $12.99

If you live in a colder area, cold-weather accessories are perfect for a guy or girl. Pick up some mittens and a scarf for a cold December night.

Donuts Coffee Mug: Amazon, $9.95

We need caffeine to survive—it’s a fact. A quirky mug with a local coffee shop gift card will always score big with coworkers or friends.

Have any other gift ideas for less than $15? Make sure to leave a comment below or tweet me @BlissBrunette with the hashtag: #7DaysOfGiftGuides.


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10 Things to be Happy About | December Edition

Posted in Lifestyle
on December 4, 2015


In November, I created a new monthly edition to the blog titled, “10 Things to be Happy About.” You can read last month’s post here. The purpose is to express gratitude with each month of the year. Each month, I’ll write what I’m looking forward to in relation to that month. For December, I could easily create a list of 20 or more reasons, but I’ll keep it at 10 for the sake of word count.

Christmas Movies:

I have a mental list of the line-up of Christmas movies I will watch beginning December 1st. Some of my favorites are “How The Grinch Stole Christmas,” “A Charlie Brown Christmas” and “Polar Express.” (Secretly, I love them all.)

Holiday Food:

There are some special recipes that only come out during December like my mom’s homemade Christmas potatoes, Green Bean Casserole, Almond Pastries, and so much more. I appreciate these foods so much because I can only eat them once a year.

“The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.”

Does anyone else feel excited counting down the days until Christmas? (No, just me…okay). But really, everything about Christmas puts me in a good mood—I swear I was an elf in a past life. I love the spirit I get around this time of year.

Christmas Music:

I love Christmas music. I’ve been secretly listening to it for about two weeks now (no shame). I essentially play Michael Bublé’s Christmas album on repeat from now until Christmas. But I also love the classic songs and artists as well.

The Reason for the Season:

It’s important to remember the true meaning of the holidays. Although there’s stress from shopping and planning, it’s a magical time of year. Go out and spread love, peace and kindness. Donate to Toys for Tots in your community, or donate time at a soup kitchen.


Cookies are my number one weakness. I love them even more around the holidays because I get to bring out my (non-existent) pastry chef skills and have fun with baking and decorating. It’s the simple pleasures in life that I love about December.

Winter Fun:

I don’t ski or snowboard, but I do plan on ice-skating this winter. My idea of winter fun consists of reading, blogging, baking, etc. But I do plan to bring out my inner child this December. I’ll take my dog to the park when there’s four feet of snow and she’ll romp and play forever.

Making Memories:

Whether they’re funny stories from shopping experiences, or buying the same gift two years in a row (didn’t happen to me). Most of my favorite memories from my childhood and recent years revolve around the holidays.


Examples include: decorating my house with my family the Sunday after Thanksgiving (we go all out), Baking with my mom, waking up at 6 a.m. on Christmas morning to open gifts. They’re the moments I love most about the holidays.


I take Christmas shopping seriously. I try to give personal gifts for my family and friends. I love seeing someone’s face light up when they open your gift. I also try to give back as much as possible with donations while shopping or donating books or toys for a Book/Toy drive, etc.

What are you excited for now that it’s December? Make sure to leave a comment below!

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