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15 Fun, Fall Date Ideas

Posted in Lifestyle
on October 5, 2016


It’s that time of year where we want to do everything and anything fall related. Today, I’m sharing some easy, fun fall dates ideas for you and your significant other. Do you have other date ideas I forgot to mention? Make sure to share your date ideas in the comments below!

One of the reasons why I love fall dates in particular is because there are so many festive options that you can only do during the season. So get your pen and paper ready to add these ideas to your fall bucket list for the month.

1| Apple Picking

Take some time to get that gram-worthy photo of you with your beautiful apples you picked with your significant other, and then go home to make a pie or homemade applesauce.

2| Go On A Hike

Another way you can enjoy the fall leaves and the perfect temperatures is with a hike. Pack a light picnic and enjoy it at the end of your hike.

3| Take Photos With Fall Foliage

This is perfect for all my blogging friends. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to take advantage of the gorgeous leaves and take some photos for your Instagram?

4| Have A Bonfire

What’s better than having a cool evening of bonfires, beers and some Smores? Nothing. So get your boyfriend and some couple friends for a bonfire on a crisp, cool night.

5| Visit Fall Festivals

I LOVE fall festivals, and I’m going to two this season! They’re perfect if you love hayrides, corn mazes, pumpkin picking, apple cider donuts and more.

6| Carve Pumpkins

Take time to go through your local farms, and compete to find the best pumpkins. When you get home, you can see who comes up with the most creative design.

7| Go To A Haunted House/Hayride

I don’t like the feeling of being scared, but I don’t mind haunted hayrides or houses. Find your favorite one in your town for an easy, inexpensive date night.

8| Visit A Farmer’s Market

Get the most fresh fruits and vegetables you can find at your local farmer’s market. Take a bike ride into town and get all the best goods for some cooking.

9| Coffee Shop Hopping

Visit some local coffee shops in town for the best fall-themed drinks. See who has the best pumpkin spice latte, or caramel apple hot cider.

10| Watch Halloween Movies

I’m just saying, I currently have Halloweentown recorded, and I can’t wait to have a movie marathon with Josh and watch it. Have a lineup of your top movies for a night in.

11| Have A Bake Off

Use Pinterest to your advantage and look for the best pumpkin pie/bread/cake/cookie recipe and put your skills to the test with your boyfriend.

12| Visit A Corn Maze

I love going to corn mazes because they don’t cost a lot (most are even free), and it’s an easy way to get a little workout into your day date!

13| Go To A Football Game

Whether you have a local high school football team you support, or you visit a college game—grab some drinks and enjoy a game with big blankets and snacks.

14| Take A Scenic Drive

Take a coffee to go for a drive. Go somewhere you haven’t been, even if it’s a two-hour day trip. Enjoy the drive, explore a place you’ve never been, and take some photos, too.

15| Decorate Your Home

Make a day of DIY decorations, and buying inexpensive pieces for your home during fall. You’ll enjoy creating a festive home with someone you love.

What other fall date ideas do you want to add to this list? Make sure to leave a comment below with your favorite date idea, too!


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2 Years in a LDR: what you need to know to make it work!

Posted in Lifestyle
on February 24, 2016


Anytime the topic of long distance dating comes up in conversation with strangers, so many people say, “Wow, I give you so much credit. I have no idea how you do it.” Or, “I wouldn’t last a month dating someone who I couldn’t see every week.”

Needless to say, I’ve learned so much about my relationship and about myself throughout my long distance relationship. Now, I’m here to share some of the tips I’ve learned over the years that will help you if you’re in a LDR, too.

Commit to communication:

This is more important than any other tip out there. A relationship doesn’t work without communicating. Talk often. Send messages during the day that you’re thinking of your partner. If you’re feeling old-school romantic, send a letter to surprise him or her. Whether you text, talk, FaceTime, etc, you need to be talking and checking in. It will help you keep your relationship going. It’s hard to have a relationship via technology, but thank goodness we have technology to keep communication alive with distance.

Plan visits in advanced:

Josh and I plan all of our visits months in advanced. In August, we planned every visit from August to April. Why? It solidifies your plans to see each other. Now, you can’t plan anything during that time. Even if something does come up, you have to make it work. This will keep your relationship strong because you’re making sure your time together is a priority. Josh and I are both very organized and busy, so planning visits in advanced is beneficial for both of us to make sure we have time for friends, work, and other commitments, too. It’s all about balance.

Keep a countdown:

To coincide with planning ahead, make a countdown in your planner for the next time you’ll see each other. Yes, it’s a little cheesy, but I promise once those double digits turn to single digits, you’ll be happier and happier each day. It’s a little reminder that you will see each once again, and that the distance is always temporary.

Make your phone dates meaningful:

Because the majority of your relationship is through a phone, you find yourself lost for words, and your phone conversations consist of listening to the other person breathing while you’re both working on separate things. It’s important to make sure you set aside time when you can focus on a conversation just like you would if you were on a date. You don’t want to sit there in silence. Talk about what’s happening in the world, or what happened during your day. You’ll find it easier to get the conversation going and you’ll end up talking for hours.

You need to give 100% Every. Single. Day:

I can’t stress this point enough. If you or your partner don’t make an effort, it will never work. You need to go into a LDR realizing that you will spend a good portion of your energy talking, scheduling time in your day to make sure you can talk, getting work done in advanced before a visit, etc. Your relationship will not work unless both of you work. It’s that simple. I feel like many people don’t take this into consideration, but having a long distance relationship is all consuming. It needs effort, time and love in order to flourish.

Be honest when you’re struggling:

Some days, you’re going to have a bad day, and you want to cry because there’s nothing more in the world you want than to cuddle up next to your partner and have them make you feel better. Some days, you’re going to be sad because you wish you were together. It’s completely normal. But you need to be honest and open about when you’re struggling, so you can work through it together. Strong relationships are built during the challenging moments, and you’ll come out of it stronger than ever.

Have a “date” in mind:

One of the things you should talk about early on in your LDR is your end date. By this, I mean when you plan on not being long distance anymore. For Josh and me, we planned from the very beginning that summer 2016 is our end date (depending on moving time, house hunting, etc.) This is important because you need an end goal. Without your end date, you don’t have that commitment to move forward together. And if you’re not moving forward, what is your plan?

(Misc. tip) Watch a show together:

This might seem lame, but I swear it brings a lot of happiness. Josh and I pick a show to watch on Netflix, but we can only watch it together. So, on a free evening before bed, we will FaceTime each other, get Netflix all ready, and hit “play” at the same time to watch the show. I love this because it makes us feel like a normal couple who lives together and watch TV. It gives you an activity to do when you’re not together. You’ll love having your show that’s only for you and your partner.

If you’re in a long distance relationship, I completely understand what you’re feeling. There are times where you feel confused, scared, sad and wondering what the future has in store for your relationship. Just remember that distance DOES make the heart grow fonder, and you will have a whole new appreciation for your partner during this experience.

Have you even been in a long distance relationship? What tips do you want to share? Make sure to leave a comment below!

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