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Monthly Favorites & Sharing Love

Posted in Lifestyle
on September 25, 2017

I’m denial that September is almost over. I’m in so much denial because that means there are only three months left of 2017. Which means that the holidays are right around the corner, my friends! For now, let’s focus on what we were all loving this month before we start singing Christmas songs.

Monthly Favorites:

1| Free writing




Sharing Love:

1| 10 Realistic Fall Bucket List Ideas

Because who isn’t excited for fall bucket lists? Love the truth bomb Kristin shared is that a lot of adults want to do the things that are on bucket lists, but it’s not realistic to ask yourself to do 30-50 things in less than two months. Instead, focus on the things you enjoy and the things you truly want to do during the season!

2| Why I Love Being A Blogger

YES TO THIS ENTIRE POST. I loved reading all about why other bloggers enjoy what they do because it constantly reminds me why I love what I do, too. Although blogging isn’t my full-time job, it is something I love forward to and I love being able to connect with other creatives and share my writing with a great community.

3| How to Cope With Anxiety 

It’s always refreshing to read other blogger’s experiences with anxiety. It reminds me I’m not alone in my own struggles with anxiety, and I love how open Rachel has been with several of her posts related to this including positive self talk. My hope in sharing this is that if you’re struggling with anxiety, you are reminded you are never alone and there are wonderful ways to help cope with this.

4| How to get Motivated When You Don’t Feel Like it

We have all been there. There is a long list of to-dos, tasks and assignments that need to get done, yet we find ourselves lacking the motivation and strength to work on those projects. Amanda shares some amazing insight on how to move past this lack of motivation and get you working and focusing on your tasks for the day!

5| Creating Blank Space in Your Life

This post had me feeling all the feels because I couldn’t relate it something so much in my life. Creating moments of “blank space” allow you to focus on what you love and enjoy. And yes, we could all DEFINITELY use more of that time in our lives. I’m sharing this hoping you will find some extra time and space in your life to take a break that you deserve, or to focus on reading and writing.

What have you been loving this month? What other posts have you loved reading that you want to share with everyone? Make sure to share links in the comments below!

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4 Tips For When You Feel Uninspired & Unmotivated

Posted in Lifestyle
on February 15, 2017

Anyone who works in a creative field has probably gone through this at some point in their career. They love their job, they are excited about it—then out of nowhere, inspiration and motivation to perform that creative task flees from them without warning.

If you have ever found yourself in this scenario, you know how frustrating it can be. You want to blog/draw/create content, but you have lost the inspiration and motivation to do so. This can lead to a negative spiral of self-doubt, confusion and you questioning whether or not you’re meant to be in that field altogether. Trust me, it’s not a place or position anyone wants to be in.

But thats where I was a few weeks back at the end of the year. My full-time job was truly taking a toll of my productivity, inspiration and motivation for blogging altogether. And if you’ve been around the blog for awhile, you know that I truly love this space as my creative outlet. It is something I have always been passionate about and loved having as my creative space.

It’s common to go through periods where you feel uninspired, unmotivated and drained creatively. You feel that you couldn’t possibly come up with something new, and that pressure to consistently push out brand-new, exciting content can be overwhelming.

So how do you move past it? Here are a few tips that have helped me through my creative ruts:

1| Step back and take a break

I took an unexpected break from the blog during the holidays because that’s when I felt more overwhelmed than I should have. I had posts planned, yet I still waited to post them; and allow myself a longer break to get my inspiration and motivation back on track.

2| Don’t force it

I’m all for planning, but don’t schedule time to work on your creative project when you’re not feeling inspired, motivated or creative. You’ll only harm yourself more because you’ll get frustrated and angry even more when you find yourself not able to work on that project. Never force creativity.

3| Carry a journal

You never know when a small spark of inspiration can strike you. Whether it’s a fleeting thought in the car, or on your break at work—make sure your notebook is close by in case an idea hits you out of no where. I’ve found that I come up with the most ideas when I’m least expecting it, so I write everything down immediately so there’s no chance of forgetting.

4| Wait until you have the “Ah-Ha” moment

One of the best decisions I made was deciding not to blog until I had a great ah-ha moment. For me, this was an idea I knew that once iI had it, it would immediately inspire me to sit down and write the post out completely. Once that moment crept up, I blogged five posts in one sitting. I couldn’t have been happier. It removes the pressure to produce content when you’re lacking inspiration and motivation.

Although it can be extremely frustrating to find yourself uninspired and unmotivated to fulfill a creative hobby, it’s important to take a step back, and allow yourself to go through the motions naturally. Don’t force yourself to create content or work on a project right away. You want to make sure that you won’t make yourself even more frustrated in the process.

Have you ever experienced a creative rut leaving you uninspired and unmotivated? How did you overcome it? Make sure to share your experiences in the comments below!

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