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A Mindful Mentality: Openness

Posted in Health, Lifestyle
on October 16, 2015


“The doors will be opened to those who are brave enough to knock.”

Openness is a concept I think we all secretly struggle with. Openness is all about accepting every moment in life—good or bad—with open arms because every moment in life is a learning experience. It’s also about seeking personal acceptance, which is similar to the ideas presented in authenticity.

One thing I’ve learned about mindfulness is that the components of this idea are all connected in some form. For example, I personally connect authenticity and openness together because they both can relate to accepting yourself and being honest about who you are. There are some differences, however, in essence, these ideas are all very connected.

If you haven’t read my two previous posts on mindfulness, make sure to check out last week’s post on grace and the previous week’s post on authenticity.

Openness, for me, is very much synonymous with acceptance. In life, we are handed good and bad cards. But it’s not about the cards you receive, it’s how you play the cards you are dealt. You can have a winning outcome even with bad cards. This is how I view openness: it’s about accepting what you have and using it as a way to learn and grow as an individual.

I truly believe that we grow and learn every single day. Many people don’t agree with me, but I think it’s true. When we deal with life’s struggles, we don’t think very positively about them. Openness is the ability to see each difficult moment as a blessing because it’s an opportunity to learn and grow as a person. This makes you more mindful about your daily life and how you can help others in their daily lives.

If you notice you’re in a funk about a rough week, take a step back and look at the big picture. What can you learn from this week? How you can use this week’s events to grow? These are the questions that help us become more mindful and aware of our lives and how we decide to live it.

Next time you are in the midst of a good day or bad day, I encourage you to think of how you can utilize the event for a personal gain. How can you use this bad day as a way to grow as a person? How can you help someone else who is having a bad day grow as a person?

How do you practice openness in your everyday life? Make sure to leave a comment sharing your thoughts below!

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Lush Wish List: Fall 2015

Posted in Beauty
on September 28, 2015


Fall is a beautiful time of year—incredible food, delicious scents, and there’s a cozy atmosphere in the world during this time of year. What can be better than an at-home spa day courtesy of Lush Cosmetics? Here are some products I can’t wait to try this fall:

Sparkly Pumpkin: ($7.95)

Fall means more time for baths; and this is the first item I want to try out. The mix of scents sound both incredible and delicious—juniperberry, grapefruit and lime oils, what more could you ask for? At first, I thought this would be more fall-oriented with scents like cinnamon, pumpkin or vanilla, so I’m curious to smell this product. I’m sure it will be a great combination.

93,000 Miles: ($6.95)

If you’re a workout junkie, or have had problems with sore muscles, this is a product worth investing in. Once I learned about this jelly, I knew it would be on my wish list. The jelly will soothe your aches and pains. I also learned that you can put it in the freezer and use it in the shower after for an even more powerful effect.

Aliens and Monsters Fun Kit: ($6.95)

Just looking at this product gets me excited for Halloween and fall. This multi-purpose product can be used as a soap, bubble bath or shampoo. Who doesn’t want an inexpensive product that’s also functional? And the scent (vanilla and black pepper) sounds intimidating, but delicious. The packaging also looks festive for Halloween, which means an excuse to buy for fall!

What’s on your wish list from Lush this fall? Have you tried any of the product I mentioned? Make sure to leave a comment below!

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Reverse Bucket List: what I’ve already accomplished

Posted in Lifestyle
on September 11, 2015

I love making lists. To-do lists, travel bucket lists, weekly and monthly goals lists…the list goes on and on (pun somewhat intended). I’ve noticed a new type of bucket list going around the blogging world: a reverse bucket list. Of course there are many things I want to do in life, but there is also a list of amazing things I’ve already done. These are things we should celebrate and be thankful for, which is why I decided to write my reverse bucket list.

  • (2011) Traveled to Italy, France, Spain and Monaco in high school. I got to travel to eight cities, try new food and explore beautiful sights.


  • (2011) Learned a third language—Italian.
  • (2012-2015) Met incredible friends in college that I hope will be my bridesmaids one day.
  • (2013) I created this blog, Blissfully Brunette.
  • (2013) Met my boyfriend, aka the man of my dreams.


  • (2014) Studied abroad in Italy during college. Traveled to several cities, lived the (almost) Italian lifestyle and discovered my faith.


  • (2014) Began grad school my third year of college. (I will complete my Master’s before my 22nd birthday.)
  • (2014-2015) Had two amazing internship opportunities with fashion websites: CollegeFashionista and Her Campus.
  • (2015) Graduated in three years with a B.A. in Journalism and Mass Communication and a minor in Spanish. (Thank you mom and dad!)


What are your favorite achievements and memories on your reverse bucket list? Make sure to share your top moments in the comments below!
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