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5 Tips for Staying Organized

Posted in Lifestyle
on August 14, 2017

Whether you’re a sophomore in college or you’ve been at work for more than five years, it’s never too late to start organizing or focus on organizing your life. If you’re in the need of some organization and bliss in your life, I’m sharing five tips that will help you get and stay organized as we’re going into fall.

1| Consistency is Key

The number one way you can stay organized is to stay consistent with how you plan your day, week, and month. Do you use a traditional planner, or do you put everything on your phone? All I can recommend is that you have one strong method of organization and stick to it. Write down and check off your daily tasks, and always reference that one item.

2| Keep it Minimal

Going off of that piece of advice, keep your organization and planning methods simple. Don’t have a calendar that’s isn’t useful. Although I love Pinterest-worthy planners, I don’t think you need all the extra items to have a successful system. Whether you color-code everything, or you’re all about staying digital with your organization—keep it simple and minimal so you don’t stress.

3| Do Small, Daily Tasks

Instead of setting aside a four hours dedicated to cleaning, cooking and everything in between twice days a week, try to do small tasks every day so that nothing piles up. Clean up dishes immediately after each meal. Meal prep for the week on Sundays. Vacuum one day each week, dust another day, and clean the bathrooms another day and so on. It’s easier to stay organized and on top of everything when you’re not overwhelmed with cleaning and cooking. Instead of spending several hours a week on these tasks, you can spend 5-15 minutes a day, which is less overwhelming.

4| Plan Ahead

If you know every weekend is booked from now until October, make sure to use your time wisely and efficiently. The most difficult part about working full time and blogging full time is that you always have to plan ahead. For example, I knew my work schedule was going to be insane for August, so I made sure to plan blog content for the month in advance, so I wasn’t stressing about it when work would consume my life. Now with wedding planning in the mix, I know the fall and winter will be equally busy. So, I know I’l have to plan ahead so I don’t fall behind.

5| Know Your Limits

See above. Don’t overbook yourself, so that you’re stressed and making meeting last-minute. It’s not a fun way to live and you’ll always feel overwhelmed. Instead, know your limits on what you can handle. If you know you have a lot going on in August, don’t overcommit and stress yourself out even more. Take things one day at a time, and know what will work best for you.

How do you stay organized? What tips do you have that help you stay on top of all your tasks!? Make sure to share in the comment below!


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Mini Emergency Kit

Posted in Beauty
on August 17, 2015


1. Ulta ($2.99) | 2. Ulta ($2.99) | 3. Target ($.97) | 4. Target ($4.49) | 5. Ulta ($3.49)

If you’re going back to school, or beginning a new new job or internship, there are a few essentials you will need. Whether you need to fix your makeup during the day, or need some products to freshen up, it’s important to carry the necessities. I decided to create a list of my top 5 essentials I carry in my work bag or backpack for school.

Makeup remover wipes:

Sometimes, you need to touch up your makeup mid day and you end up smearing your makeup. Have a clean slate by using a makeup wipe!

Dry shampoo:

I don’t know about you, but I’m lazy about washing my hair. I also love dry shampoo to add texture and volume to my hair on second and third day washes.


If you’re running across campus or if you walk to work, you might need to freshen up once you’re there. Keep a travel-sized deodorant in your emergency kit.

Oil blotting sheets:

Nothing is worse than having your makeup running off your face because your skin is oily. I live off of oil blotting sheets so keep my makeup last throughout the day.

Lip balm:

We all need to moisturize our lips, especially as we transition from summer to fall. I always keep an EOS lip balm where ever I go including my emergency kit!

What are some other essentials you carry in your bag or backpack? Make sure to leave a comment below!

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