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10 Things to be Happy About: August Edition

Posted in Lifestyle
on August 8, 2016

BB8816_10 Things to be Happy About(2)I can’t believe summer is almost over. I feel that I didn’t take advantage of summer as much as I should have, so I’m hoping to get as much done this month before we welcome a new season that’s right around the corner. Make sure to leave a comment telling me what YOU are loving about the month of August!

1| National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day

If you’ve been around the blog here for awhile, you’ll know that I’m all about chocolate chip cookies. So this “holiday” (let’s be real it’s essentially Christmas in August) is what I’m all here for. Make sure you grab some chocolate chip cookies ASAP.

2| Book Lovers Day

I’m trying to channel my inner book nerd by reading a little more this month, and I never knew there was a book lovers day. If you’re like me and enjoy a good book, leave a comment below telling me what you’ve been reading recently!

3| End of Summer

So, I know that the end of summer can be a bittersweet moment, but hear me out. Autumn is just around the corner. I don’t know about you, but autumn is my favorite season of the year for so many reasons. Don’t worry, I’ll spare you my basic, white girl bit on my love for this season.

4| #GoalDigger

Maybe it has to do with back-to-school season, but I find that I am big on setting goals during this month, and I find that I accomplish so much during this month as well as September. I’m working on an extensive list of work, personal, health and financial goals for the next few months.

5| Getting Organized

For those who don’t know, I’ve been getting rid of things like it’s a full-time job. I’ve been taking time each week to go through and edit my closet more and more to reflect my personal style. Needless to say, I’ve been incredibly successful and I love the progress I’ve made.

6| Appreciating the Weather

Josh and I have been running twice a week outside in a local park two miles from our house. We typically go for 45 minutes, and finish off stretching in our glorious air-conditioned home. We’re making the most of the sunshine because the cold weather will be here before we know it.

7| Lazy Days

If I’m not working on a Saturday or Sunday, I’ll take my time in the morning to relax, read, blog, and sit outside to enjoy the quiet. I’ll go for a walk, clean, cook, but enjoy the day without rushing. Lazy summer days are so enjoyable, and I’ll make the most of them this month.

8| All the Fruit

I don’t know what it is about this month, but I feel like fruit become the main type of food I’ll eat each day. I will admit I’m pretty fruit crazy all year long, but this month especially is when I’ll take advantage of fruit stands and open markets.

9| Me Time

I always try to practice self care regardless of what month or season it is, but I find that it’s much easier to have “me” time during this month. In some ways, August is a relaxing, peaceful month because it’s the calm before the storm with back to school and before the holidays.

10| Going out of my Comfort Zone

This can mean anything from taking a new fitness class or trying a new restaurant in a different part of town. I’m more open to exploring or trying different things in life. I love having spurts of spontaneity because I always take time to go out of my comfort zone and try new things.

What are you happy about now that it’s August? Make sure to share in the comment below!

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17 Ways to Celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day

Posted in Lifestyle
on February 17, 2016


For those who read my post on 10 things I’m looking forward to in February, you read about World Kindness Day. Today, I’m sharing how you can easily celebrate World Kindness Day this year. Here are 17 ways to celebrate this (very necessary) holiday.

1. Write a thank-you note for your mailman.

It’s always nice to send extra appreciation for the man who delivers your mail every day.

2. Leave a kind note in a public bathroom.

Write “You’re beautiful” on post-it notes and leave them in public places for people to read. You’ll make people smile for days to come.

3. Plant a tree.

Why wait until Arbor Day? If the weather is nice where you live in February, go plant a tree. The world could definitely use it.

4. Pay for the person’s coffee behind you in line.

This is the best surprise to receive. What’s an extra few dollars to cheer up a person?

5. Volunteer in your community (soup kitchen, education program, etc.)

However you decide to volunteer, make sure it’s something that’s important to you.

6. Pick up garbage in your local park.

You won’t believe how much garbage is in your neighborhood or park. Take an hour to walk and pick up trash.

7. Donate old items you don’t need.

Why not start spring cleaning early! Go through your closet to get rid of old clothes, books and shoes to donate.

8. Shovel your neighbor’s driveway.

Especially if they are an older couple, they would definitely appreciate the help. Plus, it’s a good workout for you!

9. Leave a generous tip for a waitress.

Don’t forget to leave a nice note on the check to accompany the kind tip.

10. Send flowers to a friend.

What better way to share love and kindness than sending flowers to a friend? Especially if they have been going through a rough time recently.

11. Write a card or a hand-written note to a loved one.

Think of a relative you haven’t talked to recently, and write up a hand-written note saying you’re thinking of them and wishing them well.

12. Compliment several people throughout the day.

Make sure they are genuine compliments. It’s the easiest way to spread kindness; and it’s the easiest easy way to give someone a boost of confidence.

13. Leave $2 in an envelope for someone to use at the vending machine.

Maybe someone will be a dime short on a bottle of water. It might also inspire continuous kindness throughout the day.

14. Walk dogs at your local pet shelter.

You won’t regret this. Just try not to adopt them all at once (Trust me, I know it’s tempting).

15. Donate blood.

If you can donate blood, it’s a great way to give back to people who need it most.

16. Babysit your friend’s children for free.

Anyone who has children will appreciate this more than you know. Give up a free evening so your friends can enjoy a night out.

17. Hold open the door for the person behind you.

It’s a simple gesture and takes two minutes of your time. Give a warm smile, as well! It will instantly make their day.

What other ways can you celebrate World Kindness Day? Make sure to leave your suggestions in the comments below!

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Dear Women,

Posted in Lifestyle
on February 10, 2016


Dear Women,

You are capable of so many incredible things.

Yes, you!

I know you might not believe that because there are so many focuses against you in media, government policies, business, and more. They’re trying to tear you down.

But you don’t have to let them tear you down because you are much stronger than the forces against you.
You’re beautiful no matter what the media portrays as “beauty.” Beauty is every size, every color, every age and every cultural background. Your natural features (even the ones you hate) are beautiful because they are yours. Please don’t forget that.

Every woman out there is at a different point in their life, and I’m sure they’re all equally questioning their worth because that is what standards do to you—they make you believe that your choices are wrong and inferior. Regardless of what season you are in life, I hope you relate to one of these stages:

For the women in college, there are three numbers that will NEVER define you: your GPA, the number of people you slept with, or the number on the scale. Remember that. There is so much more to you than numbers, so please don’t associate them with other women or yourself. We are stronger than that.

To the women who are out of college and trying to find their place in the world, don’t give up. You might go through jobs, rejections, redirection for your career and more; but keep chasing your dreams. Be a dream chaser. I promise you will find your place, and you will be happy. But if you’re not happy, I hope you feel confident in yourself to make changes so that you can be happy.

To women who are mothers, If you want to stay home and raise your children—wonderful. If you want to be a working mom so you can support your family’s financial needs—that’s equally wonderful. Don’t let someone think you’re doing the wrong things. You’re doing what’s best for you and your family. Remember that you’re doing the best you can, and that IS enough.

To women in their 50s and 60s, I can’t fully relate with what you’re going through at this point in your life. But I can tell you that doing what makes you happy is always the best decision. No matter what that may entail. On an unrelated note, don’t forget that you need to take time for yourself. You’ve raised a family and worked for years. If you can do one thing, make sure it’s to focus on yourself and your happiness.

To every woman out there,
You’re brave, you’re beautiful, and you’re worthy of all good things. Never let anyone tell you otherwise.

And I hope you always feel loved. Because you deserve it.

I hope you felt some encouragement from this post. Please share a comment of encouragement to other women.

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