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10 Tasks to Simplify Your Life

Posted in Health, Lifestyle
on July 13, 2016


1| Manage your email

There was a dark time in my life where my email inbox was somewhere in the 1,000s, and I knew I had to take care of it as soon as possible. I took 30 minutes to mass delete and unsubscribe from emails to remove the clutter to my inboxes. I know it doesn’t seem like a big task, but it will make a huge difference when you’re not receiving unwanted emails every day.

2| Delete old contacts from your phone

I’m going to be completely honest when I say I had cellphone numbers from people from middle school. The worst part is that I haven’t talked to them since then. I don’t know how my phone became a mass holder for people who I haven’t talked to in almost 10 years. Needless to say, it was time to clear out my phone of all the unnecessary contacts.

3| Plan your meals for the week

No, I don’t do this every single week because I’m human and sometimes I eat 90-minute rice for dinner. It happens. But I will tell you that I have gotten so much better with planning my lunches and dinners for the week. When I do have time to do this, my week is so much better because I can plan ahead and spend less time thinking about what to make, buying ingredients during the week, etc.

4| Write your to-do list before bed

My work to-do list is done the day before before 5 p.m. My personal to-do list is done before I go to bed Sometimes, I think of last-minute work things, or other small tasks and errands I need to do after work. This helps me sleep easily at night, and I wake up knowing what my day will look like. There’s nothing keep me up at night wondering if I forgot about something, so I’m ready to take on a new day.

5| Keep a donate bag in your home

I started doing this before I moved out because I found that there were so many days where I would get in a “mood” to clean and get rid of things. That way, you have a bag/box already started, so you’ll feel more inclined to keep adding to it throughout the season. In the last five months, I’ve easily donated 10 garbage bags of clothes, books, bags, jewelry, shoes, etc. I find that this always keeps me thinking about removing unnecessary items I don’t love, and it helps me to stay productive with decluttering.

6| Make a routine and stick to it

My routine is simple and straightforward. But there’s nothing worse that taking more than an hour to get ready in the morning because you don’t know how to manage and prioritize your time throughout the day. See where you can cut time from your routine to make your day flow better. It will allow you to have a better, productive day, and you will simplify your daily routine in the process.

7| Rethink how you organize

If your organization is all over the place, you might want to reconsider your methods for organizing your finances, medical information, insurance, etc. Whether you choose a filing cabinet, file folders, or a portable organizer—choose one method, and keep everything in one space for important documents. When you have a mishap of papers everywhere, that’s when things get lost, and you get stressed.

8| Shop intentionally

This can mean anything from clothes shopping, beauty shopping or home shopping. Regardless, ask yourself if it’s something you know you will use. If yes, how often will you use it? Is it worth purchasing; or are you just buying it because it’s on sale or it’s trending on Pinterest? Why do you want to buy it? Ask yourself these questions to learn more about your shopping habits and what prompt you to shop. This will help you down the road to only buy what you need.

9| Make time for yourself

I know you’re asking, “how does this relate to the other suggestions?” Doing the things you truly enjoy is essential for simplifying your life because you don’t wan tot spend your days doing things that don’t bring you joy. My tip: make a list of things you love, and a list of things you actually do every day. If you don’t have any items on there from the “things you love” list, you need to adjust your life by removing the unnecessary things that don’t bring your joy.

10| Eliminate instead of organize

The world of Pinterest does not help my cause on this one. There are so many tutorials and inspiration for organizing just about every area of your home. But if you have so much to organize, you might need to rethink how much stuff you have or need. Instead, take time to go through each room and see what you truly need and what you don’t need. Then, you can organize what you decide to keep.

What tips would you add to this list? Make sure to leave a comment below!

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The One Morning Habit I Stopped Doing & Why

Posted in Health, Lifestyle
on July 11, 2016


I’m sure you all have been guilty of it. You’re not quite ready to get out of bed to begin the day, so you decide to let yourself wake up a little easier by scrolling through Instagram or catching up on your friend’s Snapchat stories.

20 minutes go by and now you’re running late, which puts you in a bad mood and you have officially ruined your morning before you get out of bed.

This is one of several reasons why I stopped checking social media in the morning.

I found that I wasn’t in a good mood and less productive throughout the day because I began the day admiring someone’s trip to Costa Rica. I didn’t want to get out of bed once I began scouring social media because my personal motivation quickly dwindled. Not to mention, I was more interested in checking everyone’s lives rather than beginning my day. To put it simply: beginning the day with a social media session meant that I wasn’t going to get anything done in the first hour of my day and it meant that I was going to be behind.

So why don’t we just stop going on our phones? Of course this is easier said than done because who doesn’t want to pin recipes and blogging advice at 7 a.m.? Personally, I realized that when I check Twitter and Pinterest before I begin the morning, I feel like I’m behind and feel negatively about the day ahead because it’s beginning the day on a stressful note.

Instead, I have successfully woken up every morning for the past few months without feeling any urge to check social media on my phone.

So what happened when I quit this horrible morning habit?

1| I’m ready to have a productive day

When I used to check social media in the morning, it would make me feel lazy, unproductive and lose my motivation all together. I was essentially setting myself up for failure before I left my house for work. When I removed social media from my morning, I got up in a good mood and ready to begin my lengthy to-do list.

2| I have more time for myself in the morning

I used to spend an extra 15 or more minutes in bed just scrolling on Instagram and Facebook. That put me behind with my routine every morning. This meant I was stressed out, rushing my morning and skipping out on my favorite time of day. Now, I take my time, and make time for breakfast and coffee at home before I leave for work.

3| I enjoy my mornings more

Now that I have more time for myself in the morning, I find that I love my morning routine. It’s a wonderful to enjoy the quiet mornings. It’s those quiet moments I enjoy to myself before heading to work to begin a long day of projects, emails, phone calls and event planning. It’s nice to give myself that time to prepare before work.

I hope this post will make you consider removing social media from your morning routine! Make sure to leave a comment below saying why you do/don’t go on social media in the morning!

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My Night Routine For A Better Morning

Posted in Lifestyle
on July 8, 2016


I’m sure you’re thinking, “How does my night routine affect my morning routine?”

It’s simple—the less you do during your night routine, the more stress you’ll have in the morning.

Now, I know there are days where you’ll feel like you’re not going to have time to get all of this done. But it’s possible if you plan in advanced. Here are five ways to update your night routine to have a stress-free morning:

1| You have tomorrow’s meals prepared

I am big about making sure I know what I’ll be having for breakfast, my lunch is packed for work, and I know what I’ll be making for dinner when I come home the next day. It’s one less thing you have to worry about preparing in the morning. Plus, if you plan your meals ahead of time, you’re less likely to spend money going out to lunch, happy hour, or dinner for take out.

2| You have your bag packed by the door

I keep my work bag with my purse all packed and ready to go next to my outfit for the following day. That way, I know where my keys, water bottle, and files are for work the next day, and I’m not rushing around in the morning stressed out about leaving something behind. Remember, failing to plan is planning to fail.

3| Your outfit is picked out

I hate deciding what I should wear on any given day. Also, I find that I am much more indecisive in the morning, and it takes me so much longer to pick out what to wear. It’s simple: have everything laid out and ready to go before you go to bed, and you won’t have a thing to worry about in the morning but getting ready and beginning the day.

4| You cleaned up after dinner

There is nothing worse than waking up to a dirty home that you left a disaster the night before. Don’t leave dishes in the sink or leave the living room a mess. Pick up after yourself as you go along with your night routine, so that you wake up to a clean home in the morning. If your home is messy, you’ll feel stressed out easily before you begin the day.

5| You unplug before bed

I will admit that I have a hard time doing this myself, but it’s something I’m working on every day. I try to stay off my phone for 30 minutes before going to bed. Why? It gives my mind time to relax before going to sleep. I also feel like I have a better night of sleep when I’m not staring at my phone in bed for two hours while I’m on Pinterest. This makes for a more enjoyable morning.

Are there any tips you would add to this night routine? What does your night routine look like? Make sure to leave a comment below!

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Healthy or Harmful? Where to draw the line on #Fitspo

Posted in Health
on June 22, 2016


You’re having a day where you feel more fat than normal, and while aimlessly scrolling on Instagram, you search #fitspo. You’re in a sea of 120-pound bodies that are lean, beautiful and every other adjective you’re not, you begin to feel more sad and disgusted with yourself.

You think to yourself, “I’ll eat what they eat.” “I’ll work out more.” “I’ll be better than I am today.”

Sooner or later, the obsession with searching #fitspo on all social media platforms becomes an all time high. It’s all you think about. You’re constantly weary of whether or not you’re eating healthy enough or if you should work out a little longer. This harmful desire to be like these women spirals out of control, and you’re left questioning your self worth altogether.

Or there’s the alternative.

You’re ready to make a change. You’re ready to give up the cookies, the chips, the beers. You want to eat better and work out so that you feel good. It’s not about body image for you. You simply want to live a healthier lifestyle so that you can feel better.

You search #fitspo on Instagram and Pinterest for motivation: learning about quick, 10-minute workouts, or easy, vegan recipes to make for less than $5. #Fitspo becomes your daily motivation to keep track of your fitness and health goals. It’s a positive reminder that you are strong and capable of living a balanced, healthy life.

Social media has such a large impact on our self esteem and our lives in general. Whether we want to be inspired with beauty, fashion, and lifestyle information or motivated to make a healthy change to our diet our fitness routine, we tend to use social media as our end-all-be answer for what we need.

Although it’s great we have the ability search workouts on Instagram and healthy recipes on Pinterest, there is a line where fitspo can become harmful to one’s life. In a world controlled by social media, women are questioning their worth and comparing themselves now more than ever. Fitspo is adding to the low self-esteem women already have in addition to adding to the obsession of achieving unattainable body standards.

But where do we draw this line on when this is healthy or harmful? I would love to know your thoughts on this in the comments, so make sure to share your thoughts below!

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10 Things To Learn In Your 20s

Posted in Lifestyle
on June 15, 2016


Your twenties are a beautiful time where you’re learning more about yourself each day. Yes, that sounds cheesy, but it’s true! This is a time in your life where you’re constantly growing and evolving into the person you wish to become.

I think it’s important to be aware in your 20s, which is why I’m sharing 10 things you should learn during this period of your life. Make sure to leave a comment below sharing what YOU think I should add to this list!

1| Learn where you came from

Family is everything. I think it’s important to find out where you come from and your family’s history. Are your parents first-generation citizens? What are some stories from your family’s past back in your home country? My dad’s side of the family has created a family tree book where they trace back our family history since the late 1800s in Italy. This was a 10-year project, and it’s something I hold onto dearly. Learning about your family’s culture is so important, so learn about the stories from your grandparents—you won’t regret it!

2| Learn how to master an interview

Point blank: you’re going to have a lot of interviews in your life for jobs, so you need to learn how to handle an interview properly. Learn what questions to ask, and what questions you shouldn’t ask. Learn how to wow your potential boss with answers that will blow him or her away. You want to know how to make a great first impression in an interview? Practice that handshake, and work on that elevator pitch (see 6 below). You will walk out of each interview confident but humble.

3| Learn when to say no

And when to say yes! The problem is that Millennials are having a difficult time saying no. We tend to take on too much, and we aren’t sure of our limits. As important as it is to say yes to golden opportunities, it’s equally important to learn when to say no and how to gracefully decline an opportunity that you simply don’t have time for. Learn that it’s okay to say no because you are only one person, and you can’t do it all. But that’s okay!

4| Learn how to be happy for others

It’s easy to get a [little] jealous of the girl who landed her her dream career in New York City, or the couple who got engaged before you. These moments can have you asking yourself: Am I not where I need to be? Should I be engaged? Should I make a career change? This leads to questioning your self worth, which isn’t necessary. Learn how to be happy for someone regardless of your current situation. Don’t feel the need to compare yourself either. We’re all going through life at our own pace.

5| Learn 10 solid dinner recipes

Because who isn’t searching “easy chicken recipes” on Pinterest every night? Don’t be the graduate who eats cereal and take-out for dinner every night. Learn a handful of recipes you can make quickly and easily while staying on a budget. I was always worried about making meals for myself, but I learned 10 or 12 recipes I love and I stick to those when I need to make dinner in a pinch. You’re taking care of yourself now, and it’s important you’re not eating PB&J every day. Follow the recipe, and learn from your mistakes if you don’t get it right the first time.

6| Learn your elevator pitch

“So tell me about yourself?” Ugh. It’s that dreaded question you hear at a networking event or an interview. It’s an opportunity where you can fall flat on your face if you don’t know about your goals and passions. An elevator pitch is a 30-second bit about you, your work, your passions, future aspirations, etc. What words you would use to describe who you are and what you’re passionate about? Find those words, recite them, and use that pitch when you meet someone professionally.

7| Learn how to be alone

I find that there are so many people who don’t know how to be alone with themselves. If they were told they couldn’t leave the house for two days, most people wouldn’t be able to handle it because they need to be around others. While I agree you shouldn’t cast off all your friends and family, it’s still beneficial to be content with your own company and to not be defined by other people. You learn so much about yourself when you spend time alone, so make the time to read, treat yourself to lunch, etc.

8| Learn how to take care of yourself

I feel like there are so many #adulting questions and problems that arise the minute you graduate. How do you change your license or address when you change states? How often do you need an oil change? And what can you bleach/not bleach in the wash? But really, there needs to be a Life 101 class prior to graduation about taxes, laundry, self care and everything in between. When in doubt, Google it, buy a book, or ask your mom and dad. I can’t tell you how often I’ve been calling my mom for cooking help. (Thanks, mom!)

9| Learn your passions

I know some many people can feel lost post-graduation, but all you need to do is ask yourself: What brings you joy? What makes you want to get up each morning? P.S. it’s okay if you have more than one passion! Write down all the things you love and make sure they are part of your routine and life. If you’re working at a job you hate, leave and find a job you love. If you love your job, you’ll never work a day in your life. If you love traveling, take time off to go see the world! If you want to become a author, start writing every single day. Find your bliss, and let your passion bloom in your 20s.

10| Learn about your relationship with yourself

I can’t stress this enough. Learn about yourself, and learn how to have a relationship with yourself. Your relationship with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship you have. If you’re hateful and negative toward yourself, that same energy will come from other relationships in your life. Learn to love yourself, and learn how to have a happy, positive relationship with yourself. If you don’t like something, accept where you are today and take the steps to change it tomorrow!

What tip is your favorite? What other tips would you add to this list? Make sure to share them in the comments below!

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