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10 Things to be Happy About: January Edition

Posted in Lifestyle
on January 8, 2016


2015 has come and go, and now it’s time to bring on a new year. 12 new months to express gratitude and what I’m looking forward to at the beginning of each month. For those who have never read these posts before, I share 10 things that we should all be happy about now that it’s *insert month here.* I think it’s a great way to begin the new month with a grateful heart.

Today, I’m sharing what I’m happy about now that it’s January. Make sure to tell me what you’re happy about now that it’s January in the comments below!

A New Beginning:

“New year new me” isn’t exactly the cliche phrase I was going for here; but you get the idea. Whatever negative experiences you had in 2015, leave them in the past where they belong. It’s 2016 and you get to begin the new year fresh. Set a positive mantra and outlook for the year ahead.


I’m sure you made some awesome resolutions for 2016. Now, it’s time to get serious about them. If you want to truly commit to changing for the new year, it’s time to make a plan and get ready to accomplish all of your goals.

Save Money:

If you’re like everyone else, you spent way too much money throughout December because of the holidays. Food, presents, travel expenses and so many more factors contribute to why we go broke at the end of the year. January means you can finally put down your wallet and save up.

Enjoy Winter:

Because of all of the holiday festivities, you probably didn’t spend a ton of time outside or participating in the normal list of winter activities. Fear not, take this month to ice skate, go sledding, read by the fire, and any other winter-related plans.

Get in a Routine:

It’s easy to fall off the bandwagon toward the end of the year with your diet, fitness and overall well being. The best part about January is that you can finally get back into the swing of your routine. Remember to stay balanced and healthy throughout the month.

Giftcards Galore:

Don’t lie; you at least got one gift card. More likely than not, you got several from family members and friends. Now you can enjoy them. You can treat yo self to food, coffee, books and clothes without spending a dime. Just don’t overspend and add the difference at your favorite shop.

Reflect and Refocus:

January is a month to reflect on who you were last year, and what changes you want to make to become the person you want to be this year. Whether that means changing your entire outlook on life or career path, now is when you can reflect on last year and refocus your time and energy for this year.


The holidays can definitely be stressful whether regardless if you think it’s the most wonderful time of the year or not. January is a time where you can finally sit, relax, breathe and enjoy yourself. Embrace the peace and quiet as the month continues on.


Organize your home, donate anything you don’t need anymore. Go through your basement and attic to see what can be tossed. Give your space a much needed TLC treatment and a deep cleanse. Take an extra day off to make sure your home is fully detoxed from 2015 and ready for 2016.


You made it through an entire year despite any of the struggles you may have encountered. That is something that should be celebrated. You are capable of so many wonderful things, and 2016 will be another successful year for you no matter what changes (good or bad) may bring.

What are you most excited about now that it’s January? Make sure to leave a comment below!

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Reflections from 2015 & Resolutions for 2016

Posted in Lifestyle
on January 1, 2016


Can you believe that another year is over? It’s crazy to think of all the interesting things that have happened in 2015; and that a new year has begun.

Today, I’m reflecting on 2015 and sharing on my resolutions for 2016. I think it’s important to reflect on the current year before looking to the new year ahead. So here are five reflections from 2015 and five resolutions for 2016.

One reflection that has made a big impact on me was buying my domain. I bought my domain in August, and basically had to begin all over again with my blog. You guys gave me the confidence to take my blog to a new level. I’m so thankful for you all! This was a big step for me, and I hope there will be more advancements with my blog in 2016.

I can now say that I’m less than three months away from having a Master’s degree in Integrated Marketing Communications. It has been a challenging year academically, but it will be worth it. To coincide with my academics, I struggled with graduating from college. I left a place I called home for three years to return home, finish school online and work at a new job. It has been a difficult change for me, but I know that change is part of life.

I got to travel to new places this year, and I can only hope I’ll be traveling more in 2016. This year, I went to Pittsburgh, D.C. and Baltimore. It was fun to explore new places with my boyfriend and make memories together.

Another struggle I had in 2015 was learning to understand anxiety. It’s a challenge I deal with everyday, and I hope to write about it more to hopefully inspire others to talk about it, and help others who are afraid to come to terms with their anxiety.

Finally, I learned about self love and being kind to myself. Although there are days where I stress about the way I look or feel like I’m not enough, I remind myself that I am enough and that it’s important to love myself no matter what season of life I’m in.

And now, here are five resolutions for 2016:

Be present and spontaneous:

There have been examples throughout the year where I was so caught up thinking about what’s going to come next instead of enjoying what was happening in the present moment. Also, I struggle with being spontaneous because I’m always thinking about the future. For example, “But I’ll be spending x amount of money so I’d better not go on a road trip.” My goal is to be present, spontaneous and enjoy life.

Travel more:

I was lucky to travel this year, and I’m hoping to travel even more in 2016. I love visiting new places, even if it’s in a different state. I think traveling is something every 20-something should do. It’s life-enriching, and it’s an amazing way to make memories that will last a lifetime.

Put my health first:

I did go through some interesting health situations in 2015. That’s why I plan to put my health first in all aspects whether it’s my diet, exercise routine, my happiness, or just my overall physical health. I noticed that my health went on the back burner in 2015 because I was so focused on school and work, but I plan to change that in the coming year.

Embrace change:

There will be many changes in 2016. I’ll be done with my Master’s degree, and I’ll be leaving my student days behind. I’ll begin my career (maybe in a new state). It might also mean moving in with my boyfriend. These are all big changes, but I hope to accept them gracefully.

Learn everyday:

My goal is to never stop learning whether it’s in or out of my field. Some easy ways I can stay on top of learning is by watching documentaries, reading more pieces outside of my comfort zone (philosophy, science, etc.) or travel to learn about cultures. There are many ways to continue learning everyday, and I hope to make this a priority in 2016.

What are your goals for 2016? Make sure to leave a comment below!

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