OOTD: Creating an Outfit Around Shoes

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on November 11, 2015

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And when you’re just trying to have fun while taking photos: BB111115-8

Shop the Look:

Top: Francesca’s (color no longer available, $24)

Leggings: Macy’s (currently on sale for $31.99)

Necklace: Charming Charlie (found on Amazon, $11.99)

Shoes: Stein Mart (no longer available)

Sunglasses: Francesca’s (no longer available $10)

Clutch: Macy’s ($19.99)

I wish these shoes were still available. I couldn’t find anything remotely similar to them online (trust me, I looked for at least two hours). As much as I love shoes, I don’t always have the right outfit to pair them with because they’re so unique.

Today, I decided that it was time to bring out the shoes I love, and make them work. I decided to create an outfit filled with color, so I opted for a dark-camel colored top with rhone colored leggings. The indigo/purple shoes definitely stand out in this look, which was my goal.

Sometimes, it’s fun to create an outfit around a statement necklace or a pair of shoes. It tests my creativity with fashion, so I plan to try this more often. This post was inspired by Chelsie from “Life with Rosie.” Make sure to check out her post on how she created a look around a pair of shoes. Thank you, Cheslie for the fashion inspiration!

Have you created an outfit around shoes or another accessory? Make sure to leave a comment below!

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  • Joy

    I LOVE having something really unique in my closet that might be hard to pair with something, but just has this quirkiness to it. Those shoes are so fun! I totally dress around my shoes sometimes – you did so perfectly! Adorable!

    • kiaracatanzaro@gmail.com


      These shoes are definitely considered a unique piece in my closet! My goal is to find a way to wear them more often, which might mean a trip to buy more unique pieces as well. Thanks so much for your comment, I truly appreciate it!

  • lovely outfit! I definitely create outfits around my favorite shoes and tops πŸ™‚ love the colors you used!

    stop by and chat β™₯ http://storybookapothecary.com

    • kiaracatanzaro@gmail.com

      Thanks so much, Tianna! I’ve been loving fall colors, and I’ve been taking full advantage of the weather in NY as my inspiration for my posts.

  • Ana

    I follow you on instagram and am fairly new to your site, can we just pause and thank god for your layout! It perfectly fits your aesthetic! Go girl! Love this outfit, it’s autumnal perfection!

    • kiaracatanzaro@gmail.com


      Thank you for your sweet comment. I love hearing when people have positive things to say about my blog–it definitely makes me feel good about the work I put into my site. And thank you for your comment on my outfit as well. I’ve been loving fall and winter fashion, so this definitely inspired me to wear layering and autumnal colors in my looks. Thanks again! πŸ™‚

  • Aw, you look so stylish, Kiara! I love the shoes you decided to plan around in this post; I can totally see the inspiration. Lately, I’ve been thinking about my boots as I buy new clothes; which really has been helping me be a little more choosy in what I buy!

    • kiaracatanzaro@gmail.com

      Thanks again for the inspiration, Chelsie! I think we are both in the same boat because I walked away from two pairs of shoes last week because I thought…”mhmm, what can I wear those with?” Haha! Thanks so much for your comment πŸ™‚

  • So fun! Those shoes are incredibly bold, and just the type of thing I would grab and then never wear–or wear them and feel weird because they did not match my outfit. Thanks for the encouragement (and know-how) to go for it!

    • kiaracatanzaro@gmail.com


      Thanks so much for commenting and sharing your thoughts! I had the same idea when I bought these shoes. There was a period of years where I didn’t wear them at all because I truly had nothing to wear them with. But now I’m becoming more open to creating different outfits with my accessories!

  • Those shoes are so unique–they are 100% awesome. I love having really unique pieces like that to work with when getting dressed. I definitely have some shoes that don’t work with everything, but when they do work, it’s magic!

    • kiaracatanzaro@gmail.com

      Thank you so much for your comment, Rachel! I completely agree with you–it’s great when you can create an outfit with your shoes that you can’t always wear often. Cheers! πŸ™‚

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  • Girl, I have such a shoe fetish, that my clothes have become a secondary thought. haha I love your outfit and your flats are adorable!

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