My Vision Board for the Next Three Years

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on July 31, 2017


So, hopefully you guys saw the tweet or Facebook post I shared last week that explained why this post didn’t go live on Monday. Long story short, I was in the middle of updating my blog design and working on some backend work for the blog when some of my drafted posts got deleted. Thankfully, only two were deleted and not a month’s worth of content, so I’m blessed that a ton of work wasn’t gone.

But, I had to rewrite this post and I’m currently in the middle of my busy season at work where I have FIVE events over the course of three consecutive weekends. I had to compromise and let this week’s post go and share it the following Monday (AKA today).

If you aren’t up to date on this series, make sure to read how to create a vision board that will ACTUALLY help you achieve your goals, and read how I began creating vision boards and my previous success using them.

Now that you’re caught up to speed on what happened last week, let’s get into the third and final post in my vision board series where I share my personal vision board for the next three years. I’ve never been very open about sharing my goals, especially on the Internet, so this is a HUGE step for me. We’re going to go through my board by “categories,” so it’s a little easier to follow and read.


This category is very straight-forward because I want to travel. One of the biggest things I want to do is travel to England and Ireland with Josh among many other places in and out of the United States. I know that lavish traveling isn’t going to be an option, so I don’t plan to take month-long excursions in Europe. But I plan to be smart about planning and spending money on traveling. What’s one place you have traveled to recently that you have LOVED? Share your experiences in the comment below!


Focus on my career: I’m in full-time marketing, and I can honestly say that I’m truly passionate about what I do. I love my job, and I couldn’t ask for a better-fitting job to begin my marketing career. My goal is to really focus on learning, growing and developing my skills in the field over the next three years.

Volunteer: I know this doesn’t sound a career-based goal, but it is…so hear me out. There are many opportunities to volunteer your skills and talents for free to non-profit organizations. My goal is to dedicate some time outside of work to volunteer my marketing skills to an organization that can benefit from it. Now, I’m not promoting working for free, but I also believe in helping where you can, especially if it’s working toward a cause you’re passionate about.

YouTube: Because #Accountability is a real thing, I decided to share that my biggest goal for the next three years is to START MAKING VIDEOS. Keep in mind, this is something that I’ve wanted to do for YEARS, but I’ve been too terrified to do it because I feared the judgement that would come from it. Not anymore. I hope to start creating video content for the blog to grow and connect with an audience I’m not currently reaching.

Home & Life:

Engagement & Marriage: Y’all, I swear this wasn’t planned because I wasn’t planning to get engaged so quickly when I created this board. So, this is one plan in my vision board that’s already in the works! Sometime in 2018, I will marry the love of my life. P.S. do you have any wedding planning posts from your blog? Share your links in the comments!

Buy a House: Adulting is SO REAL, am I right? Although Josh and I love our townhouse, we can’t have pets here, and we are hurting without a dog in our lives, so we are beginning the process of house hunting. No, that’s not the only reason we are house hunting. We are doing it for many other reasons, but I will say owning a dog is a reason on our list. This is a huge goal I want to accomplish by 2020.

Minimalism & Simple Living: I began my minimalism and simple living journey over a year ago, and I love what it has done to my life. I want to continue the process of decluttering my life and focus on living a simple, intentional life. This is always a work in progress, so I’m hoping to continue this from now through 2020.

Own a Dog: Because TBH, I feel like my life is meaningless without a dog. No other comments needed.

So, now that you’ve read my short series on Vision Boards, tell me—what goals and dreams do you have for YOUR vision board? Are you ready to make your vision board to help you achieve your goals? Make sure to share your thoughts in the comments below!


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  • I’ve been wanting to do one of these for a while! You just inspired me to get on it! I also love that you have minimalism on there – that’s my thing. It’s truly amazing to live simply and not worry about it.

    The Felicia Renee | a minimalist lifestyle & beauty blog

  • I love the idea of vision boards! I’m a very visual person so they’ve always been something I use. Congratulations on the engagement! I wrote a post last year about what I’d change about my wedding day ten years later, if I could do it over. I’ll share the link in case you wanted to read it. 🙂

  • Love this vision board!! Traveling is a must!!! I am currently planning my wedding for 2018! It’s been exciting but gosh when I have to narrow things down like flowers,etc…it’s a little stressful.

  • Love your vision board and how you broke it down into separate, actionable areas. I recently posted about my general vision board as well! I love seeing others’ boards as inspiration for mine.

  • I LOVE vision boards! I used to do them a lot in college when I interned under someone who was encouraging the people she mentored to do it and I found it to be really helpful and encouraging. For me it was a visual reminder of the things that I am ultimately striving for and I found that to be helpful in setting goals.

  • Such great goals for the next 3 years. I started making and using vision boards at the beginning of the year, too and I am obsessed. It’s such a fun way to get your goals in front of you and make them come to life! It helps me stay more focused on them, too!

  • This is great, I love that you are thinking so far ahead. Good luck with the future, it sounds like you’ve got a lot of amazing things lined up!

  • Love this! I think it’s so important to look ahead to your goals and figure out what you want. And you know I’m all about travel so it makes me SO happy to hear you’re wanting to make that more of a priority in your life!

  • It’s awesome that you are planning ahead. I think it makes one work harder when they have goals to work towards!

  • Love this! My vision board that I made recently looks very different. I love what a good tool vision boards are!

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