My Previous Success With Vision Boards: How to Create a Vision Board that Will Actually Help You Achieve Your Goals

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on July 10, 2017


This series is something I’ve been dreaming up for awhile now, and I’ll talk more about why I put off this series for a few months. But I’m excited to share my three-post series on making a Vision Board that will ACTUALLY help you achieve your goals. If you want to make all your #GirlBoss Goals come to life, you’re definitely going to want to stop back all-month long for a ton of bliss. Cause let me tell you, when you achieve your goals, bliss is the only word that comes to mind.

There will be three different posts in this series on Mondays on the blog. Today’s post will be about the back story of:

1| How I first created my own vision board before I even knew what it was.

2| My previous success using Vision Boards.

3| Why I’ve been using them ever since.

In next week’s post, you’ll see more on physically creating the board itself that will set you and your goals up for success and some topics you can add to your board. And in the last post, I’ll show my own vision board that I have for myself for the next three years.

So let’s get into all this vision board talk so YOU can achieve YOUR goals!

Okay, but for real, what even is a vision board?

The simple answer: a vision board is a board you create that outlines your goals. You can create it on poster board, bulletin board, etc. or you can make a digital version and save them on your computer if you also want it handy when you’re at work. There are so many ways to create a vision board, but the goal is to have a place where all your goals and motivations are highlighted.

Fun Fact: I created a vision board before I knew what it was.

No, seriously…that happened. I’m a quotes/motivational messages girl. I always had inspiration sayings on my bulletin board and lists of my goals so that I always had some motivation to keep working hard. Spring semester freshmen year was a whirlwind for me, but I knew I had some goals that were intertwined with my quotes. Take note of these few goals:

1| Graduate in 3 years with distinction

2| Get my Master’s in Integrated Marketing Communications

3| Minor in Spanish

4| Study Abroad in Italy

5| Focus on Internships

After my sophomore year of college, I was packing up my room and taking down some my bulletin board. It had photos of Italy, quotes in Spanish, pictures of magazines, quotes to motivate me to continue my education, etc.

It was in that moment I realized my GOALS and DREAMS became a reality. I received my acceptance letter to begin my Master’s in the fall (my third year of school). Which leads me to my next point: I committed to graduating in three years by my sophomore year because I was about to spend the summer in ITALY in order to graduate early with my B.A. and minor in Spanish. Oh wait, and I secured two AMAZING INTERNSHIP opportunities for the summer that I was excited for.

Are you picking up what I’m putting down?

I connected the dots rather quickly, and realized this bulletin board had magical powers.

Just kidding. The board didn’t have magical powers. But I went out searching the Internet for “Goal Bulletins” and “Goal Planners” and such because I was feeling amazing about meeting these goals after a year. That’s when I stumbled across Vision Boards. I remember sitting in my room shrieking, “OHMYGOD THAT’S IT! THAT’S WHAT I MADE!”

And I’ve never looked back.

So now you’re like, okay Kiara you made one vision board and now you expect us to believe making one will work for us?

Yes, girl. I do. Because listen up: I made another vision board shortly after with a new set of goals over the span of a few months:

1| Graduating Summa Cum Laude with my Master’s.

2| Start a full-time marketing job I love.

3| Find my first home and move in with Josh

4| Focus on health and and fitness

And I accomplished those goals, too. And, no. I didn’t play it safe with my goals either. I laid down another tall order that seemed rather impossible, but that’s the problem—it always seems impossible until it’s done.


That’s why I am writing this series. That’s why I want you to read this series—so you realize YOUR dreams and YOUR goals ARE POSSIBLE. 

So, you have two choices. You can continue to sleep with your dreams. Or you can wake up and chase them. (After you read the next two posts in my series on how to create a vision board that will actually help you achieve your goals.)

Next week, I’ll be sharing how to create a vision board that will actually help you achieve your goals. And the following week I’ll be sharing my current, updated vision board for the next three years.

So tell me, have you created a vision board? Has it worked for you in the past? Would you be open to creating a new one using the tips from this series? Tell me all about it in the comments below!


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  • I haven’t ever created a board, but I’ve done what I guess you could call “vision diary entries” with lists and plans. I’m a FIRM believer in that writing down your goals or putting them in your sight inspires you to subconsciously reach for those goals even when you aren’t thinking about them

    I can’t wait for the rest of the series ?

    Laura @

    • Yes! Writing things down in any capacity is so beneficial for accomplishing your goals! That is more than fine if that’s how you think you’ll accomplish your goals!

  • I was going to create one at the start of this year but never did it. I more so write out my visions, I really do think this helps to keep you focused on your goals and dreams. Thanks for the breakdown.

    • You’re welcome! And you can start your vision board and any time of the year. Don’t feel like you need to only create one at the beginning of the year!

  • I’m obsessed with vision boards. I started a similar series on my blog at the beginning of this year and am working on a post where i’m going to go back and re-visit my goals board from January. I’m a huge believer in vision boards and their power. I’m so intrigued by your post and would love to follow along your journey and possibly create a vision board from the tips you share (just depends on how different it is from my own approach;) ) I definitely feel like I can learn some things from you, no matter what though!

  • That’s great your vision board worked for you! I just write down the things I want to accomplish on a scratch paper and cross them out when I complete them.

    • I agree that’s a great way too because that’s how you can track your progress throughout the journey of accomplishing your goals!

  • Anna Hubbard

    Oooh I’m excited to see the rest of this series! I love the idea of making a vision board!

    • I agree that making a vision board is an exciting process because it’s completely dependent on the person what what your goals are! So what goals do you have for your vision board?

  • Becca

    I cannot wait to see your vision board! I’ve been making them for years and I have found them so so helpful! Mine are mostly gym-based to motivate me to living a healthier lifestyle !

    • You’ll be seeing my own vision board for the next theee years live on the blog very soon!

  • can’t wait to see yours and the rest of the series! I love vision boarding!

  • I’ve created them on Pinterest but never actually put them on a bulletin board or anything. I should try it.

    • That’s more than fine if you want to keeps your on Pinterest–but make sure you do rollo through with your goals!

  • Elizabeth Johnson

    What a fun series! I have never created a vision board but I do outline my goals. Can’t wait to read a step by step!

    • you definitely neee to get to work on your vision board, girl! You’ll love it!

  • I have really wanted to create my own vision board so I can’t wait for this series and I love the idea 🙂

    Kristen |

    • You’ll love your vision board after you create it! It’ll be the main way you focus on your goals!

  • Taylor Smith

    I’d love to see a picture of your vision board! They all look so different depending on the person!

  • Chandler Larsen

    I’ve never actually created a vision board before but I do have a board that I right down my goals on and an action plan. I really like the idea of having something visual though! I think my husband would benefit from something like this!

    • I think having an action plan is even more important than the vision board itself! The board is isn’t going to do the work for you!

  • I haven’t created a vision board, but I think they work well for people who are goal driven. I’d like to give it a try.

    • Yes! I’m extremely goal oriented and focus on them for everything! Would love to know what you think about making a Vision bird now?

  • Wow! I love how successful your vision board was! You definitely have made me want to make one of my own. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • You’re welcome! Let me know how your vision board turns out and what goals you’ve included in yours!

  • I don’t have a vision board right now (I’m planning to put one together), but I’ve definitely had them in the past and I always find it so useful and it’s so helpful to have a way to put down what your goals and dreams are. I love having something that I see every day as a reminder/encouragement to keep moving forward with everything. They’ve worked for me in the past, so I need to get back into having one around.

    • Yes! I realize that having a place where I can be inspired and motivated by all my goals is a wonderful thing to have in a place where I’ll see it every single day!

  • Adriana

    I LOVE the idea of vision boards, I have one and I think it can be sooo helpful!

    • So glad you’ve also used vision boards before and can agree that they are helpful!

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