Lush Review: Rub Rub Rub Body Scrub

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on September 21, 2015

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I’m here with another Lush review of a product that is equally incredible to last week’s product. If you missed last week’s review on Cup o’ Coffee, you can read it here. Today, I’m reviewing a new scrub that your legs will love.
One of my favorite aspects of Lush are the written descriptions of the products. They’re witty, simple and definitely make you want to buy the products before you even test them. “Sea salt gently buffs away dry skin, and a luxurious blend of illipe and cupuaçu butters swoop in to keep you feeling smooth and moisturized. That fabulous fragrance? It’s a delicate blend of jasmine, mimosa and orange that will keep you feeling as fresh as a spring day.”

I am obsessed with the look and scent of this product. My boyfriend calls Lush “The Candy Store” because everything looks and smells like you could eat it. When I first saw this scrub, I knew I was going to buy it. I didn’t check the price or learn anything about it. I already made up my mind.

As a body scrub, it’s well worth $9.95. The scrub brightens my skin, cleanses it after a long week of work and working out regularly, and helps soften my skin. I try to use a scrub at least once a week in order to get rid of dead skin cells and give my skin a little extra TLC. The jasmine and orange scent permeates the showers when you apply it to you skin; and the scent lasts even after the shower.

I used to think scrubs were a waste of money, but now I see how much they benefit my skin. My skin is significantly softer and brighter since adding this scrub in my routine for three weeks. It will be repurchased in the near future, for sure!

What Lush products have you been loving recently? What’s your favorite body scrub? Make sure to leave a comment below!

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  • Another great lush review Kiara! I’ll definitely have to add this to my list of products to try 🙂 thanks for sharing!

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