January Birchbox Unboxing

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on January 18, 2016


For Christmas, I received Birchbox for six months, which is easily one of my favorite gifts from 2015! It’s the gift any makeup and beauty geek can appreciate! I love watching people open their Birchbox for the month online, and reading posts about the products as well. So, I decided it would be a great opportunity to share what I received for the month, and what I’m excited to use!


I am relatively surprised by the amount of product you receive in each item, especially when some of the products are on the pricey side. I also love that they include a list of the products, the prices and a shor description of each products. Birchbox makes it easy to learn about what they’re sending you! Here’s a list of what I receive in January:


Ciaté London:

I have always wanted to try nail polish from Ciaté, but they’re so expensive, and I never knew if it would be worth the splurge for one bottle. I also love the shade the polish came in (glametal). I don’t own any polish similar to this one, so it’s a perfect if I want to spice up my manicure.

Clean Cashmere:

Back in 2011, I traveled to France and visited a perfume factory. This rich, crisp scent describes the smell from the factory. It made me sad because I miss France so much, but now it motivates me to travel back soon! If you love the smell of clean laundry, you’ll definitely love this scent.

Eyeko Fat Liquid Liner:

I was beyond impressed with the quantity of eyeliner given in this sample. I love that the felt tip of the pen is thick to help easily control your hand when you apply it to your lids. I’ve been working on mastering the perfect cat eye, so hopefully I can practice with this liner.

nügg Beauty De-Stress Mask:

I’m all about face masks. The more face masks, the better. This mask has 95% natural ingredients, and it helps with hydration, which is perfect because my skin needs a little extra TLC in the de-stressing and hydrating department.

Tonymoly Delight Tony Tint:

The scent of this lip stain smells of either cherry or strawberry. Either way, it smells like summer and you’ll be longing for sunny days when you wear it. It gives incredible pigmentation that lasts all-day long. If you love a bold red color, you’ll love this product. And, it’s only $6!


Have you ever tried any of the products mentioned in this box? Or, have you ever subscribed to Birchbox yourself? Make sure to leave a comment below!

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  • Cassie

    That lip colour looks amazing!! I love a nice, bold red. Might have to see if I can find it somewhere..

    • I’m all about red lip products for winter! If you search it on birchbox.com, you can get the shade for $6!

  • Natasha Kundi’s Blog

    I love Eyeko eyeliners, they are so pigmented and last long. I personally don’t like beauty boxes, I think they’re a rip off trying to sell us sample sized products =) http://www.natashakundi.com

    • Yes to the Eyeko eyeliner comment! And, the second I opened the gift, I was wondering how much the products inside the box are worth verses what someone pays each month! I’ll definitely look into that more!

  • Casey Oakley Bennevault

    I wish I had thought to give Birchbox subscriptions as Christmas gifts! It would’ve been perfect for my sisters. Maybe for their birthdays…. PS – love that nail polish color!


    • I can’t wait to do my nails for a Girl’s Night Out! It’s such a gorgeous color 🙂

  • Thanks for sharing this. I need to work on my “unboxing” for customers and it is very interesting to see how they do it.

    • Thanks for your comment, Leslie! I love reading and watching unboxing types of content because it’s a great way to see what the boxes look like on a month-to-month basis.

  • cielo

    Oh so much cool stuff you got! ♥

    So happy to see your blog. I’m wondering if you would like to follow each other’s blog? I think it would be nice so we could keep in touch. Please check out my new post, too? I’d love to hear something from you 🙂


    • Thanks so much for sharing your links! I’ll definitely be sure to subscribe and check out your social media, too! Thanks so much for stopping by!

  • Brooklyn

    I’ve been wanting to try Ipsy/Birchbox for forever! I think that is such an awesome christmas gift idea. I’ll have to ask for one for my birthday 🙂

    • It makes an awesome gift that keeps on giving for months on end! You’ll definitely love Birchbox because if you review each product in your box, you receive points that you can turn into money to buy products in their shop!

  • I have never tried Birchbox, I am still subscribing to Glossybox. I might try them one day, looks like you received a lot of nice products x

    • I’ve never heard of Glossybox! I’ve only heard of Ipsy and Birchbox! Maybe I’ll subscribe to that box, too! What do you think of Glossybox?

  • Thinking about subscribing… Are you happy with yours?

    • Yes! Even though I’ve only received the welcome box and January’s box, they were both filled with awesome products that I would definitely consider repurchasing myself.

  • I have to subscribe to Birchbox.

    • If you love new beauty products each month–yes you definitely do!

  • Karin Rambo

    Great box! I have heard about Tonymoly’s hand creams,but I didn’t know they made lipstick!

    • That’s funny because I’ve never heard of the Tonymoly hand creams, but I did hear about the lip products! I definitely recommend their stuff!

  • Christel Hansen

    Unfortunately Birchbox isn’t available in New Zealand, but I always love seeing unboxings and reviews of what’s inside! It looks like you got a really awesome box this month – I love that there’s a bit of everything inside. I really like the Clean range of fragrances, so I’m sure I would love that scent – and so keen to hear more about that Tony Moly lip stain! oxoxo


    • Thanks so much for sharing your link! That’s so sad you can’t get Birchbox! Can you subscribe to other boxes like Ipsy? And yes, you’d definitely love the perfume for sure! I’m already in love with it.

      • Christel Hansen

        😀 Yeah I know, it’s a bit of a shame! Nope we can’t get Ipsy either – I think the only ones available at the moment are Goodiebox and Lust Have It (both kind of similar I think!) – there were a couple others available but they got discontinued!
        That’s good to know!! 🙂 oxoxo

  • I used to love getting my birchboxes each much! I may have to subscribe again once I use up my makeup.

    xoxo, Jenny

    • Subscribing to it can definitely be addicting. Ugh, I’m hoping to go get too obsessed by the time my subscription is up!

  • Mette Madsen

    I’ve never tried Birchbox because I am in Norway and we only have Glossybox but I’d love to try it 😉 I really like Clean scents normally and I am going to try to find that one!

    • Another blogger mentioned Glossybox as well! Would you recommend it?

      • Mette Madsen

        Well sometimes you get really good products but other times it is more or less crap. I stopped just before Christmas because I thought it was too many lip products and went to the Look Fantastic box but the last one from them was horrible 🙁

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