I’ve Found My Bliss. Now What?

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on January 23, 2017

You probably think I’m a hypocrite, which is completely understandable because there are days where I feel like a hypocrite. How can I have a blog about being blissful and leading a life surrounding yourself with your passions—yet I’m still questioning and understanding my own bliss in life?

Trust me, there are more days where I’m sitting wrecking my own brain contemplating the same thing.

The problem is, I know I’ve found my bliss. I’ve thought this so many times. I think that’s one of the main problems with being a person who is passionate about several things. When I picture my life in five years, I don’t see myself in one set career path. I see myself doing several things. I see myself living a life I love, but I also see myself always looking to progress and change.

I don’t believe I’m set to be in one set position for my entire working career. With having several passions comes a desire for a versatile career where I can combine all those passions into one. This is easier said than done, which is why I don’t want to settle for only one career path. And that’s okay. I know many people who know their passion in life. For some people, they want to be a stay-at-home mom and raise a family. Others see themselves running their own side-hustle turned business while working from home.

Me on the other hand, I could see myself in SO. MANY. DIFFERENT. JOBS. And I think that’s secretly a good thing because it helps me keep an open mind about my future. I don’t have one path set out for me. I have options for myself, and I would like to keep it that way. Do I know what direction I will go in for the next few years? No. But am I excited to find out? Absolutely.

That’s the beautiful thing about not having everything figured out right now. It’s okay to still be on the hunt for your bliss and passion in life. It’s okay if you’re still trying to narrow down your options for your future. For me, I know what I’m passionate about. But I’m not sure how I want those passions to manifest in my life down the road. And I’m learning to accept that that’s okay.

Instead of pressuring yourself to always have a plan, practice patience. Time is a beautiful thing, and it’s important to know that everything will happen in perfect time. Don’t rush because you think you’ll be happier when *blank* happens. Learn to enjoy the journey rather than rush toward the destination.

Have you discovered your bliss in life? Do you ever feel pressured to find your passion in life and pursue it every day? What are your thoughts on finding your bliss in life? Make sure to share your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • Youness Lagrini

    I really love your story <3 and congrats to you 🙂

  • Jessica Jade

    I love how vulnerable you were in this post. I can definitely relate and timing really is everything.

    • Thank you for your comment, Jessica! I couldn’t agree with you more! I’m happy to know this post was relatable for you!

  • In a career setting, my bliss is absolutely blogging. It is the only thing that has ever made me WANT to get up early, and be excited about 6am. I hope to be pursuing this on working on this for a VERY long time!

    • Kristin, it is amazing you found something you love and that you wake up each morning and you feel excited to get to work. I couldn’t be happier for you 🙂 I currently feel that way about my job, but I also know there are other opportunities I would love to experience as well. So many passions and so little time, haha!

  • Meghan

    This struggle is so familiar. I can’t tell you how many years I spent wondering first what college to go to, then what to major in, then what career path to choose, etc. But when you’re meant to do something specific, it’ll keep coming back to you. Great reminder that those of us who wander a bit aren’t alone!

    • YES, Meghan! “When you’re meant to do something specific, it’ll keep coming back to you.” This spoke to me so much, and it was a great reminder for me! Thank you for the wonderful words of wisdom in your comment!

  • This is such an important reminder! We don’t always have to have it all figured out to be happy, and it’s okay to change your mind too. 🙂

    • Thank you, Cara! That definitely makes me feel better knowing other bloggers can understand where I am coming from with this!

  • Laina Turner

    I feel the same way about having several different things that I can see myself doing. There is so much out there to experience.

    • Exactly! So much to experience and not enough time! Happy to know you feel the same way about this topic!

  • Like you, I adore having a versatile career. I love to help people explore all of life’s possibilities and I love to do the same thing myself.

    • Versatility is huge for me because of how many passions I have. At first, I thought I would be limited in a career choice because I loved so many things, but I now I realize that I am fortunate to be passionated about so many things!

  • I love this post, Kiara! I so agree with this.

  • Candy Kage

    I have found my bliss and it is sad how other women seem to think I have settled. Think they would be happy for me but nope not what they think as a woman I should be doing.

    • Well, Candy, I am extremely happy for you! If you are happy doing what you are doing–that is all that matters! 🙂 I hope you have a wonderful day!

  • I feel the same way. I would be happy in more than one career path in the next five years, and I wouldn’t be surprised if I embark on several paths in my lifetime.

    • Thank you for your comment! It is so helpful knowing other people feel the same way!

  • Diana

    Absolutely! I’ve felt the same way. It’s not like our parent’s generation where we find a job and retire there 30 years later. We’re blessed to have the opportunities to find our passion and live it out!


    • Exactly! It’s a different playing field now in the working world–and I am very happy about it!

  • Stephanay Jnote

    Your bliss is your passion I think. Once you find it, it is important to feed your passion by doing what you love the most. I think this is what makes a person experience fullness of joy.

  • I agree with you! When I look towards my future, I see myself exploring many careers. I have too many interests and I want to dip my toes in every pond. But, I’m working on separating my work from my worth. Finding bliss doesn’t always have to be feeling secure in your career, and that’s something I struggle with.

    • Emily, I completely understand where you’re coming from. I know some people feel secure knowing they want to stay in one particular job field for the rest of their life. That’s wonderful. I personally feel a sense of bliss knowing there are so many options for people like us! Keep this in mind knowing your possibilities are endless, and that should bring you the most bliss!

  • “For me, I know what I’m passionate about. But I’m not sure how I want those passions to manifest in my life down the road. And I’m learning to accept that that’s okay.” These sentences spoke to me like crazy. This is something I finally learned to accept and wish more people understood it too.

    • Julie, I’m so happy to know this post resonated with you because I was truly putting my heart out there when I was writing this! Thank you for your sweet comment!

  • Totally agree with Julie, that sentence hit home. I feel like I know my purpose and I know what I am supposed to be doing in life; but struggle with letting myself actually enjoy it all unfolding. Like I am always waiting for something to go wrong that I can’t really feel the bliss

    Rachel | The Confused Millennial

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