How Minimalism Helps Me Achieve My Goals

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on August 23, 2017

Yes, I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking it’s impossible to achieve your goals with the help of minimalism. And, I completely get it because I was in your position a year ago. I never thought a particular lifestyle could help me achieve my goals.

But IT DID, which is why I’m so excited for today’s post because I want you to achieve your goals, and live a life of bliss. I want you to live your best, happiest life. And I know you have a ton of goals you want to accomplish. So, if you’re interested in hearing how a minimalist lifestyle can help you achieve your goals, then keep reading.

How minimalism helps me achieve my goals:

1| Fewer Distractions

You know the saying, “cluttered room, cluttered mind?” That couldn’t be more accurate. When you have a ton of stuff, you have a ton of stuff going on in your mind. Therefore, you are too focused on cleaning your room, reorganizing your closet for the tenth time this week, and worried about dusting, dishes and everything else. With minimalism, you remove those distractions from your mind, so you can focus on what you’re truly passionate about whether that’s writing a book, starting a blog, or advancing your career.

2| Less Stress

When you’re surrounded by stuff, it’s stressful. See point one for reference. But seriously, your mind not be able to accomplish everything on your to-do list because you’re so caught up in all the stress from all the stuff you have in your life. Too much stress means you’re probably exhausted and too mentally drained to even think about starting that book you’ve always wanted to write. Remove the clutter and the crap you don’t want or love. And you’ll find stress immediately sweep away from your mind. Now you have energy to focus and stay on top of the goals you have.

3| More Time

Want to know what takes up a ton of time? Cleaning and cooking and organizing. Want to know what helps cut down on cleaning and cooking and organizing? Minimalism! Less stuff in your home means less time spent cleaning that stuff in your house. Which means more time for the things you’re passionate about and things you want to achieve.

4| Intentional Living

For example, spending time more wisely. Now that you have all this wonderful time added to your day, you have time to live an intentional life because you’re not going to be bogged down by clutter, stress, debt and everything in between. You have room in your schedule and your life to live the way that will bring you absolute bliss. And if that’s not making you want to pursue minimalism, I don’t know what will! Unless money is your motivation…

5| More Money

Because you won’t be spending money on things you don’t need or love, you’ll have a lot more money saved. More money means more money to go toward your passion projects like publishing a book, taking courses to help your skills in social media or an dart class. More money will also help you down the road for retirement, so you’re not living paycheck to paycheck—you can finally spend money on necessities and fun things like traveling! Whatever your goals are, you might have to spend money in some way, and minimalism helps you save money so you can spend it where you truly want to spend.

So, what goals are you trying to accomplish? Do you think that minimalism can help you achieve your goals? Make sure to leave your comments share your stories below!

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  • Although I don’t know if I ever want the full minimalist lifestyle, I do feel better when I clear away some of the clutter. I’m not a spender, but my husband and I are both savers, and so we have a house full of stuff. I recently turned a room of “stuff” into a nice guest bedroom and I am thrilled with the change.

  • Corey Wheeland

    I love that there are so many benefits to minimalism. I think it really makes you step back and appreciate what you have when you have less.

  • I have SO much clutter in my life and in my house. My friend and I are doing the minimalist challenge next month, so I’m looking forward to getting rid of things and clearing my space and my mind. Pinning this as a good reminder when I wonder WHY I’m doing this!

  • This is a great post Kiara! I really love what you wrote about intentional living. It really does make you be more mindful of how you’re spending your time and taking advantage.

  • Brenda Melendez

    I can see how you would have less stress, without having so much to clean up. Cleaning does take up a lot of my time on the weekends.

  • I’ve taken a minimalist approach in various ways & you are very right about stress not being so prominent. When you focus on a smaller amount there is less, in general, to worry about all of the time!I have gotten this way about decorating in our home. I’d rather have a nice color pattern and less pieces. Honestly, less to clean & no more clutter!

  • I am really working on decluttering and trying to become more minimal. It really does give me stress to have so much stuff around all the time!

  • I’m still very interested in learning more about minimalism and potentially implementing some minimalism practices.

  • Yessss, if you have less to focus on (well, to distract you), you have more time to work on your goals. So simple and so good!

  • Nodding along! PREACH. Yep. Yes. All this. Couldn’t add another thing.

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