How I’m Living Life Fearlessly

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on September 11, 2017

Back in August, I shared a post about doing things that scare you and why it’s so important for your personal growth. If you haven’t caught up on this post, I highly recommend reading it because it was difficult to share, and I am proud of that. I think it’s important to live life without fear because that’s when we accomplish all of our goals, and truly become the person we are meant to be. Fear holds us back, and I don’t want to let it stop me from the living the life I want to live.

Fast forward a month later, and I want to share some things I’ve done to overcome fear, and how I’m living life fearlessly by doing things that scare me. If you’re hoping to remove fear from your life, please keep reading for a little extra bliss to your Monday morning!

1| Spontaneity 

I’ve done some spontaneous things over the last month that I normally would never do. Something I struggle with regarding anxiety is planning ahead. Last-minute plans are a no-go for me because that means I’m stressing and overthinking all the things that could go wrong with making this last-minute plan. Instead, I decided to embrace the spontaneous adventure ahead of me and I ended up having the best time Every. Single. Time.

2| Networking

If you told me a year ago that I would feel comfortable going out to public, networking events in an area I wasn’t from and actually enjoying it, I would have laughed endlessly. I don’y do well with attending events like that by myself, but I’m learning more and more that I am able to go out and have a good time even in a professional setting. I refuse to let fear hold me back professionally.

3| Branching Out Creatively

The main reason for my post on doing things that scare you was related to creating video content because I feel very vulnerable on camera, and that’s a scary feeling. But, I’ve been working toward creating more video content and also working on other creative projects like writing a book. It took me about three years to not let fear take control of this dream I’ve had for as long as I can remember. I’m hoping this is something I can work on passionately should it manifest into something.

4| Chasing my Dreams

For example, making videos and writing a book. But there are other dreams on that list from my vision board series that I never dreamed would come to life so quickly, however one of them will be a huge announcement coming to the blog sometime in fall. I’m sure most of you can guess what it is based on some of my other comments on social media and on previous posts. The main takeaway is that I’m not allowing fear to ruin my dreams and plans I have for myself. End of story.

I hope this post inspires you to overcome your fears and make you think a little differently about fear and why it’s important to move past it. So tell me, what fear are you going to overcome this week or month? Make sure to share in the comments below!

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  • I’m so not good with spontaneous stuff. It always sends me into a spin. I love these little ways you are living boldly! Go you!
    One way I feel that I’m living a little more bravely is that I’m actually sharing stuff about my blog with people instead of trying to hide the fact I have a blog ha.

  • Spontaneity is a big one for me… I’m like you and obsessively plan. my checklists have checklists… I need to really learn to let it go and give in to the winds sometime.

    Laura @

  • Yes, I’m totally chasing my dreams as well but I need to be better about being spontaneous.

  • So good! Totally agree with networking!

  • You are doing a great job of living outside of your comfort zone, I truly feel that the magic happens there.

  • These are some great tips! I definitely need to try to add some more spontaneity to my life, as I’m a very structured person.

  • Good for you girl for not living in fear as much!! Putting yourself out there can be so scary. I’ve always wanted to do videos but I hate how I look on camera. Maybe one day I will be inspired to do it.

  • Anna Hubbard

    So glad to hear that you’re overcoming some of your fears! I love all of these, especially chasing your dreams!

  • Spontaneity is HUGE, especially for us Type A peeps who like everything neatly scheduled out to the hour! It really does feel amazing (+ fearless) to take chances + have laidback fun like that.

    Coming Up Roses

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