Holiday Inspiration: Ugly Christmas Sweaters

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on December 23, 2015


With the holiday season upon us, you might be invited to some Ugly Christmas Sweater Parties before we ring in the new year. I decided that it’s difficult to go shopping for Christmas sweaters blind, so I’m sharing some inspiration to get you ready for your upcoming event. Whether you’re wearing this for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, or for a party, you’ll rock the room with these picks!

Elf Sweater: $19.99, K Mart

One of the great things about ugly Christmas sweaters is that you can easily pull off a men’s sweater and still look adorable! I prefer men’s Christmas sweaters because they’re less expensive (sometimes) and they’re more comfortable!

Reindeer Sweater: $12, Kohl’s

For those looking for an inexpensive pick that also adorable and fun for the holiday season, I’d recommend stopping at Kohl’s. They are so many options for less than $20. Sometimes, you need a festive sweater that isn’t over the top or expensive.

Buddy the Elf Sweater: $69, Urban Outfitters

I’m sure there are many Elf fans out there. And, if you’re willing to drop a few extra dollars on this sweater, you’ll wear it for years to come! Who doesn’t love to make references to this beloved Christmas movie? You’ll be wearing a great conversation piece at your party.

Snowman Sweater: $12, Kohl’s

I feel like snowman sweaters are very underrated during the holiday season. They’re perfect if you’re looking for an ugly sweater that isn’t “ugly.” You can sport this around in public without embarrassing yourself, and it’s appropriate for any holiday gathering you have in the upcoming days.

Pittsburgh Penguins Ugly Sweater: $60, Kohl’s

If you’re looking to step away from the typical festive sweaters, you can support your favorite teams with these Christmas sweaters! I think they’re perfect, not just for the holidays, but all winter long. You can find teams in basketball, hockey, football and baseball. It’s also a perfect gift for your guy.
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  • Brooklyn Jolley

    Pretty sure I need the “SON OF A NUTCRACKER” sweater because I say that phrase year round lol.


      I know many people who would LOVE this sweater, too! Thanks for your comment!

  • Nice. I love a good, ugly sweater. My husband would love that Buddy the Elf one. Great picks!


      Thanks so much!

  • Dia

    I want that Elf sweater! I am that person who is like I’m not going to buy something just to participate lol but I’d probably just wear all but the 5th one proudly lol


      I completely agree! Sometimes it’s fun to find these sweaters for the holidays.

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